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A concealed short range silenced single use assassination weapon.


  • Overall length= 8 3/4inches, (22.225cm).
  • Diameter= 1 1/4inches, (3.17cm).
  • Weight= 26 ounces.
  • Caliber= 0.32inch.A.C.P..
  • Inbuilt silencer= Leather and rubber wipes.
  • They were purposely manufactured with no distinguishing identification marks or symbols beyond a simple build serial number so they couldn't be traced.


Developed from the Welrod gun Mk.2 in mid to late December 1943 by Major Hugh Quentein Reeves at Station IX, (a secret .S.O.E. .S.0.3. commando equipment factory) for use by the .S.O.E. .O.S.2, .O.S.S., and resistance movements across Nazi occupied western continental Europe and immediately manufactured secretly in unknown quantities by Birmingham Small Arms Guns.Ltd it was listed as Product No.N254 in the .S.O.E. Descriptive Catalogue of Special Devices and Supplies.

.S.O.E. Descriptive Catalogue of Special Devices and Supplies, Product No.N254

It along with the original Welrod gun Mk.2 was quickly adopted by Templar Order and the Assassins on both sides of the Atlantic as a standard personal assassination weapons, (The Templars procured them by increasing order numbers while the Assassins stole them from either dead: Templar operatives, .S.O.E./.O.S.S. operatives, or resistance members). It was common for both sides to modify the sleeve gun, the most widespread modification was replacing the elastic rubber band with an extended version of the hidden blade mechanism.

As with the civilian security services and armed forces it is hard to know for sure how long the Templars and Assassin's continued to use the sleeve gun and Welrod gun Mk.2 after World War II. The only publically known examples to still exist are numbers 1 and 11 on display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England and number 8 on display in the Bergenhus Fortress Museum in Beregenhus, Norway.

Method of use[]

The gun is carried concealed in the operative's sleeve above the elbow attached by an elastic ru


Sleeve gun Mk.2 preperation process

Sleeve gun Mk.2 preperation process

bber cord to the little lanyard hole at the end of the suppressor tube allowing it to be carried discreetly and be deployed at a moments notice. When used it is slid down and out of the sleeve into the hand and the muzzle pressed against the victim's clothes or flesh then the knurled trigger switch is slid backwards then forwards with the thumb. After use the operative lets go and the elestic rubber cord returns the gun back up the operative's sleeve with all evidence, (ie: The empty bullet cartridge) retained inside.

While intended for use in contact with the victim it can also be used at a maximum range of three yards. The silencing element cannot be replaced so the gun should be disposed of discreetly after use unless used as a truncheon.