"Look for my blade, or die"
―Shalin Yangming to a victim
Shalin Yangming was a Chinese Templar operating in the city of Havana during the Caribbean Purge of Assassins. Before she became a member of the new West Indies Rite of the Templar Order, Shalin had been a member of the Chinese Brotherhood, where her task was to raise an army against the Taínos and the Assassin gang.

Shalin was killed by the Templar-turncoat Eric Rackham in October 1777, during the Orpheus-conspiracy – where she sided with the Radical branch of the Caribbean Templars.

At some point during the production of Assassin's Creed: Purge, Shalin's genetic memories were used as an OTPA. The purpose was to influence the general public via the different game consoles, under the pseudonym The Loyalist.

Shalin Yangming
Shalin Yangming
The Loyalist
Shalin was a woman loyal to the Templars
Biographical information

August 1745
Shanghai, China


October, 1777
(aged 32)
Havana, Cuba

Political information

Caribbean Templars

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Voice actor

Claudia Besso

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Searching for a Precursor Site in the Caribbean named Crystal Ball, Shalin was soon brought to the interest of the Marquis de Pimôdan.

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In October 1777, Shalin was in his dungeon to Havana and was awaiting instruction concerning the conspiracy. At one point he saw a group of pirates led by two hooded men. Shalin recognized the Templare-turncoat in one of them Eric Rackham. Eric saw that everything was quiet but he knew that there were the templars cautioned. Eric saw emerge soldiers everywhere and attacked the group. Putting everyone back to back in a circle and were able to counter the Templar soldiers. Eric shot two soldiers and then took his sword and cut the face of a soldier and the stomach to another soldier. Frits killed a soldier with the sword impaling and then shot in the chest to another. Shalin fell from the roof and killed two pirates with his katana, Eric saw the scene and pulled his sword from the corpse of a soldier and came under Shalin.

Shalin fanned katana on Eric's head, who parried each blow with his double saber. Shalin knocked hard on the stomach of Eric, hardened abs and heard nothing and then kicked the Shalin leg. Eric hit of Shalin arm smear and whose kept his hand on the wound with the sword. Eric stepped forward with swords and Shalin swerved aside and knocked hard at Eric's side. Eric gasped and Frits seeing his mentor troubled attacked in turn Shalin. A brute raised ax on Eric and Eric pulled the brute and then broke the neck to him. a swordsman templar tried to stab Eric, but Eric deflected the sword with his Hidden Blade and then skewered the swordsman's neck your hidden blades. Eric turned to Shalin and stabbed her in the left shoulder as she turned to the side. Shalin screamed in pain and moved away to the side. Frits made his way with his sword to the side of Shalin. Eric Shalin stabbed in the chest with his hidden blade and saw in his eyes the fear and disillusionment of death.

  • Eric: That the father of understanding to guide you on this journey

Eric stabbed in the face Shalin killing her immediately and then closed his eyes, his face bloody. Another Templar died liberation of Havana was full.

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