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Early Years[]

Scevola Zucchero.jpg

"Scevola seems to be advancing every year." A random assassin.

Scevola was born in Sicily, and as a child and up to his teens, Scevola spent his time learning the art of stealth, and spent most of his childhood and until 16 as a thief, this was the only way to provide for his parents and siblings, he loved his family deeply until they were all killed in a raid in 1490, he had to move to Tuscany, Italy. He was only 14 when he had moved. He took his time of being alone, and experience as a thief, to be able to make his gadgets, such as the tri-barrel musket, the underarm gliders, and the bear-claw gauntlets. Scevola was later on invited to join a group of assassins named the "Credo di Toscana Assassini" (Creed of Tuscany Assassins), he was sixteen at the time, he was the second youngest Assassin to be their. He was beaten by a girl assassin named Anneta Gerini.

Assassin Training[]

"I'll race you from here to there, vederti al traguardo! (See you at the finish line!)" Anneta challenging Scevola to a race.

Considering that Scevola and Anneta were the only people needed to be trained, they were both put into extensive training, this training tested them physically and mentally. Scevola had grown a friendship through competition. By the time he was 19 (Note: This means he was trained for three years), he and Anneta were asked to join their mentor in a mission to assassinate a Templar, the mission was unsuccessful. Scevola was critically damaged, he had been fighting the Templar, when one of his bodyguards had pulled out his flog and started to flog Scevola. It took Scevola 4 months to completely heal, only because he had disobeyed and would go outside to exercise. His marks from the flog were permanent, he knew they were already, when he had fully healed; he didn't take anything easy on himself. He was always told to take it easy, but his reply was "I don't believe in easy."

Even though he was an assassin, he still was a partial thief. Which made the guards and some of the merchants hate him, in fact. He had created the gadget to get these in a much more discreet than just walking up there and just stealing it. In 1504 was called for his execution, he was captured by the Templars. He had configured a plan with the creed, one of the head Templars would be there, so Scevola wouldn't be executed, it would be the Templar's execution. This time his mission was successful, and he shot the Templar with his gun. This was the most fulfilling moment of his life.

The Battle of Fuoco[]

In 1506, the Credo di Toscana Assassni base was raided by the Templars, but the Assassins had defended themselves with fire, and had won with easy will, but the Templars had came back, and the Assassins were not prepared, they had been defeated and their base was turned into a Templar base. The Assassins had tried to win back their base many times, but in 1507, the Assassins had won back their base with fire, and oil. They had two years later had gotten rid of all Templar bases in a very large range.

Scevola's Promotion[]

After The Battle of Fuoco, Scevola was promoted to Master Assassin, he felt proud at this moment. His and Anneta's mentor was later on died of old age. After a few months, Scevola and Anneta got married. Before they had any children they had gone on mission all around Europe to destroy all Templar influence, they had gotten rid of most of the Templar influence, and by 1509, they had two children: Arturo and Vittorino.

Scevola, Anneta, and their children had been hunting the Templars, but they had stopped in Sicily, due to the death of Scevola in 1537. Scevola's family was given the right of nobility for their duties, and were given a compensation. And Anneta had died in 1540.

The End.......