Rorke Zefra
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Biographical information

July 27th, 1725
London, England, Kingdom of Great Britain


February 2nd, 1787 (aged 61)
Unknown Island, West Indies

Political information

British Brotherhood (1742 - 1748)

Real-world information
Rorke Walter Zefra (1725 - 1787) was a British man born into an affluent family bloodline having endured since the fourteenth century. He was a member of the British Assassin Brotherhood, extremely skilled in combat to a point his very existence was thought to be a myth.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rorke was born on July 27th, 1725, into an affluent bloodline of rich merchants, and soldiers. He was raised in London with his father and mother who was the maid, in a very large house. His father was a well-respected banker, and merchant among the highest esteemed in England owning 4 plantations and his own trading company. The circumstances to which Rorke was conceived were the fact that his father had raped and impregnated his at the time 17-year-old mother Lilly.

When Rorke was three years of age he was blessed and formally adopted by the family to be the heir to his father's wealth and business. He also around this time was often stuck in his family home with his mother, as his father was to busy running his business, and he remembered the songs she used to sing to him and the compassion she had for him.

Growing up he often heard his father verbally abusing his mother over petty things, such as when she failed to cook a meal to his liking or he deemed her cleaning to not be substantial enough when he would be in another room or napping. Despite the knowledge of this he still looked up to and loved his father becoming very loyal to his family in the process.

Travel with his father Edit

In December of 1730, when Rorke was five, his father began taking him with on business. On that night, he was taken by his father to a large frigate, a self-owned ship, named the Koureser. Together with his father and crew sailed to the west indies, weighing anchor in Havanna. While there, Rorke met his father's business partner, Benjamin Wood. Benjamin introduced himself and even went as far to call Rorke his honorary nephew, due to his close friendship with his father. While he waited for his father to make his transaction and dealings with Benjamin, Rorke stayed on the ship eating a meal and played in the underdeck of the ship with a wooden sword carved by his father.

From there over the next three years till mid-1733, Rorke accompanied his father about a dozen more times to numerous other countries such as Africa and Spain. He recounted these times as the "golden days" of his childhood describing it as the closest he had been with his father.

Fragmentation of his Family Edit

On the night of July 28th, 1738 one day after his 13th birthday, his home was broken into by a group of thugs. The group numbered about half a dozen, as written in his journal, armed with Muskets and Scimitars similar to the appearance that of pirates but as organized as an Infantry group from the king's Navy. In actuality, they were men hired by his Uncle, a templar overlord, come to kill his father and himself. His father, having some training with fire-arms was able to shoot and kill two of the men, however, he was not able to reload and cock his pistols in time and was impaled by the leader of the mercenaries, killing him instantly. However that was not the end, they also managed to secure his mother at the orders of his Uncle. He promised his son that if he were successful she would be his, in truth, Rorke's cousin Duncan Zefra, was the one leading the attack. Rorke having trained with the wooden sword he had played with from his past for years, picked up the Scimitar of a fallen man and engaged the three remaining assailants. He fought them off and even managed to kill one of them, however, he was impaled in his stomach and left for dead.

Aftermath Edit

In the hours following the Crisis in his home, he was discovered by Benjamin, who was on his way to warn Rorke's father of the attack. Benjamin who was actually an assassin in the British brotherhood took the young Rorke to back to his Assassin brothers and they managed to Turnagain his wound, and halt the bleeding.

However having lost so much blood, Rorke fell into a coma on the verge of death. While he slept he claimed in his journal that he was haunted by the screams of his mother being taken from him and visions of his dead father lying in a pool of blood.

Awakening and Choice Edit

Rorke awoke in late September, in an unfamiliar room and bed. Soon after he was greeted by Benjamin, and immediately began asking the latter questions about his family. Benjamin informed him that his father was dead, and his mother was taken, news that made shame immediately fill the young boy. Rorke could sob uncontrollably in the arms of Benjamin before he sobbing turned to anger and hate. He expressed he wanted to find the men who did this to his family and make them pay, to which Benjamin responded that would happen in all due time.

From there Benjamin revealed his past and the order he served to the young boy and their purpose. As it was explained to him, Benjamin revealed that it was his uncle who had ordered the men to kill his father. He explained that if his father were to be killed and himself being the heir, as well, by kinship his uncle and eventually his son Duncan would inherit the business his father owned.

Benjamin then revealed his uncle's name Henry, and that both he and his son were templars, and now that they had claimed ownership of his father's empire, their resources were too vast and great enough to raise an armada of ships to oppose the British navy.

Joining the Assassins Edit

Sometime after Rorke was offered by Benjamin to be trained in the ways of the assassin. An offer Rorke accepted eagerly.

Training Edit

In the summer of 1741, he formally began his training with British brotherhood. He in his training became extremely skilled with a sword and learned how to move and think like an Assassin, mastering the various techniques implored by the sacred brotherhood. On one such occasion, Rorke trained with Benjamin personally and learned about Assassin's primary weapon of choice the hidden blade taking an extreme liking to them. By the time his training had concluded, his composure about his family's crisis had been regained and yet his anger was still great.

Induction Edit

On January 25th, 1742 Rorke was officially inducted into the British brotherhood and became a low ranked Assassin.

Hunting Templars Edit

By late August of 1745, now age 20, Rorke had risen to the rank of Assassin, and had killed three templars already.

But he continued to search for leads to find his uncle and cousin, to avenge his father and save his mother traveling to various countries. In Italy, he encountered a templar by the name of Arthur Richardson, who was trying to excavate under the city of Venice, unknown to him he was digging for a shroud of Eden. For several weeks, Rorke impeded on his efforts to dig, and eventually had Arthur's full attention and a war between him and the small militia he commanded.

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