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Silvestro Auditore
Grand Master Silvestro.png
Biographical information

October 1357
Monteriggioni, Tuscany, Italy


20th January 1454 (aged 96)
Near Monteriggioni, Tuscany, Italy

Political information

Assassins (defected)
Templar Order

Real-world information

Silvestro Auditore was an Assassin and later a Templar Grand Master. He was also the son of Renato Auditore, brother of Ilario Auditore, and uncle of Mario and Giovanni Auditore.


Early Life[]

Born to the Assassin Mentor, Renato Auditore and his wife in October 1357, Renato noted Silvestro as a black sheep rather early in his life; as Silvestro grew, he showed himself to be ambitious, eccentric and arbitrary in comparison to his younger siblings Ilario and Rosa.

Indeed, Silvestro did not care much for the ways of the Assassins, seeming more interested in the prospect of becoming the ruler of Monteriggioni someday. However, Renato did not trust Silvestro, and as a consequence, desired for Silvestro's much younger and more Assassin-leaning brother, Ilario to succeed him as Mentor and ruler of Monteriggioni when he died.

Murder of Renato and final defection[]

As time carried on, Silvestro's ambition began to increasingly trump any sense of morality he had. This culminated in Silvestro secretly poisoning and killing his father in 1387, but still, despite being several years younger, Ilario became the new Mentor of the Assassins and ruler of Monteriggioni.

Enraged, Silvestro consulted his father's list of targets, and pinpointed the Templar Grand Master of the time, Luciano della Guerra, a knight. After secretly exchanging letters, Luciano and Silvestro finally met a few weeks later under the cover of darkness in a derelict farm outside the walls of Monteriggioni.

There, Silvestro was greeted cynically by Luciano and his circle, wary of an Assassin trap. Though they argued well into the morning over what to do about Silvestro, eventually, they decided to allow him into the Order, under close watch.

As a Templar[]

For some years, Silvestro served the Order in secret, only for the purpose of self-interest, rather than any real loyalty to his new affiliation. Within a year, he climbed to the rank of Master Templar by way of seemingly sincere servitude and general sycophancy.

Shortly following this promotion, he left Monteriggioni under the alibi of going East to assist the Byzantine Assassins, but left a spy network in Monteriggioni consisting mostly of the Villa's live-in staff, like the doctor and a few servants.

Grand Master[]

In December 1389, Luciano died, and the upper echelons of the Templar Order attended his funeral at his home village just south of the French border, including Silvestro. A week after the funeral, the Templars regathered in Rome and elected a new Grand Master - Silvestro himself.

Silvestro's long reign over the Order was lamented by the Templars, who viewed him, quite correctly, as self-absorbed and incompetent because of it. Despite his incompetence as a leader, his severe disciplining and cruel retribution meant that no coup against ever bore fruit.

In 1420, he met Alfons de Borja, who he quickly became well acquainted with, and designated him as his heir to the Order's leadership.

Despite his advancing age, Silvestro's ambition to conquer Monteriggioni did not subside, and he devoted most of the Order's resources to overturning his also aging brother.