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Samuel Wilson was an Admiral in the U.S Navy, Captain of the Abstergo, a Master Templar, and Commander of the secret American Knights Fleet.

Samuel Wilson
Samuel WIlson.png
Biographical information

1763 New York, United States


1815 West Indies aboard the Abstergo

Political information


U.S Navy(1785-1815)

Knights Fleet(1789-Death)

Crew of the Abstergo(1799-Death)

Real-world information


Samuel was born to a unknown women and a Templar British Captain of the Royal Navy in 1763. His father was a Master Templar of the Colonial Rite of the Templars who fought during the Revolutionary War. In 1776 his father was contracted by fellow Templar Nicholas Biddle to attack the French Vessel the La Belladonna that was transporting supplies. Attacking this Vessel would show weakness in the Continental Navy. His father lead a fleet against this Ship but he did not suspect the Assassin Ship the Aquila coming to the ships aid. The Aquila ended up destroying the fleet and boarding his fathers Man O' War assassinating his father. His fathers death is what prompt him to join the Templars and the Navy.

A Captain[]

In 1789 after serving the Navy he was able to Captain a Brig. Samuel helped the new Grand Master Templar Shay Cormac attack the Homestead. With Samuel's Ship along side Shay's Slope of War the Morrigan, together they attacked the assassin Homestead crippling the Assassin defenses and the Aquila. After the attack Samuel, Shay and other fellow Templar sailors formed the Knights Fleet with the Morrigan acting as Flagship for the first few years until Shay dropped out of the Fleet do to his old age letting Samuel lead the Fleet with his new Man O' War the Abstergo acting as Flagship.

Death of Cormac[]

In 1805 Samuel and fellow Templars had a meeting. After the meeting he talked to Shay's son Liam Monro Cormac about a possible career in the Navy with him as apart of the Crew of the Abstergo. Later he learned of Cormac's death and John Starrick becoming Grandmaster. Later in 1806 Samuel let his son serve under his command for 4 years.

War of 1812[]