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Southeastern Brotherhood of Assassins
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Organizational information


Leader's title



Bureaus scattered around the region and operate independtly.

  • Sukhothai
  • Ayodhaya (abandoned)
  • Hongsawadee (abandoned)
  • Lavek (abandoned)
  • Chang Mai
  • Innwa
  • Bangkok
  • Lanchang
Historical information
Date formed

At some point in the 13th century.

Date collapsed
  • 1767 (Ayodhaya HQ)
Additional information

The Southeastern Brotherhood, better known as the South East Asian Brotherhood, is one of the many brotherhood active around the world. Unlike other brotherhoods' relationship with the corresponding region's Templar, the brotherhood is on a truce, in fact, friendly term with the Southeastern Rites of Templars


The brotherhood was founded in The Kingdom of Sukhothai by an unknown assassin originating from the Levantine Brotherhood, in order to spread the cause of brotherhood around the world. The assassin also became the brotherhood's first Mentor.

Over the course of the centuries, the brotherhood's members travelled around the region in all directions

In 1767, Ayodhaya was sacked and the bureau was abandoned. The Siamese bureau then reform after the liberal of Ayodhaya 7 months later, but the city was ruined beyond reconstruction. Seeing the shape of Ayodhaya, Lord Thaksin decided to abandon the city and reform a new city at Bangkok, and the brotherhood reformed there.


Like other brotherhoods, all Assassins received combat and free-running training. In addition, they are trained to handle against heat and elephant.

While the assassins did receive climbing training, they did not regularly practice or excel in climbing, for the region lacked structures requiring proficient to scale. The members however, can climb on such structure if need be.

Relation to The Templar[]

Unlike other region where Templar and Assassin are sworn enemy that must destroy each other, the Southeastern Rite and Brotherhood are on truce due to the Rite's idea of not completely erasing free will, but rather keeping reasonable rules. The Assassin responded to this by ensuring "freedom that does not interfere with other's".