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Sean Grady was an Irish member of the Irish Assassins who served the order from 1916 to 1927. He lived during the Irish War For Independence and the Irish Civil War, he and his fellow assassins supported the Republican side for both wars. He was also the ancestor of Griffin Hynes on the Maternal line.

Sean Grady
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Biographical information

September 12, 1893 Dublin, Ireland


October 23, 1979 Minnesota, United States

Political information

Assassins (1916-1927)

Irish Republican Army (1921-1923)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Revolt

Early Life[]

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1893, Sean Grady lived with his family in a small town in the outskirts of Dublin. Sean's father was a miner who never saw him that much, and his mother was a drinker and very abusive. As a teenager, Sean lived a life full of trouble, he got into many fights at school and in the street, this in turn made Sean pretty berserk when angry. In 1908, Sean's father died after a mining disaster left Sean's father and some other men trapped in the ground, Sean's mother got more abusive after the incident, to which Sean chose to run away from home under the cover of darkness.

Knocked Out[]

With no home, money, and no family, Sean chose to live his life as a thief and part time criminal, although it wasn't easy to get a lot of money, Sean was able to make do with what he had. With his money, Sean would normally spend his days and nights at a nearby pub where he would get drunk out of his mind, this in turn would cause him trouble as he would frequently get into fights with other people in the bar, most of these fight ended in a victory for Sean but one fight ended up with him getting a severe concussion from a bottle smashed on his head, but Sean being so careless chose to keep going to the bar and get into more fights. One night in 1916, Sean got into a fight with his biggest rival: Shamus. The two punched each other viciously and repeatedly slammed each other into walls, tables, and chairs, one man had been watching Sean for quite some time now and wanted to see if Sean was worthy of being a member of his order and was proven right when Sean finally knocked out Shamus. Although victorious, one of Shamus' friends knocked out Sean with a chair to the head, the mysterious man picked up Sean and brought him back to his house.

Joining The Assassins[]

Sean woke up the next morning hungover and confused, the mysterious man revealed himself to be an old caretaker named Thomas. Sean had known Thomas for a little while but not enough to know why he seemed so distant all the time. Thomas finally revealed himself to be a member of a secret organization called the Assassins and told Sean the nature of the Assassin order. Sean wasn't sure why Thomas wanted him for a member and asked why, to which Thomas replied that he had great strength, agility, and stealth for an assassin. Sean chose to become and assassin and after some time to heal, was given an assignment that would officially make him an assassin: Sneak into a British controlled fort, find out where the general of the fort was hiding, and kill him. Sean did as he was told and killed the general with a rifle that was given to him by his father many years ago. After the deed was done, Sean returned to Thomas and was officially a member of the Assassin order.

Life as an Assassin and the beginning of the war.[]

Until 1916 and 1919, Sean and Thomas did their best keeping the ongoing violence against the British rule of Ireland, it was long and tiring work because Sean and Thomas were the only two assassins in all of Ireland. They were able to persevere though and kept up the work of killing templars in the British army and soldiers about to kill innocent civilians. In 1919, the Irish elections came up and the Republican side won the election to the two assassin's happiness, and the official declaration of independence for Ireland only added to the fact. However, after the declaration was signed, war officially broke out between the Irish Republic and British government, this in turn increased the violence, fighting, and craziness. Thomas and Sean would then split up most of the time to help out with the locals and kill more and more British soldiers.

Assassins in the war.[]

Between 1919 and 1921, Sean and Thomas would usually be splitting up and travel across Ireland to help the Republicans in their struggle against the British and the Loyalists. In one incident, Sean met up with the Republicans in a fight to take a hill that would serve the war attempt from a British platoon. Sean was able to kill multiple of them from a distance with his rife before they were eventually forced to charge the hill if they wanted to even gain an inch of it. Sean drew his dagger and ran with the rest of the soldiers, he was completely horrified as the other soldiers were completely gunned down on his right and left, but continued on if he wanted to avenge them. Sean and the surviving soldiers finally made it to the top of the hill filled with enemy soldiers with machine guns, Sean air assassinated two soldiers with his hidden blades before killing at least six more of them with his dagger. As Sean slit the throat of another soldier, he got shot in the shoulder with a rifle by a British soldier, Sean threw his dagger that hit the soldier in the face. Sean got up retrieved his dagger, and proceeded to kill 3 more soldiers with it. When the battle was eventually over, the Republican soldiers sent Sean to an infirmary too heal his wound, after it was done Sean simply went to his house and got some well deserved rest.

Finding the Templar threat[]

In 1921, a little after the war ended, Sean and Thomas infiltrated a Loyalist fort to find out if the British planned on taking back Ireland. They infiltrated the fort with Sean covering Thomas with his rifle as he makes his way into the fort, after enough snipers were killed, Sean himself came down and caught up with Thomas and the two continued to infiltrate the fort. Once inside, the two were immediately found and attacked by six soldiers, Thomas killed three of them with his machete, and Sean killed three of them with his rifle and dagger. When the six guards were killed, Sean and Thomas busted through the door of the officer's office and killed him. The two assassins then searched the office to find any documents detailing the war, Thomas found one of them so he and Sean read it and they found that it said that a Templar from England was planning on killing the leader of the Irish Republic, Michael Collins, the two assassins knew that if the agent succeeded, Ireland would break out into a civil war right after a war for independence.

Failed Mission []

Sean and Thomas knew that the Templar would come in August of 1922, so they spent the next few months planning on how to intervene. Eventually, they came up with a plan: Sean would scout from the rooftops surrounding the convoy that Collins was going to use to get to his next destination, Thomas would follow Collins with his automobile and Sean would give out a signal for when he saw something/someone suspicious, when that happens Thomas will get to an appropriate distance to jump out of his car and kill the agent, if that should fail the Sean would attempt to shoot the agent with his rifle or the two assassins would chase him down and kill him. Eventually, August 22, 1922 arrived and the two assassins carried out their plan accordingly, Collins had a few soldiers with him for protection and they were able to get to their destination but the assassination attempt on Collin's life would come when they returned from their trip. Sean and Thomas remained in their positions, and waited for any signs of danger but found none. Between 7:30 and 8:00 PM, Collins and his troops passed through the place they had been before to get home, out of nowhere shots rang out and Collins was shot in the head. Sean and Thomas immediately searched around for the killers, found them and killed them ruthlessly, when the deed was done, Sean and Thomas got into a heated argument, Thomas blamed Sean for not searching good enough to notice the gunmen and Sean blamed Thomas for not doing anything sooner seeing as how he was closest to Collins. This argument left Sean and Thomas no longer friends and both of them warning each other not to see them again.

Civil War and death of a Friend[]

Sean spent the next few weeks fighting Anti-Treaty forces in Ireland, he also tried his best to keep doing his work as an Assassin. In February 1923, Sean was walking near a farm to see if any of the local needed help, he quickly became unsettled to find several dead soldiers that were on the republican side. Sean drew his rifle and continued down the road when a sudden shot rang out, Sean instantly took cover behind a fallen piece of the wall that was originally part of the farm. Sean peered out to see where his attacker was located, he spotted the flash of a gun on a nearby hill and took cover, Sean then shot at the shooter twice before needing to get back into cover. Sean found out a way he could best the sniper, he took off the hat he had been wearing, attached it to a stick and made it appear to have his head in the wrong place at the wrong time, this plan worked and the sniper shot the hat and Sean laid down and rolled out of cover as if he were dead. The attacker got up and began to go down the hill to examine the kill, Sean stayed still until the time was right, when the time came Sean got up and killed his attacker with one shot. After that happened, other men began to shoot at Sean and he took cover, just as he was going to return fire Sean looked over at the man he had previously killed and found himself staring into the eyes of Thomas. Sean killed the rest of the enemy with a combination of his dagger and rifle, then went to the body of his former friend and gave him his last rites before leaving to his home.

Later Life[]

Sean continued to live his life as an Assassin until 1927, but before then he was able to welcome three new people to the Irish Assassins: Murdoch, Connor, and Eilis. The four Assassins continued to secure Ireland's freedom from both British and Templar influence. In 1927, Sean chose to put his life as an Assassin behind him and entrusted the order into the hands of his three apprentices. Sean lived a few more years of his life at his old house and tended to the fields until 1936 in which he chose to immigrate to America. When he first moved to America, Sean faced heavy racism and discrimination, but was able to get through with the help of a friend he made in America named Johnathan. In 1955, Sean met a woman and married her then a year later, they had their first daughter followed by two more girls and two boys. Sean did eventually teach his children about the Assassins so they might one day have children who'll embrace the creed. Sean lived the remainder of his life in the US until passing away from old age in 1979.


  • In the beginning of the story, I mentioned that Sean would get drunk and get into bar fights I'm not trying to make fun of the Irish by using the stereotype that all Irishmen are drunken brawlers, in fact I have Irish heritage in my family I only wrote the bar stuff to progress the story I'm not being biased about Irishmen.
  • "Grady" is from an Irish surname derived from O Gradaigh Which means "noble" in Gaelic