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Shane Night
Shane as 23-years-old
Biographical information

June 7th 1989, New York City, USA

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Real-world information
"I have been through anger. It drove me to revenge and later, remorse. It drove me to the end of a good normal life. It killed the good in me. Now I am an Assassin. I kill for the sake of others, no longer myself."
―Shane Black about his early life.

Shane Night is a man who is described as one who was made to kill. He was a fugitive of both the NYPD and the FBI. Early in his life, he had lost all of his family. This drove him to revenge and caused him to kill everyone responsible for their deaths. Night later joined the Assassin Order and began to kill for purpose, not for personal reasons.


Early Life[]

Early in his life, Shane Night lived a normal life as a child. But, during his first year in schooling, his parents were gunned down by a member of an unknown criminal organisation. Night's father had only been badly wounded and managed to disarm the criminal and shoot him with his own gun. Night's father then died of his wound. Night was then left alone with the bodies of both his parents and the criminal. The police were later informed about the attack and took Shane into their temporary care until he was put in an orphanage centre.

Foster Care[]

Shane was then put under the foster care of Bruce Clarke. As years progressed, Night developed a "father-son" like relationship to Clarke. Shane constantly asked about his parents. Clarke mostly only gave undetailed answers about them. Bruce would regularly leave for meetings at night.