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Suhagi Akimoto
Suhagi crouching before an assassination
Biographical information

August 31st 1500 Adari, India



Political information

Chinese Assassins
Indian Assassins
Akimoto clan

Suhagi Akimoto(1500-unknown) was trained from birth by her two Assassin parents, Akash Advani and Washimaru Akimoto. She has an Indo-Japanese heratige, due to her mother being Indian and her father Japanese. Suhagi's father, Akimoto was killed when Suhagi was only twelve years old and her mother was killed when Suhagi was sixteen. After her parents died the Order became her family until she turned eighteen. When she turned eighteen she moved to her father's place of origin, Osaka, Japan where she met the man that had taken her father to the funeral all those years ago, they fell in love and had a child they named Kimiko. One night Suhagi found a letter from the Templars telling the man that it was time to kil Suhagi. She got her child and belongings and took off in the night. Leaving Kimiko at an orphanage, Suhagi joined the Japanese assassins and stayed with them four years until she received a threatining note, saying that if she did not leave the Assassins and live off the grid that the Japanese assassins would all be killed. So, she left without ever being heard from again.


Early Life[]

Suhagi loved her parents and mourned greatly when they were killed

Templar Lover[]

Suhagi met a man in Osaka, Japan named Secchuu. They fell in love and had a child they named Kimiko Akimoto. When Suhagi found out that Secchuu was a Templar shae fled but did not kill him due to her deep love for him. After dropping her one year old daughter Kimiko of at an orpanage she joined the Japanese Assassins.

Skills and Equipment[]

Suhagi was adept at freerunning and ju-jitsu as well as being equipped with a {{Wiki|katana]] strapped to her back, her father's chain knife,{{Wiki|shuriken]] in her belt, a bola attatched to her belt and a pair of Kusari gama, as well as a hidden blade and a hookblade.


  • Suhagi's lover's name Secchuu means cross, which refers to the Templar cross