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The Santiago is a 8-gun rate Spanish Carrack Captained by the Spanish Templar Luis Fernando in Ferdinand Magellan's Expedition to the Spice Islands.

A Portrait of the Santiago

Magellan's Expedition[]

The Santiago is one of the five ships in Ferdinand Magellan's Templar Fleet in the Quest For Spices, but ended up in The Island of Mactan, located at the Philippines instead. The Spanish Templars Made the Filipinos pay Taxes but because Lapu-Lapu, The Chieftain of Mactan Didn't wanna Pay Taxes. A fight erupted between Magellan's Spanish Templar Forces and Lapu-Lapu and his Natives. Which lead to the Battle of Mactan. During the Fight, The Santiago is sunk along with San Antonio, another Spanish Templar Ship while Victoria and Trinidad Escaped back to Spain after being defeated by Lapu-Lapu and his Filipino Natives on Mactan. Santiago's Captain, The Dreaded Spanish Templar Luis Fernando Escaped on the Trinidad. Luis Fernando Took Part in the Spanish Armada in the Invasion of England with a Spanish Galleon, also named Santiago.