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Rose Hamilton
Rose in her Assassin pioneer-outfit
Biographical information

September 1851


September 1920 (69 aged)

Political information

American Assassins

Caribbean Assassins

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Revenge (mentioned)

Rose Hamilton was a pioneer, a golden seeker and Mentor of the Caribbean Assassins, during the 19th century's end and during the First World War.


Rose Hamilton was born in California by American father and Scottish mother immigrated to America. Rose was raised only by his father who was a rough and tough man who did not give any feelings to his daughter if he did not bother him when he did not do what he was saying. She developed a rough and violent attitude, and learned the meaning of hard work and sacrifice at a very young age. Rose had a difficult time adjusting to the limitations of her gender while she grew up.

When he was 17, his father died in a factory accident and Rose was alone but despite finding a job as a waitress in a pub. Two years later he was recruited into the ranks of the American Assassins by Ezechiel Denzel. Ezechiel Denzel had fought in the Civil War and was a veteran for this reason Rose had a great esteem in his master. Between 1870 and 1878, Rose worked as a gold digger and also as a pioneer traveling throughout the United States of America and became an important member of the Order. Rose hunted 10 Templars on a list that had given him Ezechiel and within eight years completed the mission.

Rose in 1880, left North America and traveled down to the Caribbean. There Rose became the Mentor of the Caribbean Order after Hunter Porter's death and led the Caribbean Brotherhood in the following years. The Templars were as strong as the times after Caribbean Purge, but Rose managed to storm their plans and keep them away from controlling the Caribbean. The Caribbean flourished under the Assassins, which protected the people from the Templars until 1914. 1914 was the year when the First World War began and Rose recruited into the Brotherhood a certain Edmund Carter.

Rose drove the Assassins into the war and died in 1920.