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Sebastian Aachen
Biographical information

22 March 1920

Berlin, German Empire


12 August 2015 (Aged 95)

Croydon, London, England

Political information

German Brotherhood

Real-world information
Appears in

The End of the Road

Sebastian Aachen (1920 to 2015) was a German-Serbian Assassin who was Mentor from 1947 (The same year he had a son) to 1995.  He was born to Dragoslav "Dragan" Nikolić and Milena Nikolić, he changed his surname to his mother's maiden name because of him seeing his mother more then father.  Dragoslav trained Sebastian since he was 3 and his training was complete when he was 13.  In 1933 he did his first assassination, when he was 15 he was an assassin and when he was 19 he was a master assassin.  He made aliases for himself, they were Jean-Pierre Catroux (When in France), Dmitri Nikitich (In the Soviet Union) and Keith Percival (In England). Since 1933, Aachen was stolen Adolf Hitler who was the Grand Master of the German Templars at the time,the next day Aachen was told by Hitler to join the Templar Order . He later continued the hunt for Goebbels and after that he hunted the rest of the templars. In 1995, at the age of 75, Aachen did his last assassination and retired in Croydon, England.  He later died their at the age of 95 because of blood failure, the Apple of Eden and Shard of Eden helped him live that long. 

Early Life[]

He was born in March 22nd, 1920, when Milena was pregnant, Dragoslav was hunting down this templar but when he wsa done he found out the templar send a hitman on his wife.  When he made it, the hitman was about to kill Milena with he new born baby but before that happened, Dragoslav killed the hitman.  In his childhood he was trained by his father and mother how to be an assassin, but mostly his mother because of his father assassinating a lot of people.  When Sebastian was 13, he changed his last name to his mother's maiden name which is Aachen.  He even knew his father became the Mentor of the Serbian Assassins.  Because Aachen was born in Germany, he decided to be apart of the German Assassins instead of Serbian Assassins so he won't be in his father's shadow. 

Sebastian's Beginnings[]

To be continued...