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Sam Smith
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31 May 1992 United States



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"Finding the rats hideouts"

Sam smith (1992-Unknown) is an Animus user, for Abstergo, using the animus to go to various locations and time in history to find specific items, at first unknowingly. Eventually does find the truth from the Templars but decides against joining them and instead for the assassin's after finding their truth in the matter.


Sam smith was born as an average person, not doing well in school nor being to hold down a job for more then a month, he eventually stumbled on to abstergo and was able to get a job as a janitor at the age of 23. During his time there he hadn't done anything, for fear he might loose yet another job. He was, for some reason, then promoted to tester of games Abstergo, after meeting with was testing and was then hooked up to the animus, a device that would allow him to feel as though he was living historical events.


Robert Assaf[]

Sam first time in the animus had visited Robert, a Templar who was with the Templars during the crusades. Sam had experience with Robert's training having an unusually high sync rate with him. He was able to get through four years of Robert's life living through his passed trauma with his brother being murdered by an Assassin and had trained in swordsmanship and joining the Templar order in place of his deceased brother.

He had a break after Robert's induction to the Templar order, in which he used some of his security clearance and had accidentally found one of Abstergo's secret entries, stating that they were still fighting the Assassin's and winning. Sam thought it was just an entry from a game they were developing and just brushed it off as such. He then went back to the machine continuing from where he had last left off of.

During his time with Robert he had seen his pain and thirst for revenge, as he saw Robert find and kill agent assassin's and learning where their secret locations for the assassin's were, for a better part of 10 years. For each assassin discovered a secret assassin base was located and Robert was promoted more and more, until he gained a army through the Christian army, thanks to Robert De Sable's recommendation.

Sam had once again gotten up from his exploration of the and had gained more information on the order, as he saw that not only were some of the locations Robert had seen were real they were used for the exact same reason. Sam however still believed that these files were just for the game he was helping to develop. He was nearly caught by one of the staff members for snooping around but was able to get out of thanks to Melanie who was there to congratulate Sam on his excellent progress. Sam however seemed to think that the guards were far too suspicious about him, or maybe far too aggressive in trying to stop him, beginning to believe these event might not just be an elaborate game. He however brushed it off and continued on with the final part of Robert's life.

Sam had once again entered the Animus, and had entered seen Robert bring his army to Jerusalem where he would had discovered the assassin who had killed his brother would be. He had charged the city but was meat with a planned surprised attack, as the Assassin's had fed him the information. Robert had ran away from the fight, seeing as there was no way where, he had hidden in cave, which was where another Assassin's hideout was located. There he was met with the unnamed Assassin who had killed his brother all those years ago. Robert had one final bout with the assassin and although fought hard, his injuries from the sneak attack made him succumb to the assassin, being killed with a hidden blade through the heart.

Sam got out of the Animus surprised about what had happened, believing Robert was the main character and found it weird for a main character to die like that. Sam was then able to go home afterwards, where looked up the information about the places he had visited as well as what had happened in those locations. He couldn't find anything on them and decided to put it to rest for a while.