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Savastian Aquél Moscas de Vigo
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August 1516



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Inca Empire

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Assassin's Creed: Cinders (mentioned only)

Assassin's Creed: Re-Ignition



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Savastian Aquél Moscas de Vigo (1516-Unknown) was a member of the Spanish Assassin Brotherhood, and the eventual Mentor of the Peruvian Assassin guild. He was also the youngest Assassin of the time, acquiring the title of Assassin at the age of 15, and the title of Master Assassin by the age of 18.

Throughout his life, he performed many important assassinations, to such an extent that an entire organization broke their ties with the Templars, forcing them to give up many of their plans.

He was an ancestor of Phoenix Monroe, who would come to relive his genetic memories through use of an Animus.


Early life[]

Savastian was born into a wealthy family in the city of Vigo during the early 16th century. His father, an assassin named Arnaldo, held the position of first mate on the carrack La encantadora. Unbeknownst to Savastian and his Brother, Paulo, their father used this occupation to aid him and his crew in performing assassinations overseas, and bringing information to and from the New World.

At the age of 7, Savastian discovered his father's supplies in the attic of their house, and confronted his mother, who was also a member of the brotherhood, albeit a less active one, about them. She explained the truth behind the brotherhood, as well as the creed.

Upon his father's return from sea, his father and mother brought him up to the attic to speak with him about his discovery. His father apologized for not telling him the truth sooner, and explained the level of secrecy required in the brotherhood. He told Savastian that he had planned to tell his brother, followed by him, once they had each turned 18 years old, respectively.

After thinking about it for a short while, Savastian decided that he could agree with what his parents did, as he and his brother had always strove to help those in need however they could. He told his parents that he wished to become an assassin, a reply they had not expected. After a short arguement, Arnaldo agreed to begin training his son once he had reached the age of 13.

Training to be an Assassin[]

Despite his agreement with his father, Savastian began teaching himself skills in free-running and fighting, eventually learning that he was in fact ambidexterous. Through practice, he became skilled with dual knives, which he held in an ice-pick grip with the cutting sides of the blades facing forward.

By the age of 13, Savastian was an accomplished free-runner and swordsman, and had been aiding his father in missions for several years. Arnaldo stayed true to his word, and gave Savastian his first task; tearing down wanted posters from around the city to allow the safe entry of a friend of Arnaldo.

Savastian killed a guard by plunging a knife into his eye during the mission, an act that he would think back to on many occasions throughout his life, but aside from this, his mission went well. The last two posters were set up on the rooftops, each protected by a musketeer. Due to their strong, good quality armor, Savastian could not kill them without creating a scene. He found a way around this when he came across a group of theives, who he hired to lure the musketeers away. As the guards dropped thier muskets in order to chase after the thieves, Savastian managed to sabotage one of the guns in order to help him to avoid being shot later on.

Upon returning to Arnaldo, Savastian learned that the Templar Francisco Pizzaro had gained the support of the Spanish crown to conquer the Inca empire.