Sylvia Flood
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March 1736
Kingston, Jamaica


April 1767
(aged 31)

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Caribbean Templars

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Sylvia Flood or simply Thomas Flood, was a Irish Templar, Black Cross that operated on behalf of the new West Indies Rite of the Templar Order before the Caribbean Purge. She was the daughter of merchants in Kingston, Jamaica. Before the Purge, Sylvia operated as a robber and Templar-butcher and Black Cross. She had a love affair with the Assassin Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye, but eventually was killed by him.

She is an ancestor of Damian Saravakos.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Sylvia Flood was born in Kingston from a merchant family in 1736. Sylvia was dressed around with men's clothes instead of female and was considered a crook by his father while the mother was considered a rebel who did not follow the laws of society that prevented such behavior to women. Sylvia had two brothers, one worked as a merchant in Havana while the other took the sailor.

The elder brother of Sylvia who was a sailor, when Sylvia was 17 mysteriously disappeared at sea, and for this reason Sylvia ran away and took the identity of his brother beginning to be called Thomas Flood. Sylvia sailed for about 3 years along with his friend-lover to the Sea of the West Indies and also worked as a port in Kingston drain.

Induction Edit

When Sylvia was a 20-year-old, she was contact by a New Orleans man: Quentin Blaise. In the letter of Quentin, the man spoke of a special work for him and would do little to Sylvia a proposal that would change his life. Sylvia took a ship to New Orleans and left her lover-friend to join Blaise. Sylvia arrived in New Orleans, and when he came down on the pier saw a man dressed in orange robes, yellow gold. The man introduced himself as Quentin Blaise and Sylvia knew it was his new employer. The two shook hands and then Quentin took Sylvia to an inn where they could talk without being disturbed by anyone. In an inn Blaise spoke to Sylvia's work that had to him for him. It consisted in finding a very important object that was found in the high mountains of North America, though Sylvia would bring the object as a pledge, she would enter an Order.

After obtaining information about the geography of the area, Sylvia went out to try to locate the memory seal that was the object that had to find Blaise. Blaise knew that was located in the border, but not the exact place, for a similar job Sylvia had lent some horses for searching in the woods. During the journey, Sylvia could see the unconditional nature and was fascinated. Sylvia after a while 'time he heard some noises behind a hill and she tied the horse to a tree and crawled to the top of the hill to see what was happening. Sylvia saw three British soldiers harass an Indian, had thrown on the ground and Sylvia knew immediately that they wanted to rape her. She could not allow such a thing, and then took his sword, and it showed. The soldiers soon as they saw Sylvia stopped and one of them came up to her and asked what he wanted. Sylvia had a sword in his hand and promptly struck the soldier's rifle, knocking him to the ground and then slashed the man's face. Another soldier grabbed the Indian and the other shot of Sylvia. Sylvia used as a human shield and then dodged the first soldier's body away. The soldier reloaded while he was joined by Sylvia, and killed. The last soldier ordered him to Sylvia to do nothing or would have killed the Indian. Sylvia took his gun and shot him in the head to the soldier, saving the Indian woman.

The woman thanked Sylvia and asked how to repay, Sylvia told him what he wanted. The woman said that her shaman of his tribe had the object that Sylvia was looking for.Sylvia took his horse and from Indiana, who was called Chetana, was brought directly to the camp of his tribe, a valley called Kanatahséton where inhabited the Mohawk tribe Kanien'kehá: ka. Sylvia was viewed with suspicion by the natives and went into a tent along with Indian. Sylvia saw that there was carpet on an elderly woman who Chetana introduced herself as Oiá:ner. Oiá:ner asked the reason why she was there, Sylvia showed him the object he was looking for. Oiá:ner said that yes she had such a thing in his arcane artifacts and then asked him why he wanted to, Sylvia told him that he had to give his master who would use it in the right way. Oiá:ner pulled out a ball seemingly made of glass, put it back and then took out the seal. Oiá:ner told Sylvia that inside there was a message but was never able to turn on and then handed it to Sylvia. Sylvia thanked Oiá:ner and Chetana, then walked away from the village.

Sylvia after three weeks he was again in New Orleans. Sylvia went to the house of Blaise and gave him the seal. Blaise was happy with the success of the mission and then Sylvia promise churches. "A promise is a promise," said Quentin, putting the seal on the table and then put it in a box. "Do you swear to uphold the principles of our Order and all that we stand for Which?" Quentin asked. "I do," said Sylvia. "To never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?" Quentin asked again. "I do," said Sylvia. "And to do so from now until death - whatever the cost?" Blaise asked. "I do," said Sylvia. "Then I welcome you into our arms, sister. Together we shall usher in the dawn of a New World. One in cui our hands Will Ensure That All things find Their proper place. My daughter, you are one of us now...May the father of understanding guides us. " Quentin said. Sylvia from that moment it was a Templar.

Templar-affaires Edit

Tessa Roberts Edit

In the following years, Sylvia served as Black Cross for Quentin Blaise around the Caribbean. Sylvia had learned that the Templars had been wiped out in the 1720s because of Edward Kenway and Quentin wanted to raise the Order with the help of the Marquis Jean-Jacques-Philippe Brouseilles, which was in a sense the Grand Master. In the 1750s about all employees of the family Blaise had been removed by Edward Read and that was in favor for Assassins. The Brotherhood was led by Claude Dimanche over 1745, Sylvia gave chase and killed a little 'Assassins and entered into partnership with Tessa Roberts in 1759. Tessa was a bisexual and Tessa liked Sylvia. But Sylvia was not bisexual and never returned Tessa, every time the two women met, Tessa was always trying to have an approach with Sylvia but she always refused. Despite this, Sylvia worked well with Tessa and Quentin was pleased with their work together.

In May of 1760, Sylvia had to go to Nassau which was the basis of Tessa activities, for a meeting with the latter. Sylvia showed up at the cove but Tessa's right hand, told him that she had gone into the swamp for a while 'hunting. Sylvia rigranziò man and then headed for the swamp. After a while 'to proceed, Sylvia felt distant gunshots and then hurried. Sylvia ran through the swamp when she walked on the earth, from the Aqua came a crocodile and cercaò to attack. Sylvia dodged the attack, taking steps back. Sylvia took his gun and emptied the crocodile, killing him. Sylvia tried to calm down because he still had the adrenaline for danger. Sylvia went on his way and eventually came to a lugo struggle. On the floor there were the bodies of British soldiers, signs of struggle and Sylvia finally found the body of Tessa riverso on the ground. Sylvia was sorry for the death of his colleague, which cost the Texel corpse a stab wound on the shoulder and then a shot in the chest caused by a sword definitely. Sylvia took Tessa's body and brought it back to the Templar-den with the bad news.

Claude Gaultier Edit

In 1765, Sylvia had done a good job as Templar-hitman and Quentin Blaise was proud of her. In Port Royal, Sylvia was participating in a kind of meeting in an area that was guarded by soldiers. An Assassin, Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye passed without being seen to the point where there was Sylvia who spoke with other pirates four men who were allies of the Templars. Claude went for his fourth and took their guns, Claude fired on the first then on the second and then the third and fourth all within 5 seconds. Sylvia immediately took his sword and clashed for Claude. Claude extended its two hidden blades parried the blows of Sylvia, Sylvia wounded Claude in the side. Claude cried out in pain and then took his sword. The two clashed their weapons for a few minutes as the guards came running. Claude for his best eliminated all the guards who arrived while remaining against Sylvia. One point arrived British soldiers. They beat him in the head with Claude that he fainted. After a while 'Claude awoke in a cell together with Sylvia.

Sylvia blocked Claude and tried to kill him but he stopped her and said that they had to work together if they wanted to go out both of them from there. They were in Fort Charles. Sylvia asked Claude had that idea about. Claude said that it was enough that one of the two of them felt ill the guard would come and they would take the key and then the game was done. Sylvia said that it was okay and waited the night. Sylvia began to scream as if he felt sick and a guard entered the cell. "What is this mess?" He asked the guard. Claude emerged from the darkness and immediately broke his neck. Claude took the key and told Sylvia to follow him. The two escaped from the fort and went to the home of Sylvia. There Sylvia seduced Claude and the two that night had a night of passion. Claude dawn put a rose in the bed of Sylvia and returned to Serpent to return to Great Inagua. Claude did not kill more Sylvia and simply told Dimanche that he had failed while Sylvia told Quentin that she had just had a fight with Claude.

Death Edit

From 1765 to 1767, Sylvia gave chase to the Assassins and managed to kill those who hounded and this caused havoc in the Brotherhood. Sylvia also tried to kill Jackie Charlotte and Claude Dimanche but both failed. Dimanche then to stop Sylvia sent one of his best men, Claude Gaultier to kill Sylvia. For its part, Sylvia went to Saba Island for a meeting unaware of the threat that loomed over her. Saba Island was a place much frequented by pirates and jailbirds and would not be hard to find Sylvia. Claude came to Saba Island in April 1767 and walked the streets of the citadel. Claude asked for Sylvia Flood. She had come to town recently from a trip along with his business partner and was on a ship called the La Grande Gazelle. Claude went to the port and saw La Grande Gazelle. Here was his target, Claude extended his hidden blades and sank in the throats of the two guards. Claude went up on the deck of the ship where Sylvia was discussing business with his partner. Claude took his gun and shot him in the chest of Sylvia partner. The man fell to the ground dead and Sylvia still amazed took his sword from its sheath. Claude shot on the leg of Sylvia. She gave in and knelt. Claude extended his hidden knives and inflicted in the chest of Sylvia.

  • Sylvia: Too bad not having fought for the right part together
  • Claude: Sylvia how sorry I am. I only wanted a little 'for us. My love.
  • Sylvia: I forgive you. Farewell Claude, I love you.

Sylvia kissing Claude and after dead. Claude closed his eyes to his lost love and went.

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