"Join me, or die"
―The Smuggler
The Smuggler (harvested from: Ruby Travers, an Assassin during the Purge) was an OTPA (Omega Training Program Avatar) used by Abstergo Medical in their research for Pieces of Eden, and to train recruits of the Templar Order, during their Project Omega and it's training program. The Smuggler's special weapon was her tomahawk.
The Smuggler
Ruby Travers in her natural habitat
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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Character background Edit

Ruby Travers was a LGBT Assassin, and one of four lieutenants in Caribbean that obeyed the Templar-turncoat lady Concord. She was the granddaughter of the former head of the Assassin bureau in Nassau: Upton Travers. As a lieutenant, Ruby was the overseer of the city of Nassau when the Assassins regained power in 1773 – after they lost it in 1770.

Moves Edit

These are the moves performed by the Smuggler when controlled by the player.

Unique moves Edit

Moves unique to the Smuggler.

(Low Profile, Front)

The Smuggler approaches her target and take the hand to her waist. She throws the tomahawk in the air, grabbing it. She then places it in the chest of her victim. She use the other hand to take her victim by the shoulder, giving it a more gentle landing. Bowing over her victim, the Smuggler rises the tomahawk again and split the target's skull.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Smuggler come up to her victim, grabbing their neck with the one hand and takes her tomahawk with the other. Slicing the throat of her victim, she also break its neck before throwing them to the ground.

(High Profile, Front)

The Smuggler locates her target and begins to run. She grabs her tomahawk and throws it in the chest of her victim. The Smuggler's target standing there: perplex. The Smuggler grabs the axe and swing it to her victim's neck, leaving a deep wound – before disappearing in the crowd.

(High Profile, Back)

The Smuggler locating her target, and runs towards it. She grabs her tomahawk, ready to attack. The target notices someone is approaching him/her from behind and turns. The Smuggler jumps on her target, forcing it to fall. Once on the ground, the Smuggler planting the tomahawk's blade on the victim's throat – before separering the body with the head.

Common moves Edit

Moves executed by the Smuggler when using another weapon than her personal. These moves are 'common' because they are executed by all the avatars.

Axe Edit

(Low Profile, Front)

The Smuggler walking up to her victim. She grabs the axe by her waist and lift it. The Smuggler uses the sides of the axe to shove the enemy to the ground before she rise it and creates a deep wound in the chest of her victim. She then leaves the area.

(Low Profile, Back)

Walking up behind her target, the Smuggler using the bottom of the axe to hook her victim. The victim spinning around in the air, before landing on the knees. Afterwards, the Smuggler using the same part of the axe to swing it towards the neck of her victim – breaking it.

(High Profile, Front)

The Smuggler running up to her target and unsheathes her axe. The victim lifting a hand, trying to make the Smuggler stop – but she shows no one mercy. The blade of the axe are being planted into her victim's chest. The Smuggler spin around in one round before the victim are being thrown a few meters away.

(High Profile, Back)

Running up to her victim, the Smuggler are now sinking her weapon into his/her spine. The victim are trying to fall to the ground, but the axe are holding them back. The Smuggler are taking some steps forward before throwing her target behind her. She then places her axe back in the sheath and runsa away from the crime scene.

Pistol Edit

(Low Profile, Front)

Walking up to her victim, the Smuggler are using the pistol's end to hit her target in the head. The victim are lifting his/her hands to the head – trying to cover the wound. When the victim sees on the Smuggler again, she is pointing her pistol on her target and shoots.

(Low Profile, Back)

The target of the Smuggler are walking down the street. When the Smuggler is shooting him/her in the knees, the victim are forced to bow down. Then another shot, through the victim's skull, is sending the target to the eternity.

(High Profile, Front)

Facing her target, the Smuggler gives him/her a harsh shove and then levels one of her pistols at their face, giving them no time to defend themselves. Ostentatiously spinning the weapon in her other hand, she fires, causing her victim to fly off its feet and unceremoniously hit the ground, dead.

(High Profile, Back)

Approaching her target from behind, the Smuggler roughly grabs ahold of her target and spins him/her around to face her. Having already drawn her pistols, the Smuggler fires a single shot into her victim's stomach, who doubles over in pain and sinks to his/her knees. Sending a final bullet into the back of the victim's head, the Smuggler holsters her weapons as her target's lifeless body slumps to the ground.

Machete Edit

(Low Profile, Front)

The Smuggler is approaching her target, and deliver the deathblow by stabbing her victim deep in the stomach. She then leading the machete from the stomach and up to the throat of her victim – destroying everything in it's way. The Smuggler is pulling out the weapon, with the victim's blood squirting out from the body, covering the Smuggler in blood.

(Low Profile, Back)

Approaching her target from behind, the Smuggler's weapon is being placed in the enemy's throat. The victim – stunned by the shock – see the hands coming and break their neck. The Smuggler then pulling out the machete, with the victim falling to the ground.

(High Profile, Front)

The Smuggler runs up to her victim, lifting the machete. The target tries to run, but the machete is being sat in the victim's shoulder. The target screams, and the Smuggler is using her hidden weapon to slice their throat. She then pulls out the machete, forcing the victim to fall in front of her.

(High Profile, Back)

The Smuggler are running up to her victim and using her right hand to hook them. The victim are screaming while falling to the ground. The Smuggler then slashes the chest of her victim with the machete, and leaving the area – and the target to bleed out.

Taunts Edit

  • "Weakling"
  • "Charming" (ironic)
  • "Bow for the Assassins"
  • "Listen to reason!"
  • "Join me, or die!"
  • "Die, scum!"

Customization Edit

In addition to several tomahawks, the Smuggler also had a several number of other weapons. On a given level of prestige, more decorated weapons are to be unlocked. The hidden weapons was either the hidden blade or a spike.

Normal weapons Edit

  1. Italian axe: unlocked at level 14
  2. Mexican flintlock: unlocked at level 33
  3. The sharp machete: unlocked at level 50

Prestige weapons Edit

  1. Double-death: unlocked at prestige 1, level 15
  2. French duel-pistols: unlocked at prestige 1, level 50
  3. Louisianan machete: unlocked at prestige 2, level 22

Costumes Edit

  1. The Smuggler: unlocked at level 1
  2. Ranger: unlocked at level 35
  3. Smuggler of the sea: unlocked at prestige 1, level 20
  4. White Jaguar-Smuggler: unlocked at prestige 3, level 10

Trivia Edit

  1. When using two pistols, the Smuggler executed the same moves, but with more brutality.
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