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"I will fight for Roma, its freedom, it's justice and it's glory. I am Salvatore Razori da Roma and I am one of the many Assassins fighting against the Borgia."
―One of the entries in Salvatore Millard da Roma's personal journal.

Salvatore Millard

Salvatore Millard da Roma (1482- 1556) was a member (and tailor) of the Assassins Order in Rome, led by the one and only Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He was 19 when he was saved by Ezio himself during a fight against six Borgia Guards. After this Ezio told Salvatore of the Liberation of Roma, and Salvatore was soon inducted into the assassins. After that he spent most of his time fighting the Borgia and doing small assassinations. Then in 1527, Salvatore betrayed the Assassins Hideout to a Templar Agent in exchange for 50,000 florins. After this Salvatore fled to Portugal. Successfully escaping the wrath of Ezio.


Early Life[]

Salvatore spent his childhood and teenage years working as his father's assisstant (his father was a tailor). But when Salvatore was 16 his father was executed falsely for treason and his store burned down. After this Salvatore became a mercenary. Soon, he had enough of the Borgia and decided to attack a group of them. This is how he came to be inducted into the Assassins.

Assassin Life[]

Salvatore was inducted into the order when Ezio Auditore saved him from six Borgia guards. Salvatore not only proved to be a useful fighter but a useful tailor for the Assassins. But in 1527, he betrayed the Assassins and fled to Portugal where he became a humble tailor.

Later Life[]

In Salvatore's later life in Portugal he worked as a tailor. He lived a comfortable life, and even got married to a lady named Maria, according to Abstergo records. They had two twin-boys in 1532, named Antonio (who later came to be a Templar who would explore Brazil) and Franco (who left Portugal to travel Europe as mercenary, who eventually settled in Scotland).