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Serphina Eliza Gracia
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December 29, 1758,
Boston, United States

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Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Serphina Eliza Gracia or Sera, is a member of the Assassin Order during the time of the Revolutionary war alongside Connor Kensway, who was her mentor. She was born to a Native American Indian man and a British woman, both of whom were killed the night of her birth by her step-father, Sedric, who is a Templar. Sedric left her to a priest whom he ordered to execute her. The priest refused and raised her in secret. Over the years, she became a great free-runner and learned the arts of weilding throwable knives and such from local merchants. During the Boston Tea Party, when she was 15, she met Connor and after sometime of consideration, agreed to become his apprentice.

She is a known ancestor of Mira Jade of the Modern Day Assassin's Order. And has similar clairvoyant abilities abilities to her descendant. thicness


She is a slender young girl of average height and fluid movements. She has back-length wavy black hair with wing bangs going over her left temple where a scar sits. Sera has tan skin usually seen as fair with a pale scar on her right wrist from where a whip caught her and a scar on her forehead in the shape of a cross. She also has large, clear green eyes with darker accents to them.

Sera is usually seen wearing a pale blue shift dress to thighs, dark blue-gray wool tights, slightly worn brown leather vest, dark brown knee-high heeled leather boots with three darker buckles on the ankles, a black choker, dirty white hooded short-sleeved jacket going to about mid-thighs with a slightly torn cloak-like back under her overdress with her vest overtop. She carries a bow and quiver on her back as well as a pair of dual cutlasses on her waist and dual hidden blades. She also carries throwing knives in a small pouch she keeps on a harness on her left thigh. In the winter, she exchanges her normal hooded jacket for a long-sleeved, furlined hooded jacket and black gloves.

When looked at closely, she is shown to wear an Assasin's creed symbol on her choker with a rose in the center as well as on her bow. She wears feathers in her hair and shows a more adept side when in the wild.


Birth and Early Life[]

While in the new world, Elizabeth Gracia met an Indian and fell in love; she later gave him a daughter, her first born, whom they both loved dearly. About a week after her birth, her parents were killed by Elizabeth's fiancé, Sedric. Left as an orphan, Sedric took her to a chapel in Boston and gave her to the priest, saying that she was a "demon" and to kill her. The priest, however, found the chile to be warm and loving and did not heed the man's request. He, instead, raised her as his own alongside the nuns and hid her in the attic where she resided during most of her life. When she was allowed, she roamed the city of Boston from roof tops and many other places with her hood drawn close over her face.

Meeting Connor; Boston Tea Party, 1773[]

When she was about 15, she was attack by some red coats under Sedirc's rule who had been ordered to find her and kill her. He had apparently found that Priest William had raised Sera in secret, against his wishes. Now, Sedric wanted her dead. But, before the red coats could kill her, a man well known to be a threat to the red coats intervened and killed the red coats instead. He was soon joined by a small band of rebels whom Sera recognized as people from around the church. These people also recognized her and introduced her to Connor before asking her question about the attack. To answer their questions, she took them to Priest William who explained in detail who she was, why she was raised in a church, and why Sedric wanted her dead. While the rebels conversed on the subject in private, Connor asked Sera if she wanted to help them bring the red coats down, along with Sedric. To this, she agreed. As the Boston Tea Party began, Sedric ordered his team to take Connor out. It would up being that Sedric's snake had snuck past Connor and was about to strike until Sera intervened and took the attack instead, saying that she wanted pay back for what he did to her mother and father. Connor felt his own empathy spike with her explanation and together, they took Sedric down, killing him as one. Once the plan was a success, a woman by the name of Alice came forward and explained that she had known Sera's mother like a sister and offered to take her in. Sera, however, refused and said that her place was as an assassin, alongside Connor. Connor obliged and agreed to take her on as his apprentice.

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