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Sylvia Green was the only child of Dame Evie Green (born Evie Frye) and Sir Henry Green (born Jayadeep Mur). Born in 1870, Sylvia's parents were her mentors to become the legendary assassin she is known for.


Early life[]

Until she was ten, Sylvia grew up in Bharat, India. Before having their child, Evie and Henry moved to Henry's home land. Sylvia made friends with most of the children in the village and when she wasn't playing, she was reading. She read about historical assassins, weapons and the Pieces of Eden. For a ten year old, Sylvia was exceptionally smart, like her mother in many ways. On her eleventh birthday, the family of three went to England for Sylvia's real training to begin. Her father taught her agility, her mother taught her knowledge, mostly to do with the Pieces of Eden, and her uncle, Sir Jacob Frye, taught her how to fight. She became part of the British Brotherhood at the age of 16.

Mysterious Madame []

When Sylvia turned seventeen, Jacob decided to have her take down a target, Daniel Devil. Though a very small and minor mission, Sylvia excepted immediately and took the man down almost immediately. The only witness to the murder was Jacob, as he watched his niece in case something went badly. As Jacob gave Sylvia more targets, rumour spread that someone was taking away Templar recruits though no one knew if they were being killed or kidnapped as no bodies were found. Sylvia was the stealthiest killer England had ever witnessed; Templar houses were empty, not full of lifeless bodies nor of alive soldiers. Her victims made not even a gurgling noise. Kennith Abberline, son of the late Frederick Abberline, was not told of this new murderer only that it was female, which came only after a lot of convincing towards Evie, Jacob and Henry. And from that day forward, the brave assassin was known as "The Mysterious Madame". 

Now having this new and meaningful name, Sylvia decided to research upon new targets in the streets of London. These included George Harold, Beatrice Verand and Manny Kelent. Killing the targets was the easy part, burying them was another; Henry was always at a cemetery, under the disguise as a grave digger, burying Sylvia's lifeless targets. Sylvia constantly gave her gratitude towards her father, who was now less agile as he once had been and this new work wasn't that bad. The Mysterious Madame only ever attacked at night; making it easier to escape into the evening fog. This was a trait that was a good escape but then an enemy used it against her.

Jack The Ripper []

Sylvia and Jack had been very close as kids. They had also been very good partners once as assassins. But then Jack left the Frye and Green families and Sylvia hadn't seen him in almost a years time when he appeared out of nowhere. He killed prostitutes on the street and this gave grief to Sylvia, Evie and mostly, Jacob. Jack always escaped into the night and Sylvia was feeling extremely helpless as she tried to find her cousin. When Jack lured Evie into a trap, trying to kill her, Sylvia attacked at him from behind. Evie was the one who killed Jack in the end. Sylvia found her uncle in a cell in the Lambeth Asylum, having been missing for a few months. Evie begged Kennith to not tell the press that Jack had been an assassin and Sylvia was in the room at the time but Kennith did not see her. Kennith agreed to not tell the press the truth of Jack the Ripper's past and the terror that had been brought with him, vanished.

Helping the brothels[]

Sylvia was not the sort of person who wanted to be sold at a brothel but she did make an alliance with the master of the most popular British brothel, Samantha Fredrickson. The brothel was one of the ways Sylvia learnt of new Templars to hunt down and in return, she gave money to Samantha for her help. Sylvia also made sure the brothel had no violent intruders and if it did, she dealt with them. Samantha and Sylvia's friendship went for 2 years until Samantha was murdered by Johnathan Yulewell, a major Templar leader. In revenge, Sylvia killed John and the Templars were forced to leave England, for their mighty leader had perished. Sylvia found a new master for Samantha's brothel, Christina Wellton, and they also made an alliance. Sylvia made more alliances with masters of other brothels, giving her more information about the Templar whereabouts (though most of the information was to do with the French).

Locating the Piece of Eden[]

Sylvia went to France with her father at the age of 22 in 1892. News of a British female assassin came to the ears of the French and they named her "Femme Mystѐrieux", mysterious woman. The Templar activity in France was very high and on the street, people were being bullied and prosecuted. Violence in brothels weren't rare and all the townspeople lived in fear. When Sylvia disguised herself as a servant and went to the Templars main French quarters, she heard from Barry Treath that they were locating a piece of Eden. This excited her and she told her father, of whom shared her excitement. She made alliances with brothel owners and in return for getting information about the Templars, Sylvia made sure no violence would come to the brothels. Over five months, Sylvia had enough information about the Piece of Eden located in France. She made her way to the vault but Barry was there before her. They fought and Sylvia was quite wounded but she managed to kill Barry, with the help of Henry. Henry and Sylvia left the vault and Barry's lifeless body and created an explosion nearby, causing the vault to be hidden. Sylvia survived the brutal fight. 

French Assassin[]

Continuing her work in France, Sylvia became part of the French Brotherhood. Eliminating Templars and restoring peace to the country wasn't easy so her brothers assisted her. Henry died in 1894 of natural causes. Sylvia attended the funeral in London as well as her mother and uncle's funeral, as they too had died. Sylvia become the second leader of the French Brotherhood in 1896, as she would never become the leader being female. Although slightly upset by this, the brotherhood respected her decisions and actions as they would if she were leader. As of the beginning of 1898, peace was restored in France and the townspeople no longer lived in fear. Brothels were always guarded by assassins and the assassins were extremely kind to the townspeople if they ever did encounter a commoner. 


In 1899, Sylvia Green died of influenza and was buried next to her parents' graves in London. 


Sylvia was kind and caring to those who interacted with her but sometimes only half answered a question, living up to her name. She was very smart in the ways of the Creed and in the ways of nature. If she ever did have time alone, she would be found in a park or a library. Her love of books was big but her spirit for adventure was bigger. Sylvia wanted to see the world and explore; this was her main reason to travel to France.


Sylvia most commonly used her Hidden Blade and a cane sword. Her favourite cane sword was the Dragon cane sword that she owned for most of her lifetime. She also used throwing knives, smoke bombs, voltaic bombs and hallucinogenic darts. Sylvia used a rope launcher in her Hidden Blade to get around from roof to roof. Being athletic, she was very skilled at free-running and climbing. 

Romantic Life[]

Sylvia wasn't the romantic type but began to like Louis Couture in 1893, a member of the French Brotherhood. She tried extremely hard to not have her feelings conflict with her mission, however failing when Louis admitted his feelings for her. The two became inseparable. In 1896, Louis proposed and Sylvia excepted. They were married five months later and continued to live in France. This made Sylvia Mrs Sylvia Couture. Although Sylvia could not have children, Louis and Sylvia still fought together and were still active members in the French Brotherhood. After Sylvia died, Louis killed himself to be with her and he was buried beside her in London.