Samuel Frye is the son of Jacob Frye and the father of Lydia Frye.

Samuel Frye
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Assassins(1882-unknown) Rooks(1885-1888 1889-unknown)

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Samuel was born in 1869 in the city of London. Born to the Master Assassin Jacob Frye and an unknown woman. Jacob trained him in the ways of the assassins. While in training he befriended and older initiate called Jack the Lad who taught him the fear tactics he had learned from India.

Autumn of TerrorEdit

After Samuel's formal friend Jack now under the title Jack the Ripper usurped control of the Rooks from his Father Jacob, killing any assassin sent to deter him. Samuel wanted to help stop his formal friend but his father thought it was to dangerous and sent Samuel to stay with his mother in Crawley until the threat of "Jack The Ripper" was eliminated.

Reclaiming the RooksEdit

After the Autumn of Terror Samuel helped his father and his aunt Evie reclaim the Rook's and restore peace in London. This would turn out to be harder than they thought when they find out that the assassins worst enemy Jack the Ripper is alive when they found about the murder of Alice McKenzie. Not only The Ripper but the Rook's old rival the Templar gang the Blighters return seeking control of London.

The Great Gang wars of LondonEdit

With the Rook's in civil war and the Blighters return Samuel and his father and aunt had a lot of work to do. They first try to reclaim the Rook's that were under Jack's Command first so they could then focus on the Templar threat the Blighters.

Killing Jack's lieutenants in Whitecapel Samuel could now reclaim the Rook's from his old friend Jack. Now with the Rook civil war at a end Samuel can now focus on the Templar threat growing in London once more.

The End of the RipperEdit

In 1891, the assassin's worst fears has come true when the police discovered another victim killed in the Whitecapel borough. Samuel investigated the murder realizing his old friend Jack may be on another murder spree.

In 1892, he was told by fellow assassin Robert Norrington to met him at a abandoned factory were Blighters and Templars were meting. Finding the factory Samuel was surprised to see no guards. He entered the factory with cushion. Once he saw body of the assassin Robert Norrington laying dead out of the shadows came his formal friend Jack. But all sudden a huge explosion filled building with fire. Fire spreading across the factory, Samuel tried get out but the door collapsed. Leaving him with choice but to face the Ripper. Jack tried using a fear bomb to cloud Samuels senses but he avoided it but using his rope launcher to scale up the wall to the third floor. Jack hot on his trail Samuel was forced to fight him being also outmatched by his strength was about to be killed until the floor collapsed knocking both Samuel and the Ripper down on the second floor of the building. While Jack was reaching for his dagger Samuel impaled his arm with a fear spike. When the Ripper tried to get up Samuel stabbed him in the chest with his hidden blade. During Jack's confession Samuel asked "Jack why did you betrayed those who treated like family, "Why Jack?. Jack replied "BECAUSE THE CREED FAILED MY MOTHER IT FAILED ME, DON'T THINK THIS IS THE END OF TNE RIPPER. Samuel said it was and fled the flaming inferno leaving Jacks body in the flames. Once in for all ending "The Terror of Jack the Ripper".

Later in lifeEdit

Following that year he met a woman named Grace who was an fellow assassin. They had lot in common they eventually married in 1893 and later had a child together named Lydia. Because they were often on missions they entrusted Samuels Father and aunt to train her in the ways of the Assassins.

Equipment and SkillsEdit


Being trained by his father Jacob Frye. Samuel was a well skilled fighter and forerunner. He was also gifted with the rare ability of eagle vision.


Being a assassin in Victorian London he had with an assassin gauntlet similar to ones his father and aunt used. Samuel being a skilled fighter was able to use a variety of many different weapons. One he used most often and was his favorite weapon was the Cane Sword. He also was equipped with smoke bombs, throwing Knives, and a revolver.

Fear TacticsEdit

Being taught how to use this by his friend and future Whitechapel killer Jack the Lad, Samuel was able to use weapons of intimation such as fear spikes and fear bombs.


  • Samuel is named after Samuel Fey the suspected protagonist of Assassins Creed Syndicate when it was under the code title Victory.
  • Samuel could also be possibly named after Samuel Frye a character featured in the Dreadful Crimes pack for Assassins Creed Syndicate.
  • His outfit is similar to George Westhouse an British Assassin.


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