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June 1 623 CE
Susa, Persia


694 CE

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Hidden Ones

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Shahbaz (623 - 694) was a Persian member of the Hidden Ones who operated during the 7th century. Shahbaz was a descendant of the brothers Caleb Martínez and Jaime Martínez through the matrilineal line.

At some point during the decline and fall of the Sasanian Empire and the Muslim conquest of Persia, Shahbaz discovered the conquest was being manipulated by the Order of the Ancients. It was also believed that Shahbaz encountered a Sage which made the Hidden One a person of interest by Abstergo Industries a millennia and a half later.


Early life[]

Born in Susa during the Byzantine-Sassanian War, to the soldier Arash and a trader mother Esta, Shahbaz was conceived shortly before his father went off to fight, during the war Arash would encounter the Hidden Ones whom he would train alongside. Following the war's end in 628 CE, Shahbaz' father returned home with.

Their relationship was strange at first but the father and son began to bond through training, with Arash pledging himself to the Hidden Ones he wanted Shahbaz to follow in his footsteps. At some point during his training around the age of thirteen, Arah took Shahbaz out of Susa and into the wilderness for a training exercise. There, Arash left the boy alone to fend for himself for the night, testing his survivability as well as to gage how much he had learned.

Shahbaz had learned enough in his eight years of training to survive the night, however, armed with only a bow and arrow and a dagger he encountered a pack of wild hyenas that were about to prey on a lone Indian wolf cub. Interfering, Shahbaz killed one of the hyenas before the rest fled - noticing the wolf was injured, Shahbaz treated its wounds before spending the rest of the night with it. The next day, Arash returned and found his son with the wolf cub, proud of his son for completing his test, he allowed Shahbaz to keep the wolf and return it to Susa and the two named the cub Gurg (meaning wolf).

Joining the Hidden Ones[]

Besiege of Susa[]

In 642 CE, at the age of nineteen and during the Muslim conquest or Persia - Tustar was captured by the Arab army and before they could march to Susa, the information was sent to Arash during the capture by his old war friend. Knowing what was about to come, Arash deemed Shahbaz' training complete and gifted him with his Hidden Blade before ordering for him to be sent off. Initially resistant against abandoning his family and his home, Arash forced him to leave and to find the Hidden Ones in Siraf. Heeding his father's commands, Shahbaz and Gurg headed for Siraf on camelback.

After some time and travelling many miles, Shahbaz finally arrived in Siraf and spent some days seeking the Hidden Ones, asking around town. Eventually, word of it reached their ears and they came for him - initially thinking they were his attackers, Shahbaz fought them off valiantly but was eventually overwhelmed with one subduing him by placing their Hidden Blade to his throat. Recognising the device, Shahbaz showed them his and revealed that his father had sent him to them as well as his home of Susa was next to be besieged by the Arab army.

Believing his story, the Hidden Ones brought Shahbaz to their base of operations where he would reveal the information to their Mentor...

Official Induction[]


Personality and characteristics[]

Shahbaz was a driven individual, although sometimes for the wrong reasons. Initially, Shahbaz sought out and joined the Hidden Ones in order to free his family and home from control of the Arabian army and was determined to relinquish their grasp over it.

Although, as time passed and he grew in wisdom and experience Shahbaz began to truly believe in the ideals of the Hidden Ones and gradually began fighting not only for his home, but for their Creed as well.

Equipment and skills[]

Since the day he met his father, Shahbaz had been trained in the ways of the Hidden Ones - meaning that Shahbaz was proficient in hunting, tracking, freerunning, eavesdropping, stealth and combat. Due to his slender physique, Shahbaz was a swift fighter with equally swift reflexes, as well as an expert freerunner due to his speed and light feet making quick escapes easier.

As a member of the Hidden Ones, Shahbaz owned a Hidden Blade which he wore on his right arm (due to being left-handed). He primarily used a bow and arrow, a sword and dagger - although he was proficient in using spears and other forms of weaponry too.

Shahbaz was also an expert in dual-wielding, primarily using his sword and holding his dagger in a reverse grip during combat. Despite this though, Shahbaz was capable of dual-wielding other forms of weaponry and often times, mixed and matched with whatever weaponry he had access to at the time.


  • The name Shahbaz is a Persian name associated with the fabled bird Shahbaz or the "King's Royal Falcon", it is like an eagle and bigger than a hawk or falcon. Keeping in line with Assassin's Creed protagonists having avian themed names.
  • Shahbaz stood at 5'10" and weighed 149lbs.