"First I check their body and -weight; secondly I go after their teeth: how are they? This will tell me in which condition the slaves are in; then I put a prize on them."
―Shamar al-Djin explaining his line of action before selling a slave, c. 1760–1789
Shamar al-Djin
Shamar 12F
The Slaver
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February 1736


May 1789 (aged 53)

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The Turk (1759–death)
Templars (1773–death)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Jubair Addjn

Shamar al-Djin was a slave-turned-Templar from Turkey. He had a brother: David al-Djin, and served under comte de  Béthonsart. Later he established a company, and became a Templar. He was given the control of Calais, France – and worked together with Marguerite Murat and Joseph Iscariotte to make sure no assassins took control.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Shamar al-Djin was a rich slaver from Middle East. He came to France in irons in 1742 at an age of 6. Al-Djin was brought to Marseille, France as a slave, and sold to a nobleman named Robert LaGouze. LaGouze used Shamar as a slave to clean his mansion in Marseille. Mme. LaGouze used al-Djin as a pin cushion when she sewed dresses for the Queen, and as a simple servant.

When the winter arrived in France and it was time for Christmas, the LaGouzes traveled to Calais – their home. Since al-Djin did not spoke French, the LaGouzes' private tutor had to learn him in this. In turn, al-Djin told of what he remembered of the old world – the place where he came from. The tutor wrote this down, and would learn this to Robert and Mme. LaGouze's children. As the LaGouzes' slave, al-Djin had no claim of being learned, but the tutor did this for his employers' pleasure.

From the LaGouzes' tutor, al-Djin did also learned how trading worked, something that would become in hand in his later life. Al-Djin grew up under the roof of the LaGouzes, and when the time come for become a real man, al-Djin was given the freedom. The LaGouzes gave him plenty of money so he could manage to live out the year. The tutor told his old "student" al-Djin to establish his own trading company in Calais. The city was in great need of trading, and someone like him, would be really extraordinary. As long as he did not become a competitor for the LaGouzes' trading company, they would leave him be.

The Turk Edit

Al-Djin founded his own trading company with the money he had been given from the LaGouzes after his freedom in 1759 – at the age of 23. His company, The Turk, soon grow attention to merchants all over France – and further out form the country's frontiers. Men from as far as Siberia heard of The Turk and wished to job for the owner. Al-Djin became a wealthy man, and soon draw attention of smugglers also. Al-Djin established a plantation in the Caribbean (in a French colony) where he had hired a local businessman to administer the tract of land. France had established Code Noir that forbid cruel treatment of slaves, but even a earlier slave as al-Djin ignored this Code. He thought if he could become a free man after some years of discipline, other slaves would too.

The Turk had representatives from all of Europe: some from Norway, some from Italia – and someone did even come from Siberia. Shamar al-Djin had established The Turk at the guidance of Robert LaGouze's tutor. Calais was in great need of trading, and someone like al-Djin, would be really extraordinary. As long as he did not become a competitor for the LaGouzes' trading company, they would leave him be.

As a Templar however, al-Djin did not kept his promise to Robert and his family, and with the help of Joseph Iscariotte, the home of the LaGouzes were sold. Their house in Marseille had been burned down by the Order – under the guidance of al-Djin. To be sure, al-Djin sent Marguerite to deal with the family before they knew it was him who was the architect of their misery. One by one, the LaGouzes was killed by Marguerite, and The Turk got all the money and resources the LaGouzes had in their inhabitance. This made The Turk's finances grow sky-high.

Later life Edit

In 1773, Shamar al-Djin was recruited into the French Templar Order. Since al-Djin was a wealthy and well-established man in Calais, he was given control of that city. The merchant worked with two other Templars to control the city: Marguerite and Joséph Iscariotte. Al-Djin was a man who manipulated everything he crossed path with – this included street rats and public officers. He ruled over Calais and it's citizens with an iron hand.

1789, Shamar al-Djin was assassinated by the Assassin-siblings Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne while he had a party. He sat at the dinner table with some other Templars when someone cut the rope to the chandeliers. They fell into the table and destroyed all of the light. In the chaos, the Templars were killed, and the Assassins followed al-Djin to a balcony. They shot him in both of his legs before they interrogated him. When the Assassins were done, Pierre threw al-Djin from the balcony – making it seem like he would have taken his own life.

Death Edit

ACU Templar Pin

The Templar pin – of which Al-Djin had in his inhabitance – was a weapon used by Templars around the French revolution, and replaced the ordinary Templar ring

Al-Djin: "Why?"

Pierre: "You trade lives for your own benefits."

Al-Djin: (laughing): "And you don't trade mine and my friends' for the Assassins' favor?"

Al-Djin tried to hit Pierre with a fist, but the Assassin injured the Templar's stomach.

Pierre: "We free people; you and your acolytes enslave them."

Al-Djin: "People want guidance, and we give them that. No real man want to go their own path without questioning one another. Why shouldn't we – the Templars – help the people to find their way. If you Assassins got it like you wanted, no people would have got any place."

Marie Anne: "You and your Templar friends will die, without accomplish anything; we will stop you, always. When the Templars arrive in a country, we will make sure that people are, like God created them, free!"

Al-Djin succumbed to his wound.

Al-Djin: "Assassin-fools!"

Marie Anne and Pierre found a Templar pin who did not belonged to the ordinary Order, but to someone else. They brought this back to the Parisian Brotherhood.

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