"We stand as one – under the Creed of the Brotherhood – 'til death do us part. "
―Stylianos to his brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood


Stylianos Demetris was a Greek Assassin operating on the island of Cyprus, years before the establishment of the Mediterranean Templars.

After the fall of the Greek-Turkish Templar Hacer Stavros, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild, and was pointed out to leader of the guild – and the growing colony of the Greek Brotherhood. Stylianos was one of three Assassins that was sent to Cyprus in order to support the two lovers.

Arriving at the island of Cyprus in 1734, Stylianos was quickly sent out on a mission. While Maria and Sofia purged the city of Kyrenia for Templars, and hunting down a man known as Orhan Demir, Stylianos was to bring down a Greek Templar: Iason Giannopoulos. Locating the man in the city of Nicosia, Stylianos quickly removed him. By doing so, the Cypriote Templars' lost their control of a large city, and strategic city in their control of Cyprus. Without control of it, they could no longer obtain metal for their armies – making the soldiers weaker.

At some point after the fall of the last Templar of Cyprus, the Assassins discovered the Sense of Eden, a necklace left behind of the First Civilization. It was brought to Kyrenia for further study by a Templar turncoat named Antonis.

During a Templar-campaign in 1736 lead by Constant Lavoie and Philippe-Hugues Bertas – and supported by Orhan Demir – Stylianos had to flee to Kyrenia. The campaign had murdered several of the Assassins, and Stylianos was no exception. In Kyrenia, the Brotherhood was in full disarray. After some negotiating between themselves, they agreed on that Maria Nomiki's son, Khayri, was to bring the Piece of Eden out of the city while the Assassins would keep the Templars busy. While preforming the leap of faith – in order to initiate the attack – Stylianos was hit by a bullet; disturbing the acrobatic stunt, Stylianos was killed by the impact when he hit the ground.

Short time after his death, the Templars killed his fellow-Assassins: Maria Nomiki, Kyriaki and Nikoleta Megalos, and Antonis. Constant Lavoie took Khyari as his adoptive son – and left Cyprus in the hands of the Templar Orhan Demir.

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