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Martin Velero was a Spanish assassin during Spain's time of chaos in the 19th century,and became involved in the Carlist Wars, a civil war between traditionalist carlists and Spanish liberals. While he was incredibly capable assassin, he was extremely short tempered and was not above physically abusing his subordinates when they disobeyed a direct order, especially when it was from him. But, according to his fellow assassins he is calm when looking out upon the sea but, his rage returns when he sees the large scar across his face that was left by his father.

Backstory (1810-1820)[]

Martin Velero was born in the port town of Cadiz, or rather near it, as his mother gave birth to him on a ship about to make port there. One of the first things that he ever saw was the sea glimmering in the light of the sun which, may explain his love for the sea. He spent much of his childhood on his father's ship helping him maintain it but, his father saw him nothing more than a cheap laborer. Over time his father's punishments got increasingly worse, the worst was when Martin accidentally broke a crate filled with less than legal goods. Martin's father in a fit of rage rushed to hit the boy but, he decided to do something else for a change, he challenged his own son to fencing match. Martin was barely ten years old when this happened and he had no knowledge of fencing but, his father went wit his punishment anyways. The match was not a fair one and it ended with Martin receiving a scar across his face, he begged his father for forgiveness, but he only told him to get off his ship. In tears he left his father's ship and wandered into the city, cold and hungry.

Chapter I: The Child Thief (1820-1825)[]

The next few years were some of the harshest of his life, now forced to spend the rest of his childhood as an orphan and beggar. In order to feed himself he either resorted to stealing, or doing odd jobs for shady people, either way he got himself food for at least one day. Of course Martin wasn't exactly the most graceful thief, as he almost always gets caught immediately by the people he's stealing, and this always caught the attention of the guards nearby. Chasing him throughout the city the guard try to apprehend the boy but, he always seemed to escape from their grasps. By the time he was fifteen Martin had learned all the ropes of stealing and escaping, or so he thought. One day he had successfully stolen a priceless ruby necklace from a noble's house and got out of their house without any trouble. Believing he was going to have a clean get away he didn't bother looking out for guards, unfortunately, he bumped into a guard. But, this guard did something that Martin didn't expect for a guard to do against a boy his age, he drew his sword and demanded

"Relinquish the necklace, boy, or I use this."

Refusing to give up his prize Martin shouted back at the guard.

"NO! That wealthy bastard still has plenty of things like this in that big house of his!".

Seeing that Martin would not listen to reason he went to attack but, Martin picked up a rock and threw it at him, enabling escape. Martin ran as fast as he could, but he heard the other guards shouting.

"After him! After the boy!".

Then, from out of the alleys that Martin had just passed, armed guards came out that immediately gave chase. Running through the streets, passing through alley after alley, even the rooftops, Martin still failed to lose his pursuers. Now, exhausted and cornered on a rooftop, Martin had very few options to guarantee a successful escape, he thought about his options and none of them looked promising. A direct fight with trained armed guards would be suicide, and jumping from he's standing would probably only cripple him and that's no good.

"Come on, return the necklace and no harm will come to you." said one of the guards

He appeared to be higher rank than the others that were with him based on his uniform, but it didn't matter to Martin he gave the guard a subtle response, by spitting on his boots. The guard looked at his boot and was obviously not happy with what he saw. But Martin could only smirk at his angered expressions, that was until he drew out a gun. Now things had gotten more intense as his life was definitely now in danger, and a head on fight would be more suicide than it was before, he only had one option.

"que poco hijo de puta!" shouted the guard who now just clocked his gun.

Martin knew he only had one option available to him and if he didn't take it he would die, he decided to jump. Luckily he landed safely on the ground with only a broken leg, of the course the one guard still had his gun though and prepared to shoot him. Martin decided to make a run for it despite his injury, but the guard begins to fire his gun at him. Martin was thankful that the guard had lousy aim. He ran through the streets once more in order to escape the guards, he decides to pass through an alley. He noticed that is something was off about the alley, as he painfully ran through it. But before he could make it through to the other side he was grabbed by someone. Thinking the person would be a guard Martin prepared to punch them but, when he turned around it wasn't a guard he saw, no, it was a hooded man, a man in a white hood.

"come with me." said the stranger.

"what? No!" Martin said with unease

Both heard the commotion of nearby guards.

"There is no time to explain now, come with me." says the stranger.

Still having a grip on Martin's arm he puts his hand on the wall, and began to move it about. Martin, thinking the man was crazy, merely laughed at him and couldn't believe what the man was doing.

"ah, found it." said the stranger

A section of the wall began to shift back further and simply slides to the left and out of sight. Martin was utterly surprised by what he just saw that he couldn't focus, thankfully the stranger just decided to take him inside. Now inside what appeared to be the stranger's hideout, Martin looked around but only saw the inside of an store house. The stranger noticing Martin's somewhat disappointed expression about their location let go of his arm and went to the center of the room. Martin curiously looked on at the stranger as he stood in the exact center of the room, he stomped the floor once and the floor around him began to shift downwards.

"If you want to be safe then come with me otherwise stay where you are!" shouted the stranger.

Knowing he has no choice he decides to go with the stranger.

"so where are we going?" Martin asked the stranger.

"A sanctuary." replied the stranger.

Chapter II: Light in Shadow (1825-1829)[]

They began their descent down into the dark earth, the stranger showed no uncertainty, but Martin was still uneasy about all of this. After about an hour passes they finally reach their destination and begin walking down a hallway, Martin is both amazed and suspicious about his location, but the stranger reassures him. They come to a large wooden door with a large strange symbol, the stranger begins to push the door open, a bright light shines out it. Martin and the stranger walked in together, and Martin was absolutely amazed by what he is seeing, it was like being inside a cathedral for the first time. He saw men and women wearing the same clothes as the stranger did, they all seemed to be practicing swordplay, training.

"allow me to introduce myself. I am Isandro Tocar." said the stranger.

Isandro put his hands on Martin's shoulder and lowered himself to his eye level

"You're safe here, you don't need to worry right now."

But, Martin still unsure asks him the two questions that been itching in the back of his mind.

"W-Who are you people, and why did those guards try to kill me?"

Isandro stands up and begins to walking, prompting Martin to follow him, he begins to speak but his words are hard to heard with the all clashing metal.

"We are an order. An order that ensures mankind's freedom, our freedom."

He stops in front of a series of statues and stares proudly at them.

"Many conflicts throughout history were finished thanks to us, all to preserve the right that belongs to all of us, our right to choose our own path in life."

"That doesn't explain why those guards tried to kill me!" Martin shouted.

Isandro stands silent, still staring at the statues, Martin just scruffs at him.

"Besides there's no possible way that you people did all of that, you live underground away from any actual civilization, and I doubt you even know who I am."

Martin begins to walk away.

"Martin Velvero." Isandro suddenly says.

Martin stops and turns his head to face Isandro.

"H-How do you know my name?" Martin asks with concern in his voice.

"Your mother told us about you." said Isandro

"My mother? How do you know her?" Martin said

"Yes, and she...was one of us, and if anything were to happen to her she asked us to watch over you...or me at least." says Isandro.

Martin bows his head down in sorrow, thinking of the mother that he barely knew.

"What happened to my mother?" asks Martin

Isandro lets out a sigh and proclaims "we don't know, we're still investigating.".

He places his hand on the wall facing it, Martin sees a single tear raining down his face.

"For ten years, ten years Martin, we have searched for clues for your mother, to prove if she's either live or dead." says Isandro.

He bangs his fist on the wall and begins shouting "But those bastards took destroyed every piece of evidence we could come up with!".

"Who did it?" Martin asks.

Isandro turns to face Martin and begins to explain "An order about as old as ours. An order so obsessed with peace that they believe the only way to achieve it is through absolute control, and we will not have not!".

He steps closer to Martin placing his hand on his shoulder and says "We are Assassins and we stand against the oppression of the Templars, and you shall become one of us.".

Martin only stared at the stone floor of the sanctuary in response to Isandro's words. Isandro could see that the boy would some time to think and proceeds to walk away.

But, as he gets a few feet away from him until Martin says "I'll do it."

Isandro turns to face him, with his head up, who continues to speak "I want to find out what happened to my mother, and...and I want revenge against the men who took her away from me."

Isandro smiles and says "Then we shall begin.". Martin smiles slightly as the two proceed to walk towards a flight of stairs, they begin a long journey up the stairs with Martin getting tired every so often. Soon they reach the highest point of the stairs with some sort of object blocking their path, Isandro press a symbol on it and it moves to the side allowing the two to leave. They step out from the darkness, a bright light blinds Martin for a moment. Martin takes a look around to where they ended up. He hears the sound of ocean waves and the creaking of ships, and knows they ended up at the city docks.

Isandro shouts to Martin "Hey!".

Martin looks to where he is and sees that he is on the rooftop of a nearby building. Martin shouts back "What the hell are you doing up there!? I thought you were going to train!"

Isandro laughs at his new apprentice's words "This is your training!"

Martin only gives him a strange look. "Now, lets see you can keep up with me!" Isandro begins to run.

Martin, despite not understanding, climbs the building and begins his chase after Isandro. Martin runs across the rooftops of various buildings in an effort to cath up to his master, carefully jumping rooftop to rooftop, and trying not to lose sight of him. By the time the sun starts go down he had finally catched up to him, seeing him sitting. Isandro could hear the heavy breathing of his apprentice and turns to see him covered in sweat, Isandro laughs at his expense.

Martin responds "What the hell was point of all that!?"

Isandro answers his question "I just wanted to know how far you would go to chase down someone."

"That's it! you just wanted to know how far i'd chase somebody. I'd chase someone all the way to Francia if i had to!" Martin shouts.

Isandro smiles "Well that's you needed the exercise you looked rather pudgy.". Isandro looks back to see Martin's angered expression and laughs " alright let's go home".

Isandro and Martin climb down the building and walk together back to the Assassin Sanctuary, with Martin struggling to stay awake. They finally arrived back at the sanctuary by little past midnight.

Isandro begins to speak "We start training again" he a lound noise and to see Martin on floor collasped from exhaustion "tommorrow"

Isandro lets out a sigh and carries the boy to his new bed, tucks him in, and wishes him sweet dreams. Just as he slowly shuts the door to Martin's room he approached by an assassin.

"Master, are we ready to begin?"

"Yes... let's move."

The next morning Martin, still tired from before, gives disgruntled responses to everyone's greetings as searches for something to eat. But, much to his displeasure there is no food to be found.

Angered Martin shouts out "Where is all the food?!"

An assassin clearly his loud question answers him "Master Isandro has hidden all of the food until you complete today's training"

Martin angrily walks away and searches for Isandro so he begin the lesson for the day. But he can't seem to find him anywhere and he asks the other assassins if they've seen him. Unfortunately many of the assassins he asked were new recruits and didn't know much. He asks one more assassin the same question he's been asking for the past half-hour "Where is Isandro?"

"Oh he's out in the city training new recruits." says the assassin.

"What? but, he was suppose to train me."

"Well he has train the other recruits as well not just you." she responsed

She could clearly see that Martin was upset "It wasn't always like this you know."

"It wasn't?"

"No. back during the 16th century recruits were sent to different parts of europe to learn our ways by themselves through the contracts they were assigned. But, now it's too much of a risk. we have lost too many men, and we, the assassins of Espana, decided to train our new recruit within our host cities."

Martin, though eager to start his training, can't help but feel some anxiey. Despite that he asks "then, who will give me my next lesson?"

"I will. I am second to the master himself after all."

Martin looks at her with disbelivement. "What? you don't believe me?" she says

"I'm not entirely sure if you're telling the truth."

The assassin determined to show Martin that she is telling the truth, explains "you see these robes?"

"yes, and?"

"these style of robes are given to those that have reached my rank."

Martin responds with an impatient sigh and "well let's get started already!"

The assassin amazed by Martin's determination smiles and says "all right then, and my name is Alicia by the way"

They walk into a room full of what appears to be training dummies, Alicia begins to explain "here is your next lesson."

"What is it?" Martin asked

Alicia stabs a dummy with a needle "your lesson is to find the dummy with needle."

"That seems easy enough" said Martin

"Not quite" Alica then places a blindfold on Martin. Martin could hear the movement of objects nearby. A quarter of an hour passes and Alicia uncovers Martin's eyes. He could now see that the dummies have increased in number and having been arranged in groups.

"Okay, now find it."

Martin proceed to go look for the dummy with the needle but Alicia stops him "Not so fast, you have to find it without leaving this spot"

Martin stepped back, took a deep breath, and began to search for the dummy with the needle. His eyes began to race faster and faster as time in his search passed, but Alicia could see the termination in his eyes. An hour passes, Alicia starts becomes sleepy, but she gets startled when Martin annouces "Found it!".

Alicia gets up from her seat "Where?"

"There. The third one to the left by the bookshelf." Martin says pointing.

Alicia walks over to the dummy that Martin designiated and plucks something out of it. She turns around, smiles and shows Martin the needle, he smiles back.

Alicia walks over to Martin "congralutations senor Velero, you just passed your first lesson in identifying your target"

"Thanks" Martin says with a smile.

A door opens Martin and Alicia see that Isandro has returned with his apprentices, but one has a broken leg.

"What happened?" Alicia asks with concern

"This idiota thought he could make a jump of more than 100 metros. Thankfully the fall wasn't so bad, but still."

"But, still he's idiota" Martin said. The young apprentice with the broken leg taunts Martin "Like you could do better!"

"Por que pedazo de mierda!" Martin said preparing to strike the apprentice. But, Alicia grabbed his arm and shook her head, Martin backed down.

"Martin, this is Feliciano Tonto and from now on he will be your training partner." Isandro explains

"WHAT?!" the two young apprentices shout.

Martin begins to disagree with Isandro's decision "I can't work with that idiota! I mean look at him, first day and already has a broken leg!".

Isandro shows great disappointment with Martin "Then i guess you don't remember that you were just like him. A fool, a fool who thought he could take life into his hands, but you know all to well that life doesn't sit idlely by while we take things frrom it. Objects stand in our path each and every day whether they be big or small. Now I'm leaving both of you in the charge of Alicia, do you understand me?"

"yes." both answered

"good." Isandro gently puts Feliciano on a bench and begins to walk out "oh and if you two can manage to work together there will be consequences." {C}The next day Martin and Felciano prepare for their next lesson with a few warm up exercises. Martin decides to run through the streets, and Felciano takes to the rooftops. A few hours pass and are both tired, an assassin appears to both of them saying they need to return to the sanctuary. Arriving at the entrance together they glare each, but saw nothing to each other. Alicia waits for them at the bottom of the stairway "Are you ready for your next lesson?" she shouted.

"I am, but I doubt this idiota will be capable of doing anything right!" Martin said with a mocking tone.

"Oh and you never fall off a rooftop before?" said Feliciano

"Last time i heard you attempted a jump that was too much for you but, like the fool you are, you did it anyways." said Martin

Felciano began to grow angry clenching his fists "would you just be quiet about that!"

"Yes Martin please leave it be." said Alicia

"Yes, Master" Martin said while turning to face her "I'm sorry that I--whoa!"

"W-when did you get up here?" Feliciano asked

"Well you two were so focused on each other that you must've not noticed me." said Alicia

The two apprentices looked at each other with expressions that only say "what?", but the two quickly glared at each other.

Alicia let out a sigh "Anyways your next lesson will determine how well you listen."

"What does listening have to do with being an Assassin?" Martin asked

"We use any useful information we can gather to give us an advantage, such as a target's location or location of enemy supplies." Alicia explains. {C}"Martin, I'd like you to head to the Old Orchard of San Franciso, and Feliciano you will be heading to Plaza de Espana"

Both apprentices bowed their heads in respect "Right away."

They headed out of the sanctuary and went their seperate ways, Martin was relieved he didn't have to work with Feliciano just yet. As he traveled through the streets of Cadiz he couldn't help feel uneasy. He felt every person who looked at him still saw him as the petty thief that he was before. But he decided to ignore the glares of the common folk and started to climb the nearest building. He ran across rooftop to rooftop on his way to Plaza de Mina until he reached it. He saw two men talking in the orchard, but he couldn't hear and climbed down to get closer. Martin hid behind a nearby tree and began to eavesdrop on the two men.

"The line of royal succession looks thin to me." said one of the men.

"Yes, Ferdinand's brother is the only chose for a successor to throne. But, he doesn't trust his brother Carlos."

"I was told by Carlos himself that another reason exist for his brother's fear of him."

"What is it?"

"He tells me that Ferdinand has an object that once belonged to Napoleon himself."

"So what is it that the infante wants us to do?"

"Ferdinand is the only thing that stands between him and his plans for Espana."

"It's time that a true king take up the throne."

Martin left the orchard after hearing what he needed to hear and ran to the sanctuary to tell both Isandro and Alicia the dire news. He ran as fast he couldn't stop thinking about the danger to the king, he then thought about the danger that Carlos represents to all of Espana. He eventually arrived back at the sanctuary, tired and exhausted, with Feliciano already there.

"Is something wrong, Martin?" Isandro asked.

Martin breathed heavily "The king...the king...the king."

What about the king?" asked Alicia.

"Someone is going to murder him!" Martin shouted.

Everyone in the sanctuary stopped what they were doing and stared in Martin's direction at his sudden news.

"I heard two men talking at the old orchard about Ferdinand's brother wanting him dead."

"Infante Carlos? I knew he was ambitious, but I didn't think he'd go this far" Alicia said.

"Should we save him?" Feliciano asked.

Isandro gave Feliciano's question little thought "Espana's king is without succession and his death now will only result in turmoil."

"But, the law says the king's brother is next in line for the throne." Feliciano said

"We cannot allow Carlos to take the throne, he would only corrupt the people of Espana." Isandro explained.

"Martin, do you know when the assassination will take place?" Isandro asked.

"No. They left after talking about Carlos' plot, they never said anything about when." Martin explained

"Isandro are you sure we should save him? He has proven in the past that he is not what is best for the people, he could be under their influence." Alicia said

"Fine I'll travel to Madrid and keep an eye on him. Meanwhile you will continue training these two." Isandro explained to Alicia. Isandro immediately sent for his journey to Madrid leaving the sanctuary in the care of Alicia's capable hands.

The next day Martin and Feliciano started their training in fighting with a duel between them. Alicia already knowing the tension between the two could erupt at any minute decided to watch. Martin starts off with a quick slash but it is blocked. Feliciano counters with a thrust, Martin dodges it and attempts to strike but his attack is evaded as well. The two rivals glared at each before they unleashed at flurry of sword slashes on each other. The clashing of steel sent sparks and the sound of battle throughout the room, and Alicia was impressed by their determination.

Unfortunately Martin sliped up and got his shoulder cut by Feliciano's sword and Feliciano was proud that he struck him. But his pride quickly turned to discomfort as he watched Martin look at his wound with intensity and angered breathing. Feliciano attemped to stretch his hand out for him, but he was only met by an angry Martin thrusting his sword toward his chest. Feliciano was able to dodge his attack but only barely. He then attempted a counter-attack only to have Martin stomp his kneecaps. Feliciano fell to floor holding his leg and screaming in pain. Martin prepared to deal another blow, but his attempt was thwarted when Alicia punched him in the gut and took his sword. He fell to ground in pain and looked up at a disappointed Alicia who started to carry Feliciano to the infirmary.

After the pain in Martin's gut subsided he left the sanctuary to go to his favorite spot in the city, the docks. Sitting at the docks Martin watched as ships left for different parts of the world and seeing the sunlight glisen on the ocean waves. The creaking of the ships, the call of the sea birds, the sound of the ocean, all these things were blissfull to his ears. He began to stare the water, but became disgusted by his own reflection and struck the water.

"You seem to be awfully upset about something." a voice said.

Martin quickly stood up and turned around. "Who's there?". He saw that it was Alicia. "'s you."

"You know, you seem almost peaceful here.". Martin only sat back at the dock in response. "everywhere else I see mostly rage and hatred in your eyes."

Martin let out a deep sigh and explain "I know I have issues with my anger." . Martin placed his hand on his shoulder wound. "But, what Feliciano did triggered something in me that I wanted to do for a long time."

"And what's that?" Alicia asked.

Martin got up and looked at her. "To kill the one that gave me this." he said as he pointed at his facial scar.

He got up and made his way back to sanctuary, Alicia soon followed. Arriving back Martin went to infirmary to vistit his good rival. Seeing Martin Feliciano tried to turn away, but the pain in his leg was too much and went back to his regular position.

"What do you want?" he said impatiently

Martin stepped closer to Feliciano's bed. "I want to explain why attacked you like I did."

Feliciano turned his head to look at him. "It better be good."

"When you cut me I was reminded of my father.". he pointed at his scar. "the man who gave me this."

"and how does this explain your actions?" Feliciano asked.

"I hate my father. He gave me this scar and forced me to live on the streets for five years, and if I ever find him I'll kill him." Martin said with all seriousness

Feliciano stared at him in amazement. "you really are serious." he said with a bit of freightened tone.

Martin placed his hand on Feliciano's broken leg. "I'm sorry I did this. I regret my actions."

"Don't worry you'll get one tommorrow." Feliciano said

The two stared at each other before bursting into laughter. Afterwards They exhanged a brief handshake and proclaimed that they are not enemies just rivals.

Chapter III: Change is Dawning (1829-1833 )[]

Two years passed and the two apprentices had became well respected members of the order. Martin had great prowess in battle and stealth while Feliciano became an expert of information gathering and sabotage. Together the two had became a force to be reckoned, working as a team they accomplished many missions. But, other matters had come up that would prove them in every way.

Martin and Feliciano were sitting in the library with other assassins when they hear the door burst open. Everyone turned to see who it was, it was Isandro who just returned from his two year stay at Madrid. Everyone welcomed back their master, but he sought something else.

He approached the table that Martin and Feliciano were sitting at. "I need you to come with me." he said.

"What?" Martin asked.

"I need both of you and Alicia to come with me to Madrid"

"Is something wrong?" asked Feliciano

"No, just come with me, I'll explain everything soon.". Isandro then walked out the room.

Soon after the two apprentices left as well to pack their things for the trip. They each packed their own specialized equipment, Martin with his sword and pistol, and Feliciano with his bombs. Knowing the trip would take about several days they packed plenty of food and drink.

Martin just finished packing turned toward Feliciano. "Hey Feliciano"

Feliciano turned to face Martin. "Yes?" he said.

"Why do you think we're going to Madrid?" Martin asked.

"I don't know, but probably has something to do with the king." Feliciano said.

Martin put his head. "yeah...he never has been a great king." he said with a bit of sorrow.

Isandro entered the room. "you two ready to leave?" he asked quietly.

Both apprentices nodded their heads. "well come on, Alicia is already outside with our transport out of the city." Isandro said as he walked away.

Outside the assassins walked to their transport, a horse drawn carriage, with Alicia awaiting their arrival. They all entered the carriage and immediately set off for Madrid. Martin looked out of the back window and took a last look at his home city waving it goodbye. As soon as they left the city Isandro began to explain the situation in the capital.

"King Ferdinand is indeed connect to the Templars, he admitted it himself." Isandro said

"Why would he tell you so openly?" Alicia asked.

"Fear. He fears that the Templars are trying to silence for not living up to their standards." said Isandro.

"So what are we going to do?" Feliciano asked.

"We're going to make sure he lives." said Isandro.

"Why?" Martin suddenly asked.

"Why should we defend him? That man has caused nothing but turmoil for our country!" Martin shouted.

Isandro stared at him for a moment. "Yes. He has caused so much pain for Espana, and should have killed him years ago when he refused to accept the Constitution." Said Isandro.

"Then why didn't you!" Martin shouted.

"We did attempt to do so. One of our own, Rafael del Riego, lead a revolt against Ferdinand's absolute rule, but the Templars decided to keep Ferdinand for the time being and had him executed. In fact most of Ferdinand's actions were forced by desperate templar hands in their effort to snuff us out." Isandro explained.

Martin then kept his mouth shut for the remainder of the trip. Surprisingly the road to Madrid was silent for the past two days. This was a great concern to Isandro and Alicia as these roads were usually bustling with tradesman and travelers alike. Isandro decided to climb up to the top of their carriage in order to get a better look see. He looked around the area for any suspicious activity, but found none and decided to go back into the carriage. But just when he was about to get he heard a gunshot. He climbed back out and found that their driver had been killed, but he couldn't see the killer but he knew he was hiding somewhere nearby. Then, one of the horses are shot and caused the carriage to go out of control and crash alongside the road. Fortunately the crash only caused minor injuries for the assassin along with the ones that were still in the carriage.

Martin and others crawled out of the wreckage. "Isandro what's happening?" Martin asked.

Isandro hears the whizzing of bullets barely missing him and runs toward the wrecked carriage.

"Ambush! Get behind the carriage!" he shouted as they all followed his command.

Martin and Isandro try to look behind their covering only to be nearly shot in the head each time, they needed a plan. Just then the assassins heard the faint sound of a fuse, and saw that Feliciano had prepared a bomb.

"What are you doing?" Martin angrily asked him while keeping his voice down.

"Just watch." he responsed and threw the bomb toward the direction of the gunfire.

They hear the bomb land in bushes and within a few seconds it exploded. A large plume of smoke jutted out of the bushes and five mysterious men armed with rifles came out of it coughing and wheezing. The assassins then quickly came out of their cover to strike the soldiers. Isandro kicked one's rifle out of his hands and stabbed in the throat with his hidden blade. Alica killed another one by throwing a knife directly into their eye. Martin shot one dead, but another one prepared to shoot him. But Martin used the recently deceased soldier to block the shot and took advantage of the soldier's reload time, by knocking him down with the corpse and slashing his throat. All of the soldiers were killed, all for one, and Feliciano was nowhere in sight. The assassins began to search for him until they heard a thunderous boom come from somewhere.

The sound was made nearby and the group ran quickly to the source of the sound. They soon arrived at a series of bushes near a river and several metallic shards scattered around the bushes. The assassins then knew Feliciano was the one who made the sound happen and stepped forward to greet him.

Isandro prepared to greet Feliciano. "Feliciano! It's good to see that..." he then noticed a soldier's body.

Isandro kneeled beside the body examining it. "He's not dead, but why?" he asked.

"Because I thought he might be useful." Feliciano explained.

Isandro stood up and padded Feliciano on the shoulder. "good work."

"When he comes to, then it's time to get some answers." Martin said while he gave a slight grin.

Two hours passed and the man finally awakens, finding himself bound by rope surrounded by assassins.

"You're going to answer a few questions for us, okay?" Isandro said as he knelt beside the prisoner.

The prisoner spits on Isandro. "I am not telling you anything!" said the prisoner.

Isandro gets up and wipes the spittle off his face. "Talking isn't going to help us. Looks like we have to change tactics" he said as he looked at the others.

"Guess that means it's my turn." said Martin as he drew out his pistol

He walked up to the prisoner. "Okay, i have three questions for you, comprender?". He said as he kneeled before the prisoner.

"Maltidos Perros." the prisoner said with an angry mocking tone.

"Here are my questions, answer them and you may yet live to see tommorrow." he said as showed his pistol to prisoner. The prisoner said nothing. "Who are you people? How did you know where to find us? and Who do you work for?" Martin angrily asked the prisoner.

The prisoner laughed. "We were simply soldiers in service to the king, and your carriage was not that difficult to notice!" he said with an even greater mocking tone.

Martin let out a sigh. "We don't have time for your games." he said as aims his pistol directly at the prisoner's head.

"Come on now, you wouldn't kill me, would you?" said the prisoner.

Martin clocked the gun. "I know you saw me kill one of your amigos with no mercy, and if you don't answer you'll end like the rest of your pandilla." he said.

The prisoner became slightly frightened as he knew Martin's words ringed true. "You have until tres to answer my questions, or my friends here watch me splatter your sesos all over the hierba." Martin said with the prisoner even more frightened.

"Uno." the prisoner began to sweat.

"Dos" His breathing became heavy, and Martin's finger gripped the trigger.

"tre- ". "Don!" the prisoner interuppted.

"What?" Martin asked.

"It's who we work for." the prisoner answered.

"keep going." Martin said stilling pointing the pistol at his head.

"We are just soldiers but it was the don that paid us to kill you, and it was him that knew you were hearding for Madrid all the way from Cadiz. Now please, clase senor, let me live I've answered all of your questions, please let me live." he said ever so frightened.

Martin stared at the prisoner. "No." he said.

"No! Please D--". Martin fired his pistol and the prisoner's head was left with a hole in it and his blood did indeed splatter on the grass.

Martin turned to face his fellow assassins, his face covered in blood. "I believe the king's brother has a few answers for us." he said as he got up and walked toward the others.

"Good work Martin. Now we have clear target, though i'm not too surprised by Don Carlos' involvement in this." Isandro stated.

"Why?" Alicia asked.

"I've met him and I didn't like him." he said.

"But how are we going to get to Madrid now?" Feliciano asked.

"The same way these men did." Isandro whistled and the others saw horses gallop toward him. "With these." he said as he griped the reins of two of the horses.

Thus they started their ride to Madrid and within four days they arrived, but an air of paranoria surrounded the entire city. As they walked through the city all eyes were on them, and every look was that of suspicion. From guards to the shopkeeps, the assassins seemed to be unwanted in the city. But, they believed it best to ignore it for now and speak with Ferdinand. They headed straight for the royal palace, doing their best to avoid any further unwanted suspicion.

At last they made it to the palace, but once again their path was blocked by armed guards, one at every entrance. The Assassins needed to get in and devised several ideas.

"I'll throw a bomb to distract them, and then we hurry inside." Feliciano whispered.

"Okay. That's good, forgot about the rest of the city! If you throw an explosive in this kind of place, there's going to be riot." Martin said.

"Okay fine. what's your idea then?" Feliciano asked Martin.

Martin looks at the palace carefully. "uuhhh....I got nothing, Alicia?" Martin said.

"Hmmmm...I think we need something that will bring the palace guards all to one spot, but without panicking the rest of the city." said Alicia.

"This is all very amusing, but there is no need for any ideas locas." said Isandro.

"What do you mean?" asked Alicia.

Isandro pulls out a small document from inside his coat pocket. "I have an invitation." he said slightly waving it at his dumbstruck companions.

Isandro walked directly to a guard at the front door and handed him the document. The guard looked at it briefly and opened the door to let Isandro in, Isandro then prompted his companions to follow. They did so with caution, yet none of the guards did anything to stop them.

Inside the palace Alicia walked up to Isandro. "Isandro, From what you said to me back in Cadiz, you made it sound like we were going to infilitrate this place." she whispered.

"Did I? Sorry I guess I just wanted to see you three panic like pollos." said Isandro

Martin then attempted to strike Isandro, but was held by Feliciano and Alicia as Isandro kept walking. The assassins walked and walked throughout the palace until Isandro stopped at a door.

"Here we are." said Isandro. He then opened the doors to the room and inside was King Ferdinand VII himself.

The others looked at the king with disgust as his appearance was settling, and even Isandro had a look of unease.

Ferdinand looked up from his desk and saw Isandro. "Isandro! Glad you could make it." said Ferdinand.

"Ferdinand, It is great to see you again." said Isandro.

"Same here, but who are these people?" Ferdinand asked.

Isandro looked behind himself. "These are my companions, your majesty.". Isandro brings his fellow assassins closer. "Allow me to introduce them, this is Alicia and that one over there is Feliciano Tonto, and that is..".

Martin interuppted Isandro. "My name is Martin Velero." he stepped closer and a look of surpise appeared on the king's face. "and it has been awhile. isn't that right King Ferdinand VII?" Martin said.

Everyone looked at Martin and back at Ferdinand. "When I was just a boy of ten I saw him being carried around my home while it was being torn apart." Martin said angrily.

He stepped closer to the king's desk. "And all because you refused the constitution." he slammed his hands on Ferdinand's desk. "you don't deserve to be king!" he yelled angrily at the king.

The king extended his finger at Martin. "Yes. I remember were there, watching me being carried into Cadiz, but you were alone. Just a child alone on the streets, had you no family?" Ferdinand said. "There all gone." Martin said with a depressed look on his face.

"uhh..Ferdinand, shall we discuss the situtation right now?" Isandro asked.

"ah yes.". Ferdinand slowly gets up from his desk. "as you may all know I was once affliated with these templars, as you so call them." the king said.

He looked out the window. " I realize my mistakes and this country needs to be cared for." Ferdinand turned around. "It is time for me to have a new heir." He said.

"And where do we come into this?" Feliciano asked.

"Oh right. I need protection."

"From what?" Alicia asked.

"Carlos, my own brother, I feel he conspires to kill me, and I fear the apostólicos who follow him." Ferdinand said.

"What is it that you want us to do?" Isandro asked.

"I want you to keep me safe until my heir is born, and to keep an eye on the clerics, i can't trust any of them." Ferdinand explained.

"Very well. Alicia and Martin, you go to the closest church and i keep a close eye on those clerics, Feliciano you're with me." Isandro said.

Martin and Alicia nodded, and Feliciano sat on to an avaliable chair and kept his eye on the king.

Martin and Alicia headed to the church closest to the palace, the St. Isidore Cathedral. The duo ran and jumped across the rooftops to reach the old cathedral, and soon make it to their destination. The two decided to rest by a square courtyard and until somebody comes out of the church. A few hours passed before a small group of clerics came out of the church, Martin and Alicia layed down to avoid detection.

"That Ferdinand has been tainted by El Diablo himself. His horrid face says it all." said one of the clerics.

"I completely agree. It is Carlos who should be king, It is his divine right." said another of the clerics. "You say that Ferdinand is a man cursed by El Diablo, yet you would support El Diablo himself." a young cleric said.

One of the clerics turned to face him."You dare compare the rightful heir to the devil?" the cleric questioned.

The two glared at each other. "yes." the young cleric said heistantly.

The clerics simply smiled. "come, we'll discuss this inside." the cleric said.

After the clerics went back inside Martin and Alicia waited until the clerics came out again, but the young one was not present. Sensing something was wrong Martin and Alicia snuck into the church through the window. They looked for signs of betrayal or of Don Carlos's presense, yet they found no evidence.

After realizing the floor they were had no interest Martin and Alicia headed downstairs, to where Mass gathers. Downstairs they see a lone priest praying at the altair, They begin to approach but are stopped when the priest says: "stop.".

The assassins are somewhat startled as the priest got up from the altair and walked toward them.

"uhh..did you know we were here?" Martin wondered.

"Yes. In fact you might want to quiter the next time you search a place." the priest said.

Martin put his head down in shame. "Who are you?" Martin asked.

"I am Franciso Martinez Marina, and you are?" responded the priest.

" taught at the Real Academia Espanola!" said Alicia.

Franciso chuckled. "si but i'm just a simple priest now." he said. Franciso took a quick around. "I know why you're here. I know what the priests are doing." he whispered.

"What do you know?" Alicia asked.

"well..." he said before he pushed the altar back, revealing a corpse. "They're killing anyone that disagrees with them." Franciso said.

Martin and Alicia looked at the body. "That's the young cleric.". Martin said.

Franciso grabbed a small wooden box. "And there's one more thing." he said as he showed the contents of the box, euros manufactured in Molina.

"This definitely puts the clerical party in a bad spot." Martin said.

"Thank you...Father Franciso." Martin said to Franciso.

Franciso smiled at the assassins then the two left the cathedral to get back to Isandro and Feliciano.

Martin and Alicia soon returned to the palace and rushed to bring word of the clerics' betrayal to Isandro and Ferdinand. They went to the study but they were not found there nor in any room. Soon enough though the two found their leader and the king in the palace's Campo del moro gardens with a well dressed noblewoman.

"Mentor, we have proof that the clerics are conspiring with Don Carlos." Martin reported to Isandro.

"Show me." Isandro responsed.

Martin handed him the wooden box from the cathedral and Isandro looked at its contents. "Well, this is interesting.". Isandro said.

Ferdinand walked over to Isandro and took one of the euros from the box. "These are from Molina definitely and this proves the clerics' treachery. We should execute every cleric in the city, Spain perhaps." Ferdinand ordered.

Martin gave him a glare. "This is why you fell so far." He sneered at the king.

"Martin, calm down, but he's right a country wide execution won't solve everything it only show how much of a failure you are." Isandro said.

"The only reason you assassins are still alive is because I need your help, so watch your tongue with me!". The king shouted.

"And the only reason you're still alive is because i know that you hold something that our enemy wants, and you know full well what we are capable of so don't talk down to us!". Isandro barked back.

Ferdinand showed a moment of fear, a fear of the Assassins' capabilities. He then gestured to a noblewoman by a white rose bush to come over to them.

"I would like to introduce my wife, Maria Christina." Ferdinand said.

Maria extended out her hand. "It is so interesting to meet you Senor Isandro." she said gently.

Isandro kissed her hand. "As it is to meet you, your highness." Isandro replied.

"My husband has told me so much about you." she said.

Isandro looked at Ferdinand with disapproval. "Did he now?" he smirked.

"Isandro, we need to take action against the clerical party." Alicia urged.

"Ferdinand! you and your paranoid conspiracies about the clerics. There are kind and gentle people." Maria scolded.

"Oh sure. if you find money loving murder kind and gentle then okay." Martin replied sarcastically.

"What are you talking about?" she replied back.

"It's true your grace, we discovered a dead cleric hidden underneath the altar at the St. Isidore cathedral." Alicia said.

Maria, devasted, sat on a bench with her husband at her side. Seeing the two needed to be alone the assassins began to make their leave.

"Wait!" Ferdinand shouted.

The assassins turned around. "Yes?" Isandro answered.

"I-I've never told you why I need your help." The king said nervously.

"No, you didn't." Isandro replied.

"I know I've been a terrible king, but I want to make it right. you see my wife she's with child and I cannot risk waiting for a son to be born so I can have an heir. So I beg of you protect my wife and I from harm until I finish my work." Ferdinand explained.

"Protection from what?" Feliciano asked.

"My brother and anywho support him. If I pass this It would mean the death of a tradition, and that will not go so well with everyone, especially Carlos and his supporters." He replied.

The assassins then took their leave. The next morning, two months later, the assassins arrived back at the palace to discuss their plans to protect Ferdinand. Isandro and Ferdinand began an agruement on how to handle the cleric situation, an arguement that started since the early morning. Martin and the others were with Queen Maria in another part of the palace. Hour upon hour they waited for the king and mentor to quit arguing, but it seemed that neither could come to an agreement. Sick of being coped up in one room all day Martin decided to take matter. With anger he walked to the study room where Isandro and Ferdinand and burst through the door. Isandro and Ferdinand looked to see an angered Martin, who walked straight up to the two.

"Martin, we're still discussing." Isandro said.

"Yes, now run along." Ferdinand said.

"You do not tell me what to do." Martin snapped back at the king as he pointed at him.

"What?" Ferdinand angrily asked.

"You heard me. you two have been arguing for eight hours!" Martin shouted.

"We still haven't come to agreement on how to handle the clerical party. He believes they should be executed." Isandro said.

"And they should be, the traitors." Ferdinand replied.

"But, I for one believe we need to eliminate the corrupt clerics." Isandro said.

Martin stared at a map as Isandro and Ferdinand began to argue again. He looked closer and closer at the map. He looked at it until he reached an epiphany. He quickly turned to the arguing duo, stabbing the desk to get their attention, both gave him angered looks.

"I know how to solve our problem." Martin happily said.

"And how do we go upon doing that exactly?" Ferdinand asked.

"We're going to cut them off!" Martin shouted excitedly.

Isandro struck his own head."Aaargh! I cannot believe I didn't think of that!" Isandro shouted with embrassment.

"I know I'm surprised too." Martin replied puzzled. "so what's the plan, Martin?" Isandro asked.

"We need to sever their finances. Find out who's in charge of providing money for the clerics and take them out, and prevent anymore from coming to them." Martin explained.

"Alright, I'll send a team to Molina, and you and Feliciano will make sure the money gets to the clerics." Isandro replied.

Martin bowed his head to his mentor and left to cause finanical collaspe for the clerical party. He found Feliciano in the palace armory working on some new bombs, with terrified guards at the ready of course. Martin tapped Feliciano on the shoulder getting the craftsman attention.

Feliciano raised his head and turned to see Martin. "Oh, Martin, you need something?" he asked.

Martin smiled. "Ready to have some fun." he happily replied.

Later the two ventured out to town and began discuss ways to capture an agent of Carlos, and find who is in charge of paying the clerics off. Hours of discussion that began peacefully soon turned to a heated arguement, over how to get information. Martin suggested interrogating every trader in and out the city and perhaps the clerics if the traders don't talk. Feliciano suggested that they dress up as clerics from St.Isidore to lure their "charity" to them. But Martin would not dress as a priest, but he let Feliciano go with his plan. Martin then sneak into the church and stole clerical robes from a cleric he knocked out, and gave them to Feliciano. Martin watched his friend's plan unfold at Aravaca, seated on a bench he waited for the arrival of the "Charity".

"What is taking so long!" a cleric shouted in frustation.

"Do not worry I'm sure it won't be much longer." Feliciano replied.

But, the money would not be coming, Martin and Feliciano still be stuck for longer. Hours pass, the sun is almost set, and no sign of anyone coming, it almost seemed lost.

Feliciano turned to take his leave, but the cleric with him interrupted. "He's here!" he shouted.

Martin moved to different spot to get a better view of his target.

A man stepped out the carriage, he wore an nice even coat with gold fabric threaded into it, obviously a nobleman.

"Good evening to you, Mr. Vasquez." the cleric greeted.

"To you as well." Vasquez replied.

"Now on to the matter of money." the cleric said.

"ah, that. well......I will be not giving you any money today." Vasquez responsed.

Martin, Feliciano, and the cleric's expressions all turned to surprised, but the cleric's was more upset.

"Why are we not getting our money today?!" he demanded.

"Don's orders." Vasquez replied.

"What? we have helped more than you know." the cleric shouted.

"Si, I'm aware that you and the other clerics have been killing Ferdinand loyalists." Vasquez responsed.

Feliciano and Martin looked at each other from a distance, both sharing the same suspiciousness.

"But, I will be staying in town for the day. My carriage driver isn't feeling quite well, and he could use the rest, I as well." he said.

Vasquez then walked away from the clerics with the clerics soon to follow. As he walked away Feliciano gave Martin a signal to follow Vasquez. Martin nodded and smiled at this and got off from his bench and began to follow. He followed Vasquez, watching him closely, watching his every action. Martin followed the money loaner for hours, from across the Manzanares to the San Cayetano, he followed him.

Vasquez knocked at the door, a man answered it and let him instead. As soon they were inside Martin stealthfully ran to the door, between it and a nearby window. Martin took a look inside, but much to his dismay, the house was empty. He attempted to open the door but it was locked, so he kicked it down. He entered the house, his sword and pistol at the ready, and began investigating the so called "residence". Martin didn't see anything too useful, nothing but useless documents. But then, he noticed something peculiar on the floor. He crouched down to it and discovered a handle, he had found a trapdoor. Martin opened it immediately and jumped to wherever it may lead him.

The trapdoor led him into a room covered wall from wall with shadow. Martin wouldn't have made out his own hand in front of his face if it wasn't for the light through the trapdoor. He could hear noises coming from within the room, voices he believed them to be. He walked at least a step forward, but then a light was turned on, it's glow blinding in the darkness. Martin covered his eyes from the blinding light while trying to get glimspe of whoever was in the room. The light soon dimmed, and Martin could see, but what he saw was not pleasant. Pistols were aimed at his head, Vasquez was among the men, but he had no gun.

Martin put his heads up. "Well, this is interesting." Martin said.

"Shut it." one of the men replied.

"wait...I know your voice, you're a cleric." Martin said.

"But you live long enough to tell your tale" Vasquez responded.

a round metal ball dropped through the open trap door and before Martin's feet. Martin and Vasquez with his men looked at the ball, and while Vasquez and his men looked at it with confusion Martin smiled.

"well its been nice seeing but, I need to be off." Martin said then kicked the ball toward Vasquez and his men. He then shot it with his own pistol, it turned out to be a smoke bomb. While Vasquez and his men choked, Martin made his escape. Martin climbed out the trap door and out the front door, but Vasquez and his men followed him out but, when they came out they saw Martin with the spanish royal guard.

Knowing he and his men were outnumbered Vasquez had his men drop their guns. The guards began to bind Vasquez and his men one by one. Martin began discussing with one of the guards while the others were busy making arrest.

"Agustin, I see you delivered me a gift." Martin said.

"yes, your friend, Felianco, said you should use them more." Agustin replied.

"oh did he now?" Martin replied back.

"yes, he did." Agustin responded.

"But, how did you get the bomb through the trap door with going in the building?" Martin asked.

"I threw through the window." Agustin replied.

"ah, nice throw then." Martin replied back.

Agustin and his guards put the last of Vasquez's men in their prison carriage, while Vasquez would be Martin's prisoner. He rode fast throught the city to get back to the royal palace, and making sure Vasquez was as uncomfortable as possible. The city was bustling by this time of day, and the street was crowded with people who wished buy a wide assortment of things. From food supplies to even the simplest tools, townsfolk from all over the city came to spend their hard earned euros to get whatever they would need. But, even with the crowded streets Martin was able to reach the palace and walked in with his prisoner. They walked through the hall and down a long flight of stairs that descending into a part of the palace that could never be forgotten.

Vasquez had now become a prisoner at the royal palace and Martin made sure that he would stay in his chair, even though was tied to it. Martin and Vasquez glared at each other intensely without saying for the longest time, but while Martin had somewhat of an angered calm, Martin could sense a fear deep in Vasquez, a most familiar fear. Vasquez looked almost like he was going to have a panic attack, but he remained calm, well as calm as a man driping in sweat can be. He watched as Martin kept playing with the lock mechanism on his pistol, and Martin certaintly enjoyed the look of fear on Vasquez's face. Just when Martin thought Vasquez was going to break the door opened, it was Agustin who was ready to begin the interrogation.

"So, Mr.Vasquez, according to my papers you are very successful banker back in Molina." Agustin stated.

"Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with anything." Vasquez said.

Martin, who was putting his back on the wall, replied to Vasquez's answer "oh it has many things in common with what were after."

"What are you talking about?" Vasquez asked Martin.

Martin had grown tired of Vasquez's stupid facade and pulled out his pistol. He walked over to Vasquez and aimed his gun directly on Vasquez's forehead. The banker was showing tremedous amount of fear at this point, and also at this time Agustin grew worry some of Martin's tactics.

"What does Carlos want?!" Martin shouted directly at Vasquez's face.

"What do you think? He wants the apple, and where is it? The palace, but Carlos can't get in cause Ferdinand is a paranoid bastard." Vasquez replied.

"Carlos could have someone snuck and take it." Martin replied back.

"Have you seen that place, it is crawling with guards, and even slightest disturbance would have made Ferdinand call the royal guard and tear the intruder apart." Vasquez said.

"And an open attack on the palace would be an act of treason, but why use the clerics?" Agustin stated.

"The church still has a lot of power these days." Vasquez replied.

"Who commands the clerical party then?" Martin asked.

"Obvious, its Carlos." Vasquez replied.

Martin had sensed that Vasquez was lying and proceeded to extract the truth from his prisoner. He pulled out a dagger from his belt, showed it to Vasquez, then stabbed it into his thigh. The banker shouted in pain, and Martin had begun his interrogation.

Slightly twisting the blade, Martin asked Vasquez "Who commands the clerical party?!"

"Carlos!" Vasquez replied as he felt tremedeous pain.

Martin twisted his dagger deeper into Vasquez's thigh, the banker couldn't take much more of the pain. He hanged his head as he took a breather, but he knew his freedom from the torture wouldn't last long. He looked up at Martin and saw only hate and anger in the assassin's eyes, but Martin already knew this about himself. Martin twisted the dagger even deeper into his thigh, Vasquez tried to resist but failed.

"I know you're lying! so who is it?" Martin asked as he twisted the dagger.

"I don't know!" Vasquez shouted back in pain.

What little patience Martin had before was depleted, and he had grown tired of the banker and wished to be rid of him, but he knew he had answers. Martin started to twist the dagger once again, but he realized that wasn't getting him anywhere. He took a tight grip on the dagger, and started to drive it forward through Vasquez's leg.

"Who is it?!" Martin asked as Vasquez screamed in pain from the torture.

Unable to take the pain he answered Martin "It's his wife. She and her sister control the apostolicos. Now please let me go."

Martin and Agustin gave each other a quick look, and decided to set the banker free. Relieved to be free of his bounds he began to laugh out of pure joy, but his joy quickly ended as soon it began. Agustin grabbed him and cuffed his hands behind his back.

"Vasquez, you are to be hanged at dawn for your crimes against the crown." Agustin said to Vasquez.

Not willing to die Vasquez struck Agustin's stomach, and began to make his escape. But Martin ended his escape with a thrown dagger into the back of the skull, he didn't even leave the room. Agustin helped himself from Vasquez's attack and walked over to Martin, who was searching Vasquez's body. Searching through out Vasquez's now tattered coat Martin found a single opened letter in his pocket.

Martin read the letter "It's from the countess." Martin said to Agustin. Agustin shrugs his shoulders in response not knowing who he could possibly mean.

"Of Molina, Carlos' wife." he explained.

"Oh....well what did it say?" Agustin asked.

"Well, looks like our old friend Vasquez was ordered to keep pay away from the clerics." Martin said.

"Why?" Agustin asked.

"According to her they accidentally killed one of Carlos' supporters. They had believed to be a Ferdinand supporter, but that was just a charade." Martin responsed.

"If Carlos' wife is the one behind the plot to kill the king, then what's Carlos part?" Agustin said.

"Well, I'm pretty sure his wife just orders the troops around, but Carlos is the master mind behind it."

Agustin then walked out the room after saluting Martin farewell. Martin stayed behind to take care of the late Vasquez. He carried the body to the end wall of the room, and placed hand on an old candle handle and pulled it down. Part of the end wall slid out of view revealing a secret tunnel that wend through the palace grounds. Martin had known about the tunnel from Isandro, who learned about them his first visited the royal palace. He grabbed the body again and began to carry the body into the tunnel. The tunnel damp and dark Martin carefully walked through it watching every step he made. He made his way to rounded chamber containing a fire pit, which was unlit, and Martin looked as the moonlight shined down upon. Martin placed Vasquez's body upon the fire pit and lit it, watching as the man's corpse slowly burned away. The smoke rose up and out the chamber's "chimney" as the fire roared.

Martin soon left the chamber and the tunnels as well ending up in the palace's gardens, much to the queen's surpise who was taking a stroll. Ignoring the queen's scream Martin headed straight for the study to speak with Isandro about the clerics. He marched through the halls of the palace with only the thought of delievering the information he held within his mind to his mentor. Martin soon arrived and, with no hesitation, he opened the doors and confronted Isandro, who worn out from recording important documents and still writing.

"Mentor, forgive me but this is important." Martin hastily said.

Isandro stopped writing for a moment and looked up at Martin "It better be." he replied and returned to his writing.

"I know who leads the clerics. It's Carlos' wife." Martin said.

Isandro stopped everything he was doing "well that is important, and where did you learn this? no, wait, Vasquez right?" Isandro said.

" did you.." Martin responsed.

"Know? Agustin told me." Isandro replied.

Martin let out a disgruntled sigh to show his displeasure. Isandro was about to fall asleep but slamed a book unto the desk his mentor lead his head, who was startled back to the waking world.

"oh, one more thing before..I...go. Feliciano sent me letter detailing the clerics next move." Isandro said as he struggled to stay awake.

Martin took the letter from Isandro, reading it Martin thought had once again turned to anger, the clerics planned to kill Ferdinand loyalists in their church during mass by posionous gas from an associate of Carlos. He examined Felicinao's letter more Feliciano described the man who lead the meeting and knew it could only be Franciso Martinez Marina. Martin hurried himself along going to where Alicia slept, the only person who was with him when they met Franciso. He entered Alicia's chamber and immediately took the sheets from her. Alicia woke up in a rather tense mood with a look that would send most men Martin's age running but he was different.

"What do you want Martin?" Alicia grumbled as she got up from her bed.

"Its Franciso, he's leading the clerics." Martin said.

"What proof do you have?" Alicia questioned.

Martin handed her the letter from Feliciano. She read quickly and when she was done she immediately prepared herself. Martin sat down as Alicia put on her gear, while Martin made sure his gun was loaded and filled with gunpowder. Soon Alicia was done equiping herself, and she and Martin rode as fast as they could to the church. They both hoped that Feliciano was keeping himself safe amongst all the clerics.

They soon came to the church where Franciso was keeping himself at. They climbed up to a window, Martin looked through the window to see a sermon currently in session. This mattered not to him for he leapt through the window and into the church. Glass rained upon the entire clergy that was there, and Feliciano made himself ready with his hidden blade. Alicia then jumped down to Martin, and Franciso watched in fear and anger as Feliciano joined them.

Martin turned his gaze toward Franciso "Where are they? your assassins." he asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about I am just a humble priest." Franciso replied.

"humble, huh? Then explain why so many Fredinand supporters are here, and not one of his brother's." Martin questioned Franciso once again.

"Well...those supporters of Carlos are nothing but infidels, and are condemned to hell for it." Franciso answered.

Feliciano then took aim with his hidden gun at above the rafters. He fired the shot, killing a man hiding in the rafters, who dropped to the already panicked people. Some ran out of the church screaming while others we too gripped by fear to move. Franciso began to sweat intensely, and many of his clergymen ran out for fear of their lives.

Feliciano turned his attention toward Franciso "Franciso Martinez Marina, You are truly nothing but a hypocrit. You lied to these people about your intentions here, but they see now that the clergyman killed dozens of Ferdinand's supporters lead by your words. You say you serve God, but you serve those who do not believe in such things." Feliciano said as he walked closer to him.

Feliciano grabbed Franciso by his robe before you could run. He then pulled him closer to his own face, Franciso showed great terror in his face. Feliciano made his hidden blade and stabbed Franciso's neck. The corrupt clergyman fell to church floor, desperately and hopelessly clinging to life. Feliciano watched as the puddle of blood grew, and saw that Martin and Alicia where proud of him, but Martin still had that look of hate in his eye as always.

The assassins climbed out the church, and ran back to the palace. Upon their arrival they met with a rather depressed Isandro and even more angry king.

"Mentor, what's wrong?" Alicia asked.

"The men we sent to Molina haven't sent a progress report to me." Isandro replied.

"Well perhaps they haven't gotten yours yet." Alicia replied.

"Actually...I just received a letter...about an hour. It says that the assassins sent to Molina where captured and publicly executed."said the distraught mentor.

Ferdinand slammed his fist on his desk "I knew this would happen! we should of taken action sooner!" the king yelled.

"And where would that path lead us? If we start killing every man or woman that stood against us than we would be no better than figures of power that abuse their granted power!" Isandro shouted back at him.

~~I'll add more when i get more information on 19th century spain~~