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Samuel Danvers
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October 1730


September 1776 (45 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Ashes (mentioned)

Voice actor

JB Blanc

Samuel "Sam" Danvers was a pirate and quartermaster of the pirate ship Real Phoenix captained by Josiah Advisor. Samuel having been a pirate was a wolf expert on sea and was often very violent and brutal killing enemies. In 1756 he met Josiah Advisor and became quartermaster of his ship.

He was killed by Charlotte LeFay a member of Templar Order for the Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion.


Early life[]

Samuel Danvers was born in October 1730 in a poor family in Bristol. Instead of helping the family Samuel spent time watching the sea thinking how could be nice to get away from there and travel to the so named and famous Thirteen Colonies. Samuel spent time in petty theft with which he helped the family a little but enough because he is the youngest of seven children. At 15, the mother of Samuel died by accident in his factory as Samuel the night after secretly embarked on a ship to the New World. Arrived in Boston found a job as a lumberjack in a lathe like a year later really started to work on a ship called the providence of Captain Samuel Smythe. Samuel worked for Smythe for the next 10 years traveling from England to North America.

Providence's activity []

Haytham Kenway

In 1754 in April, the Providence left London to Boston. Samuel learned that the night before there had been a murder at Covent Garden in a Little Miko. Samuel knew of a passenger who had a certain value named Haytham Kenway. There was disagreement for these kind of people, including the crew as they were of babies who had already had all served right from birth and did not know the hard work to survive. Samuel felt the same feeling for Kenway other member. The day after the departure Kenway climbed on deck to see the fresh air as Hector Graves, one of the crew immediately took mange with him. Samuel and other sailors gathered around the two as Samuel saw Kenway take on Hector fists up to defeat him. After Quill went against Kenway and he also defeated. Samuel was amazed by Kenway skills as the captain came and quelled the riot bringing Kenway in his office. Samuel spent the rest of the day to work and to talk Luois Mills. The same day Samuel saw him go Kenway for the ship asking questions and this seemed as strange to Samuel. Captain Smythe was not appreciated by his men, and Samuel had also seen other sailors at night they gathered to discuss. Maybe it was a mutiny, but Samuel was not certain as some barrels at night were thrown off the ship as to give a trace of their passage. The 32nd day of travel a ship fired a shot blanks for Providence. Smythe ordered Samuel and another sailor to send Kenway below deck and they did so after closing the hatch. After a while 'Samuel saw Kenway go up and tell Smythe to send Providence in a storm in order to escape their pursuers. This was done ...

Meeting with Assassin[]

Josiah Advisor, The Ranner

Samuel after he landed at Boston lost Kenway views forever wondering what was so strange man. The next two years continued to work on Providence until 1756. The same year a day Samuel was working on Providence as always when a ship fired a shot against them. The pilot tried to take away the Providence but the ship was damaged and then under siege by pirates. Samuel saw some of his companions as a blow to the gunfire and then take the Pirates attack the ship's deck. Samuel course for a shroud and grabbed an ax. Samuel mowed an attacker and then cast another off the ship. Samuel sat in the corner along with other 7 defending his comrades against their attackers with courage and boldness. At the end of his comrades I fell under the pirates such as Samuel stood alone surrounded by them that were pointing their guns. Samuel killed a pirate like another Jenkins shot him in the shoulder and Samuel lost consciousness ............................ Break. Dark. Darkness. Samuel opened his eyes and saw a man who bandaged the wound. Samuel asked if he was in hell, and the man said no, but that was nearly there because he had lost a lot of blood. Samuel saw his wound and thanked after the doctor as the doctor told him to rest a little. Samuel slept as the doctor came back and said their captain wanted to see. Samuel wondered within himself what the hell he wanted the man who had killed his companions. Samuel did accompanied by two men in a cabin where Samuel saw a man with blacks hair tied in tail sitting on a table fiddling with a knife. Samuel gave up as the men went out and placed to look. The man who was also the captain told Samuel that he was a brave for acting that way during the battle. Samuel said he had only defended his life. The man did the compliments and said that Samuel had a potential to enter his cause. Samuel asked that because he was and the man said that he and those of his Order had vowed to defend humanity from those who wanted to take control. Samuel said it was a good cause at the end and asked for the name. The man gave. Josiah Advisor. Advisor asked if Samuel accepted it and he said yes. Advisor smile and said that Samuel was his quartermaster. Samuel asked a condition. Josiah told to put it and Samuel said he wanted to kill the man who had shot him. Josiah did bring him there. Jenkins asked what they wanted, and Josiah told to give the gun to Samuel. "What?" Jenkins asked. "Give him the gun Mr. Jenkins," said Josiah. Jenkins did as he said Josiah. Samuel raised his gun. Pulled the trigger.

The Colonies[]

Achilles Davenport

Samuel accompanied many times Josiah in his missions and becoming acquainted with him and also with the rest of the crew who wanted him as second in command. Samuel thought that once the war was over he could officially join the Caribbean brotherhood. Samuel in 1757 traveled to Fort William Henry and his crew of the Royal Phoenix to Josiah mission. Samuel waited on the ship as heard gunshots but did not intervene. Josiah had warned him that if they did not return by the afternoon to come and look. At 16:00 PM, Samuel and 5 men went down looking for Samuel. They found him passed out at the coast as wounded in the shoulder by a bullet. Immediately they carried on the ship and nursed. When Josiah found Samuel asked him what had happened and said that Josiah had failed the mission. Samuel did not ask more. On 3 November 1757, Josiah brought the Royal Phoenix at Albany to the looting of the city assisted by his brother Assassin Kesegowaase. Samuel waited as usual on the Royal Phoenix and defended the ship from possible attackers British soldiers. Samuel rejected using a Puckle Gun cannon with which killed all in focus. After a while 'Samuel saw Josiah and his brother Liam O'Brien run for Royal Phoenix chased by the soldiers. Samuel got off the ship and fired at a soldier who ruined to the ground and then Samuel threw on soldiers. Samuel cut the throat of a wounded soldier and then another immediately afterwards. Samuel dodged the captain's sword and then grabbed his knife and planted in the captain's stomach. The captain fell to the ground and Samuel was about to kill the last two soldiers when gunfire killed them both. Samuel turned saw the men of the Royal Phoenix holding guns still smoking. Samuel returned to the ship and there thanked his companions. Samuel went immediately to Josiah and asked if the mission had gone well. "Yes. We have the manuscript and Monro died .... but at what price." Josiah said, bowing his head. Samuel realized that Kesegowaase was dead. After between 1758 and 1760, he accompanied Samuel Josiah in various missions as the final one in the Arctic or the escort for Adewale. Samuel sorry that his cause was declined and finally fall under the Templars. In 1760, Josiah and Samuel left for ever in North America and then traveled to the Bahamas. Samuel fell in Tulum and visited all with Josiah who showed him the way of life of the assassins. Samuel decided with this visit would become an Assassin. So they live Tulum where in the next four years, Samuel passed in combat training with the ax and the sword as the use of hidden blades with Condor Apito and the Mentor Claude Dimanche and in 1765 finally ready for its first mission that would have introduced into the Assassin Order.


Aveline de Grandpré

The mission was to travel to New Orleans and help the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré in an investigation. Samuel took a ship and landed in New Orleans in March 1765. Samuel turned to the road causing the De Grandpré Manor. Samuel eavesdropping conversations found that in February there was a murder of the governor d'Abbadie during a party. Samuel entered the Manor garden when a guard pointed his gun at him and asked what he was doing there. "It 's a guest down that gun," said a quiet, gentle voice behind Samuel. The guard lowered his rifle. "Excuse my lady," said the guard left. Samuel saw Aveline and was barked by her beauty. The two presented and Aveline invited Samuel inside the house. Samuel asked the aid which had Aveline the Caribbean Brotherhood. Aveline said he needed help for a defamation of his business and his family who were behind the Templars. A certain Monsieur Du Chapperon had sent out some newsboys who defamed the company de Grandpré. He had to be stopped. Samuel came out and told Aveline to follow him. Aveline he is gone in a Locker Room, where he put on his clothes by Assassin, for the following week the two walked around the city killing various newsboys or bribing them to get them to shut up. As at the end of March 21, 1765 was the day for the final killing of Monsiur du Chapperon. The two assassins went into his warehouse to confront it directly, the two advanced to the magazine location as abruptly exits guards from all sides and surrounded Aveline and Samuel. Du Chapperon out from the corner. "Good job you did not expect so quickly and well. But it is too late tomorrow morning will attack the de Grandpré Manor and you'll be dead," said du Chapperon. "Au Revoir" said du Chapperon and went. Guards attacked. Aveline passed between three of them and saved and all killed with a machete and dagger. Samuel severely beaten in the head with a guard with his ax, breaking into the skull. Samuel parried the blow of a bayonet and then killed the guard, Samuel rotated his ax and killed three other guards. Aveline shot a guard and then slaughtered another with his weapons. Samuel shot to another and then broke his sternum with his ax to another guard. Finished. All the guards lay dead on the ground. Now he was du Chapperon. Aveline and Samuel ran to the house of du Chapperon.

Samuel and Aveline prepared for the clash and some moments before dawn infiltrated in the du Chapperon plantation. Aveline disguised as a slave while Samuel as a guard carrying Aveline. So they arrived in the main courtyard, Samuel saw du Chapperon talking to his troops who were all lined up in a row. Samuel Aveline and prepared their weapons as Samuel attacked from the right and from left Aveline. Samuel threw a poisonous bomb at the soldiers as they vomited and spit blood until he died, Samuel gas mask was lifted as he had also done Aveline who killed 6 soldiers with his machete. Samuel crossed the chest to two soldiers with his sword and shot in back and shot in the stomach to another. Samuel saw a brute turn on him and then the ax of the brute himself down on the shoulder of Samuel. Samuel injured went to the ground and screamed in pain. The brute was going to finish it. Samuel thought quickly and grabbed a rifle with bayonet and stabbed the brute's neck before it could kill him. Samuel dodged the corpse and then grabbed his sword and killed an agile. Another agile beat Samuel but the assassin parried the shot and then beheaded Aveline from behind the agile. Du Chapperon remained standing with his sword and inflicted on Samuel back. He fell to the ground and screamed. Aveline beaten in the stomach du Chapperon with a kick and then hurt du Chapperon shoulder. Aveline took his gun and shot him in the head du Chapperon ending his life. Aveline immediately took Samuel and brought out quickly in the house of his mentor Agaté. For Samuel path fought against death as he lost a lot of blood from back and also from the shoulder. In fact, he had reopened his old wound he had received in 1756 when the Royal Phoenix had attacked Providence. Eventually Samuel brought into the house and immediately rushed Agaté. Agaté he puts Samuel on a bed and dabbed at the wounds with herbs while Aveline went to take other in the swamp. Hours later, the wounds bandaged Samuel was still alive and Agaté told him that he would manage. Samuel thanked Agaté heart. The mission had gone well and in April, Samuel greeted Aveline and Agaté and returned in the Caribbean.

The Assassin Council

There Samuel was officially introduced by the Council of the Assassins which included: Jackie Charlotte, Victor Jensen and the Mentor Claude Dimanche. Sameul worked for the coming months on the Royal Phoenix until 1768. In that year Samuel was given a new mission which consisted in killing a man affiliated with the Templars. He was the grandson of Hilary Flint and the older brother of Marie Flint. Samuel understood what he had to do and tracked down his target, Alejandro Flint in Havana. Samuel traveled there and made contact in an inn with Delaware Dinsmore. To Delaware table sat and Samuel was enchanted by her beauty and sexually attracted. Samuel decided that at the end of the mission would undertake with the woman. Delaware so gentle said the information he had on Flint as he had taken possession of the black market in Havana of firearms trafficking. This just had to go for Assassins. Samuel thanked Delaware and she offered to help him in the mission. He accepted. The two went to the Flint hideout. Building with two entrances both guarded by two brutes while inside there were warehouses with weapons and other soldiers. The plan of attack was fixed by noon. Delaware men attacked the brutes from both sides giving time to the two assassin to enter. Samuel and Delaware over the rooftops and entered the building as snipers killed them. Samuel fell from the roof and planted his knife hidden in the throat of a captain, Delaware hanged with a soldier by rope dart and killed four high with his handguns. The Pirates of Delaware did irruption and killed the soldiers.

Delaware Dinsmore

The remaining soldiers surrendered and Samuel himself tied them and then get them to question. Samuel and Delaware did take away all the weapons found on the Royal Phoenix and then disappeared into thin air so as not to attract the attention of the guards who were killed those who had seen and had entered into conflict with the group. In the afternoon Samuel asked a brute on the Royal Phoenix Bridge. The brute was tied to a chair, and there was near Delaware. "Few stories and tell me right away where your boss," said Samuel to the brute. "I will kill either way," said the brute. "If you tell us we leave you live," said Delaware to brute. "Flint is in the cathedral, uses it as his headquarters," said the brute. "Thanks," said Delaware, Delaware and Samuel left the brute and then headed for the cathedral. Samuel and Delaware spoke during their journey on their both past and Samuel constantly watched the body of Delaware. She had noticed it but said nothing. In front of the cathedral the two agreed so. Delaware would raided and he drew them in as if Samuel would be entered through a window and would have taken behind them. The plan went as Samuel quickly climbed the church and entered through a window. Samuel heard the sound of doors opening, gunshots, screams, noises of swords against swords. He had to act quickly. Samuel made the free running on the wooden planks placed in the ceiling and then fell under and planted the knife hidden in the throat of a soldier. Samuel killed another in the same way and then unsheathe his sword and cut another soldier. Flint was the center and fought with Delaware while his soldiers left him to care for Samuel. Samuel killed them all and then went to give a hand in Delaware. Delaware managed to injure his leg while Samuel pierced Flint his chest with his sword, Flint fall ashore, dead. The two assassins looked at each other again with a lot of adrenaline and then came out of the cathedral. Black traffic and passed weapons under the Assassin Order run by Delaware Dinsmore. That night Samuel went to the apartment of Delaware and confessed his feelings. She said she felt the same, and the two had a night of passion.

Caribbean Purge[]

Lady Concord

In September 1770, Samuel knew of death as Jackie Charlotte, Victor Jensen, Mr Prudence and very suspicious of these deaths as the Templars had re-checking both of Kingston that of Nassau. In fact, two assassins of Templar Order, Lady Concord and Eric Rackham had killed several allies of the Order. In 1771, Samuel otherwise tried to kill Lady Concord. In fact he knew it was temporarily one by Abaco Island fishing town. Samuel traveled to the village and saw how they were there just fishermen. A tavern saw a young woman dressed in black talking to a Spanish captain who had a Templar cross around his neck. Samuel walked slowly to the Spanish captain and when he was behind him sank back into his hidden blade. The Spanish captain fell down dead in front of the stunned face of Concord. Samuel sent a another shot that Concord deftly dodged and rolled to the side unsheathing his sword. Samuel took his sword ready for the fight. Concord appointed his sword to the chest Samuel who parried and then gave him a punch in the face. Concord staggered back as Samuel took a chair for break roofs lean against. Concord moved in time and the chair broke up against the counter. People screamed and ran in all directions. Two guards took their swords going out Samuel and Concord. One of the guards put a hand on his shoulder to Samuel and he swung an elbow in the face while the other swung a punch that sent him also it to the ground. Samuel put his attention on Concord who had pointed a gun at him. Samuel grabbed the barrel and commissioning high as Concord immediately pressed the trigger and the bullet went to heaven. Samuel extended his blade concealed and made mostly of Concord stomach. But Concord dodged the blow and launched his knee in the stomach Samuel. His breath failed to Samuel and remained a few seconds as stunned Concord to kill him with his sword. Samuel raised his hidden blade and parried the Concord sword but broke his blade concealed. Samuel swept the ground with his leg and dropped Concord. The woman stood up as Samuel went roofs lean against sending her back to the ground, Samuel sat on her and took his gun to kill her. Concord Samuel stabbed in the shoulder and he screamed in pain, taking off. Concord feet again went against Samuel which stopped its armed wing and wounded in the leg. Both injured, Samuel went to the Royal Phoenix for assistance. Samuel healed and so it was another year. In 1772 he was killed Dimanche, and the Templars had taken Great Inagua. Shortly after a meeting in Delaware Concord explained how he had repented of his actions and was fielded by the Assassins as their new Mentor. Some accepted it immediately, but Samuel and Josiah not accepted at once. Samuel brought Delaware on one side and asked him if they could trust and she said, convinced that they could trust. The words of his mistress were enough to convince Samuel. With Concord as head of the Caribbean Assassins, the Brotherhood stood up taking possession on the Caribbean islands. Also they joined them a former serial killer Templar Eric Rackham in 1773.


Charlotte LeFay

Unfortunately in 1776, all the lieutenants of Concord had been killed by the Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion and his assassin Callum Kerr. In August he was also dead Concord while Rackham had managed to escape and had promised to rebuild the Brotherhood in the future. Even Josiah Advisor was dead Captain Samuel and he had inherited his ship the Royal Phoenix. He assaulted with it for the following days the ships and outposts of the Templars causing a lot of damage. Samuel was only but in the eyes of Madeleine was still a problem that was taken away. One day in September 1776, Samuel made a stop in Kingston. During the trip had seemed to have been followed by another ship that had seemed the La Grande Gazelle. Samuel had ignored it but he knew it had nothing to do the Templars. So he went quietly to Fort Charles knew where it was locked up an ally of the Assassins: Louis-Robert. Louis first ran a brothel for the Brotherhood, through which he could get a lot of information but the Templar Eric Johnson had him arrested as he had also killed another assassin with deceit: William du Môtiers. Samuel managed to pass and go into the Luois-Robert cell. Samuel saw through the bars Luois-Robert lying on the ground. Luois noticed him and recognized him. Samuel reassured him that they would later try to get it out along with Rackham. Luois thanked Samuel and also said to hurry. Samuel assured him that he would do as soon as possible. Then he came out strong and headed into town. Samuel she could not possibly imagine that had been stalked by Charlotte LeFay an Madeleine's agent. In a secluded area with few people, Samuel heard mention his name as he turned to see LeFay behind him. The woman had a knife and stabbed him four times in the chest Samuel, Samuel fell to the ground dead not to reopen them again.