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"With this artifact, we see the future and past. We created piles of prophecies, threats filled with curse, and sciences disguised as magic."
―Unknown script, found alongside with the Sistrums

Sistrum of Eden.jpg

The Sistrums of Eden is the name of two sistrums found in the ruin of Abu Simbel Temple by Satria Ratri Wening.


It is unclear when the Sistrums were created or who created them. Nevertheless, it can be believed that the Sistrums came from the civilization of Ancient Egypt centuries ago.

Characteristic : Materials and Shape[]

The Sistrums are shaped like Ankh, with ivory handles and the rest of the Sistrums made of gold. There are two different diamonds at the top of them. One of them is black and the other is crystal clear.

However, recent studies showed that the metal used to make the Sistrums were apparently not gold, but some unknown metal came from the First Civilization.


The Sistrums are capable to be used as merely music instruments. But when the hieroglyphs carved on them are read and then the Sistrums are played, the Sistrums will emits their power to either reverse or forward time. The translation is not accurate, but it can be understood as :

"By my power I shall bend the time."

The Sistrums are used by reading the hieroglyphs and shake them fast. At low speed, they can reverse or forward a movement such as falling objects. In medium speed, they can create a small portal which can be used to see the past or the future. In high speed, they can be used to travel through time.