The Source of Eden #2 was one of several pieces carved from a meteorite that comes to Earth every 700 years that contains cosmic energy. The cosmic energy that comes from the Source was used by the Isu to create their Pieces of Eden. The Source is the most powerful Piece of Eden in existence and has the potential to change the tide of the Assassin-Templar War.

It was the next Source to come to Earth since the Heian period. Little is known of it's history but historical records determine that the Ravensdale family were involved heavily in its history.

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Sometime in the 18th Century, this Source of Eden crashed on Earth somewhere in the Frontier where the Choctaw tribe would eventually discover it.

The Choctaw tribe held the Source of Eden as a prized possession for many years until the slaver Paul Birch stole it from the tribe. At an unknown point in 1769, Birch sold the Source of Eden to the Sage John Burroughs Hopkins. With the Source of Eden in hand, Hopkins fled to a Mayan temple in Cerros in 1770.

The Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale and his father and Templar Richard Ravensdale discovered Hopkins. The three came to blows for it with the Ravensdale men emerging victorious, the Ravensdales then came into possession of the Source although their allegiances to the Assassin and Templar Order would determine who would get to keep the Source. The two fought for it with Richard allowing his son to kill him. Kenneth possessed the Source for a short amount of time until he was knocked unconscious by Hopkins who once again took the Source for himself.

From 1770 to 1796, Hopkins travelled the known world searching for Precursor Temples in order to use the Source to build his own Piece of Eden although this proved unsuccessful in 1791 when the Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale and his son, Osyka tracked down Hopkins in an Arctic Temple in the North Atlantic. The Ravensdales fought Hopkins once more although Hopkins managed to escape when he killed Kenneth.

In 1796, Hopkins returned to America with the Source. The Assassin Osyka managed to track down Hopkins and finally kill him, coming into possession of the Source of Eden. Knowing the contents of its power, Osyka elected to hide the Source in a Temple in what would come to be known as Mexico. There, the Source would lie undisturbed.

Until at some point in the 19th century, the Templar Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius came into possession of the Source through unknown means.

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