Shigeharu Takenaka
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September 27, 1544



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Assassin's Creed: Bushido

Shigeharu Takenaka was an Oda Retainer who served Nobunaga Oda as a tactician. Out of all of the Templars in the Order, only Shigeharu knew of Nobunaga's corruption by the Sword Of Eden.

Biography Edit

Events Before The Game Edit

Before Nobunaga came along, he served The Saito Clan, a clan in Mino. He inevitably defected to Nobunaga himself, impressed by his honor. In 1575, Nobunaga acquired the Sword Of Eden, which slowly corrupted him, making Nobunaga more brutal than ever, and only Shigeharu noticed what was going on with Nobunaga. Eventually, Nobunaga sent him on a campaign with fellow retainer, Hideyoshi Hashiba to Chugoku.

Meeting Katsumasa Edit

In Yamato, after a young Katsumasa Yamamoto was yelled at by Mssanari Nozo, Shigeharu, who was visiting, comforted the young boy, telling him that Masanari did not mean everything he said to the boy, and even bought him the medicine the boy needed for his ill brother.

Execution Of Tomaru Edit

When Nobutada Oda ordered Tomaru Yamamoto's death, Shigeharu spoke out, telling them that they cannot execute a young boy, to which Nobutada coldly rebuffs him. When the execution takes place, Shigeharu tells Katsumasa to look away from it, but Katsumasa, now in his teens, charges at Haruyasu Kadera, the retainer overseeing the execution. Shigeharu tells them not to attack Katsumasa, to which Katsumasa quickly escapes.

Meeting With Nobunaga Edit

After the attempted heist at Azuchi Castle, Nobunaga calls a meeting with his fellow Templars at Gifu Castle. During the meeting, Nobunaga asks Shigeharu why all those years ago, he asked Nobutada to not execute Tomaru as planned, to which Shigeharu replies that a boy cannot be executed over trivial things. After the meeting is over, Nobutada invites Shigeharu over for tea.

Meeting With Nobutada Edit

When the tea serving begins, Nobutada has a conversation with Shigeharu, and at one point, Nobutada asks the exact same question to Shigeharu, to which Shigeharu replies that even though Nobutada had his excuse, there was no logical sense in killing a young boy. After the Tea serving is over, Shigeharu suddenly felt ill, not knowing that Nobutada actually poisoned him with help from Sadakatsu Murai, on orders from his father.

Death At Miki Castle Edit

By the time Katsumasa and Nitemare make their way to Chugoku in order to find Nobuyasu Matsudaira, Shigeharu is already dying from the poison inflicted on him. Realizing that he did not have much time left, Shigeharu purposely gave his location to the Assassins, so they could assassinate him quickly. When Katsumasa makes his way to Shigeharu's residence, Shigeharu is in bed, slowly dying from the poison. When Katsumasa turns him around to assassinate him, the assassin immediately recognizes him, and begins to cry, as this was the man that was kind to him and his brother all those years ago. Shigeharu suddenly awoke, looked up at Katsumasa, whispered in his ear, then died. Nitemare then enters the room, and asks what happened, to which Katsumasa answers that Shigeharu just whispered the location of Nobuyasu Matsudaira to him, it was somewhere in Mikawa.

Legacy Edit

Before Shigeharu's death, he wrote a couple of manuscripts detailing meetings, assassinations, and Artifacts hidden all around Japan. He knew that Nobunaga was going to be betrayed by his retainer Mitsuhide Akechi. After Nobunaga's death, Katsumasa described Shigeharu as the kindest man, and one of the greatest tacticians to ever live in Japan.

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