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"Now I know how they felt"

dying Shellclad

Drake Michaels aka. Shellclad was an assassin in london of the modern days

His life[]

Assassin order[]

Shellclad was found unconscious in Parsloes Park by assassin master Jeremy Wilson. He took him with him and inwolwed him into the assassin order. The other assassins often called him "angry dog" because of his aggrassions. The only things Shellclad could remember were his age (10 at this moment) and that he was born in London so that the assassin order was everything he had. Schellclad was famous for his fighting skills but also for his aggressions. Often he started fights with other assassins without any reason.

Famous operations[]

Although the assassin masters were against it Shellclad took part in some famous operations wich he mastered wery well. The most important missions were:

Powerless in wich the assassins managed to cut off Abstergo's power plants from the energy users and as a result Abstergo lost millions of dollars so that the satelite start had to take place 1 day later than planned.

Ghosts in wich the assassins had to attack "the safehouse" and to steal the plans of the "optical camouflage suit" (ghost recon future soldier, dont mind it it's also a ubisoft game) wich allowed them to build their own suits and become even more invisble than they were.

After leaving the order[]

At the age of 20 Shellcad tried to find out who his parents were. After one year of research he finally found out that his parents were dead. He found out thet they were high ranked abstergo agents wich were killed by his master Jeremy. So he talked with his master and after he heared his story he started to kill every assassin he could reach. One of the most brutal kills was that he cut of the hand with the hidden blade of a 16 year old assassin, who tried to stop him, and stabbed him with it. Master Jeremy and 6 other assassins finally managed to stop him and after this he was thrown out of the order. After this he fell in deep depression because of the death of his parents. After he killed a robber he began to let out his rage and to kill criminals, assassins, Abstergo agents and also normal people. At this time he named himself Shellclad. Even some of the best assassins failed to stop him and just made him angrier. At the age of 25 he was kidnapped by Abstergo. They brought him to their HQ where he had an "audience" with Abstergos top 5 agents who offered him to work for Abstergo as a "Hunter agent". He delined and also used the situation to kill the top 5 with their own weapons. At the age of 27 he met his brother Nathan (Nate) Michaels. At first Shellclad didn't believe him but after Nathan told him the story how he became a member of the Assassin order, Shellclad accepted the truth that Nate was his brother. Nate even told the part Shellclad couldn't remember. He told him that Shellclad's master himself erased Shellclads memories so that he could become an assassin. After he paused for the next 5 years he made a plan to destroy the assassin order in London. At the age of 32 he was heavily wounded by a londoner police officer who recognised him while he was meeting his brother. He managed it to flee and two days later he thought that his wounds healed so far that he could risk to attack the assassin order. But his former master trained his new recruits so good that they were able to defeat Shellclad. He died in front of his master.


Shellcad stopped using the hidden blade after he was thrown out of the order. Instead of it he started making his own weapons. This weapons were:

The "Sword"[]

The "Sword" was Shellclads favourite weapon. It was a heavy twohanded sword with wich he parted his enemies in half. He made this weapon out of stainless unbotitanium (from X-men, Wolwerines blades) covered with diamonds wich made it harder than any other sword.

The "Claws"[]

The "Claws" were Shellclads secondary weapons. They were imitations of bear claws wich he held in both hands. With them he managed to tear his enemies in pieces.

The Armor[]

Shellclad also made his own armor. It was made of Steel, wich made it heavy and also wery hard to Shellclad to climb and move fast and he also used bulletproof cotton, to be able to stand many shoots. He only died because the plice officer was able to hit a place were the cotton was allready damaged. He also wore a black "OCS" cape wich made it wery hard to spot him.