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"Your father is a murderer, that is what my mother told me. But in my eyes, my father was a knight that can't be easily understood"

Satria talked to his bestfriend, Yusuf

Satria Ratri Wening (1960) is an Indonesian assassin, born in the era of Old Orde and is assumed to be alive until now. He is also the son of Bayu Cathaka


"Some people were killed mysteriously. When I heard that news, I always wondered about the answer of who is the actor...but I never know that the answer lived in the same house with me"

Satria as he finally discovered what was his father do in his life

Early Life[]

Satria can be called as "a lucky son" for although his father led a mysterious, dangerous life, his life and his family never disturbed by any trouble related to his father's "career". One thing that bothered him was that whenever his father came home after traveled for a long time, his mother welcomed him home coldly, and occassionally complained and fought with his father for an unclear reason. Whenever he asked his mother, Alice only said "It is not your time yet", while his father remain silent.

His suspicion grew when his father taught him self-defense art. When he was 16, Satria often fight with young scamps both in his school and his neighborhood. Though his mother rebuked him whenever he came back after a fight, his father never do the same thing and instead took care of his wound silently. One day, he decided to teach Satria self-defense art in order to give his son more strength, in condition that he must keep it secret. Satria agreed, and learnt how to fight properly and deathly from his father. Some day, somehow his mother discovered this, and fought his father with a fiery anger. He became confused and suspicious when he heard her mother said "Don't you ever teach my son your hideous, savage way! And don't you ever dare to bring him in your heathen circle!"

Satria later lived with a big question in his mind. His mother loved his father so much, yet at the same time hate him at most. And his father seemed to hide a secret, a secret that only his mother knew and the reason of her anger toward Bayu.

Transition of Life[]

Like his father, Satria faced a transition of life as well. One day his father once more was about to travel again. Only this time, his father gave him a deep, silent hug as a farewell. Satria couldn't understand why, but he waved his hands as his father gone. He was 18 years old.

Later then, his father never came home. From the investigation initiated by Abstergo, it is pressumed that his father probably somehow encountered Kopassus personels and killed in action. No matter how, this condition left Satria as an orphan. He then lived along with his mother.

Finally one day, he asked his mother what was his father doing actually. Alice considered that his son has grown up, and mature enough to know the truth. She told him everything she knows about his father. Satria found this hard to believed, but later had no choice when his mother showed him Bayu's weapons and robes.

Growing Up[]

"I can not tell you how to live your life anymore. I've taught you everything I know. Now you are the writer of your story, the painter of your own life."

Alice Kekhuis to her son, Satria.

Feeling not enough to stay and live in Yogyakarta, Satria asked Alice to let him go to Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, where he would enroll to Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia). He decided to join law department. His mother, however, asked him to stay and enroll to Universitas Gajahmada (Gajahmada University), but couldn't prevent him to depart. 4 days after that, Satria went to Jakarta.

Live in Jakarta was not as easy as people said. Satria often took every job he could find, started from being a janitor, gardener, parkman, mechanic, etc. Luckily, he managed to gain some money and keep up his life. His bright intelligence rate brought him to success when he took the test to enroll into UI.

The Beginning[]

Soon after he became a student of UI, Satria lived a disciplined life. His diligence made him become one of the marked students in the teachers' eyes.Though many dislike him because of his honesty and principle of truth that was considered by some people too extreme. Nevertheless, his brilliant brain made his classmates had no choice whenever they need help about their study.

Two teachers of the faculty, Prof. Susilo Arda and Prof. Hans Taruma, set their eyes on him. Two of them represents two powerful faction that remain hidden until now, Templars and Assassin. Professor Susilo took the side of Templar as his side, while Professor Hans Taruma decided to fight from the shadow with the Assassins. Professor Susilo contended that order can only be made through power ruled by one absolute power, possessed by the Templar. While Professor Hans Taruma insisted that freedom is everyone's right and each people responsible for it, not by only one faction.