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"Ничто не истинно - всё дозволенно."
―Russian Assassins creed.[src]

Russian Brotherhood of Assassins (рус. Российское братство Ассасинов) - one of the hugest brotherhoods in whole world. Second name of this brotherhood is "Nevsky Descendants". The main headquaters is: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladivostok. The leader of brotherhood is Alexey Stolygyn.


The brotherhood so big, that every city, where the Russian Brotherhood located has his own mentor. In embassies the leader is the Main Ambassador.

Moscow and Moscow Oblast Brotherhood[]

The biggest subtype of brotherhood. There located about 10 000 members. This brotherhood is the one of the oldest in whole Russia, the leaders is Alexey Stolygyn and Roman Listyev. The biggest headquaters settled down in: Lybertsy, Khimki, Vdnkh (Exibition), Arbat, Krasnogorsk, Protvino. Established in 1545, by the Vsevolod Golitsyn, after his visit in Moscow, when he understood that this city is main point of Templars congestion.

Petersburg Brotherhood[]

The second of quantity, after Moscow brotherhood. There are about 6500 members. This brotherhood has one unique thing, they has habit to remember the quotes of the greatest russian playwrights, and then retell them. The leader is Andrey Pleshanov. Headquaters in: "Assassins Palace on Nevsky Prospekt", Komarovo, Kudrovo, Petergoph, Housing estate "Chistoe Nebo", New Holland, Apartments in Vyborgsky District, Vyborg. They has contacts with Finnish, Swedish, Norge and Baltic states brotherhoods. The founder is the Alexander Pushkin. Despite his kind of disgust, he understood that this city would be one of the main points of the Templars and therefore it was necessary to occupy it more quickly, so he established the Petersburg Brotherhood in 8 June 1831.

Nizhny Novgorod Brotherhood[]

The oldest brotherhood in whole Russia. Established in 14 June 1510. The leader is Dmitry Pavlov. Headquaters located in: Rukovishnikov Manor, Housing estate "Oktava", Bor, House of the Railway Workers. This city is a every-year venue of Russian Assassins. There are about 350 members.

Novosibirsk Brotherhood[]

Earlier was third of quantity, after Petersburg and Moscow brotherhoods. Established in 13 February 1956. There was about 3100 members in this city. The leader and founder was Fedor Krasnov. Headquaters was located in: Akademgorodok, Apartments in Oktyabrsky and Leninsky Districts, Berdsk. But in 1986, assassins decided to capture the Theater of Opera and Ballet, where was Novosibirsk headquarter of Templars. Not calculating the strength, they attacked the theater, forgetting about all the rules of the creed, for which they paid. Templars killed almost all Novosibirsk assassins, escaped only 500. They lost almost all vaults, besides some Apartments in Oktyabrsky district and in Berdsk. Nowadays this is slowly dying brotherhood. Fedor end his life by suicide. The new leader - Genadiy Yablochkin.

Kazan Brotherhood[]

The only brotherhood, where religion is muslim. Their leader is Altynbai Abidulin. Established in 1235, in the times of Turco-Mongol rule by unknown men. Nowadays this is the third of quantity, after Petersburg and Moscow brotherhoods. Headquaters in: Apartments of Vahitovsky and Novo-Savinovsky Districts, Hotel "Volga", Zelenodolsk. There are about 1000 memebers. This brotherhood mostly considered as diversion group, because 85% of Templars cargo from Siberia and Far East goes across this city.

Vladivostok Brotherhood[]

The only one brotherhood, where mentor is woman, and only one on the Far East. The leader is Anastasia Degtyaryova. There about 300 members in city. Headquaters in: Pervorechensky, Pervomayskiy and Sovetsky Districts and also in Artyom. They has contacts with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Phillipines, Indian and US Brotherhoods. The main thing, that the everyone member must to do, it's learn Chinese and English languages. This brotherhood has their own ship with name "Stolevar" and boats in Golden Horn bay.

Kaliningrad Brotherhood[]

This brotherhood unique, because it was created by mentor with germany roots, Fritz Lambruck in 1975. Quatity about 100 members. The most part of them is Polish and Germany. They has their own ships "Vityaz" and "Munich". They has contacts with Polish, Belarus, Germany, French, Slovakian, Denmark and Luxemburg Brotherhoods. The members must know Germany, Polish and English languages. The headquaters is: Apartments in Central District and Hotel "Berlin".

Samara Brotherhood[]

The second name of the brotherhood is: "Volga region wolves". Their leader - Evgeniy Mironov. There are about 420 members. Headquaters in: Hotel "Lotte", Apartments in Sovetsky and Samarsky districts, and in Zhigulyovsk. They all wear a black costumes and have a masks with grins of animals. They have cruel character traits, so Russian Brotherhood don't like them so much.

Arkhangelsk Brotherhood[]

After the death of Murmansk Brotherhood, Arkhangelsk Brotherhood became main city, which connected with Arctic Ocean transit. This brotherhood usually doing diversions on Templars cargo in the docks, but despite this, their quantity pretty small, about 45 members. The leader - Mikhail Zemechev, he established this brotherhood 15 August 2002. Headquarters in: Apartments of house estates "River Park" and "Admiral".

Ekaterinburg Brotherhood[]

This city named "The Capital of Assassins" or "Russian Masiaf", because many citizens appreciate rules and methods of Assassins. There located the parlament of Assassins in the "Ural Opera Ballet" theatre. The leader: Boris Marintsev, at the same time - theatre director. Theare are about 600 members. The headquaters is: Theatre, Bank of Ekaterinburg, many apartments in whole city and in Beryozovsky.

Chelyabinsk Brotherhood[]

This brotherhood has a sad history about his rulers. There were about 35 leaders since 14 November 1925, when brotherhood was established. All they died by poluted air in the city, and by very often raids on the brotherhood by Templars. Nowadays the leader is Danil Fedorov, and quatity in the city about 200 members. Headquaers is: Apartments in Kurchatovsky and Kalininsky Districts and Hotel "Aurora".

Krasnoyarsk Brotherhood[]

Established in 12 December 1867. When the Novosibirsk Brotherhood were crushed, many Novosibirsk assassins moved to Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk brothers saved them all, but this was a big mistake. After that, Templars followed the trail of hiding assassins, as a result, they got to Krasnoyarsk. Templars killed many assassins, from 700 members survived only 250. Nowadays this is slowly dying brotherhood like Novosibirsk. The leader is Yuri Frolov, brotherhood contacting with Chinese, Mongolian and Kazakh Brotherhoods but fears to contact with Novosibirsk. Headquaters: Apartments in Zheleznodorozhny and Oktyabrsky Districts, House estate "Perya" and in Zheleznogorsk.

Voronezh Brotherhood[]

The most lucky brotherhood from all in Russia, because every deal with Templars ends sucess almost without blood. The leader - Leonid Ivashchenko. Quatity about 230 members. Headquaters: Apartments in Levoberezhny and Komiternovsky Districts and in Novovoronezh.

Southern Brotherhood Community[]

This is a community of brotherhoods from five cities: Krasnodar, Sochi, Sevastopol. Simferopol, Novorossiysk, Astrakhan which was united in 17 July 2015. The leaders are Anton Myakin from the Black Sea and Ilya Demichev from the Kaspian Sea. Quatity about 560 members. Usually they make diversions on Templars cargo in the Black Sea and Kaspian Sea. The connecting with all countries on Kavkaz, and countries with access to the Black or Mediterranean or Kaspian seas areas . This brotherhood has their own ship "Marina" and yacht "Golubiye Zory" in Novorossiysk and Sochi and cutters with jet skies in Astrakhan.

Penza Brotherhood[]

The smallest, but the calmest and safest brotherhood in Russian Community. Was created in 3 June 1985 by Maxim Ovchinnikov, who is still a mentor nowadays. There are 26 members in this city. Primarily they stealing the Templars documnets or help hiding assassins from other cities when the Templars hunting on them, until they forget about them. But in this city few Templars, so they can working without hoods. Most part of them working from home, only 7 assassins are work as operatives. The headquaters are their own personal apartments or houses, but the meeting place is located in McRonalds restaraunt in Suvorovsky Mall.


Ukrainian Emabassy[]

Was found by Ruslan Komenchenko in Odessa in 7 September 2005. He was an ukrinian assassin, who just choosed another brotherhood. In embassy work about 13 members.

Belarus Embassy[]

Was found by Georgiy Chereshnev in Minsk in 15 March 2007. He was an worker on factory, who just wanted to strt new life. In embassy work 10 members.

Moldova Embassy[]

Was found by Artyom Yunyatkin in Kishinev in 16 April 2003. He was an abbe in church, who tired of living locked up in a monastery. Im embassy work 4 members.

Kazakh Embassy[]


US Embassy[]

Was founded by Vladimir Porelsov in Boston in 30 June 1895. He was an emigrant from Russia, who decided to establish an embassy in America. Now the Main Ambassador is Nick Yellowstone, half-american, half-russian assassin.

Chinese Emabassy[]


Japanese Embassy[]


Southern African Embassy[]

Was founded by Abubakar Ozima in 1856. When the Americans gives

Dead Headquaters[]