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Takanhaké:ton was Colonial Assassin a son of the Master Templar Shay Cormac and a Native American, which operated during the American Revolution. He is an ancestor of Jennifer Croft.


Early Life[]

Haytham was born in April 3 1755 in New York, from the relationship Assassin Shay Patrick Cormac and Native American Alsoomse. After discovering her husband's membership of the Order of Assassins and his betrayal and joining the Order of the Templars, Alsoomse fled in the Frontier by Shay bringing with them Haytham. Alsoomse grew from one son who baptized in his language Takanhaké:ton. In 1769 Takanhaké:ton was free running expert, hunting and pickpocketing. In the many times that went with his mother in the city, Takanheké:ton: put into practice the skills they possessed even improving them.

Death of his mother[]

In the summer of 1770 Takanhaké:ton was performing aerobatic race through the trees when he heard some noises in the distance. He returned immediately from the mother and saw her holding a knife. The mother said to Takanhaké:ton to go see what was going on while she would stay to guard the camp. Takanhaké:ton using the acrobatic race reached a small hill and saw suspicious movement behind a tree. Takanhaké:ton reached the tree and saw the broken branches. Immediately after the boy found himself rooted to the spot. Takanhaké:ton saw a man secure it to the ground. The boy kicked the man freeing himself and then hit the man in the stomach again. Takanhaké:ton noticed that he was a soldier and that his mother was in danger. Takanhaké:ton hurry back to the camp to find it razed to the ground and found the corpse of the mother. Takanhaké:ton gave her mother a final farewell to swear on his grave that he would be avenged.

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The Assassins[]

Takanhaké:ton began to hunt down the killers of his mother following the tracks they had left after destroying the field. Despite the boy's speed, he was unable to reach the soldiers but rather to pursue them and nothing else. The chase lasted about two months until the tracks did not lead Takanhaké:ton to a city called Boston. Arrived in cities Takanhaké:ton decided to use his English name Haytham Cormac. Haytham overhearing a conversation he discovered that a handful of British soldiers had arrived in the city. He is entering a pub Haytham heard a man bragging with his friends to have destroyed an inhabited Indian camp by a young woman about two months ago in the border. Haytham had no doubt: the soldiers present were those who had killed her mother. Haytham Harrison openly accused the soldier who boasted. This triggered a brawl in which Haytham was defeated. Harrison had him brought in a corner to make it crush. Nevertheless Haytham was freed by neutralizing all mercenaries thanks to the intervention of some incappuciati men. Harrison scared fled, chased by a furious Haytham. Haytham killed Harrison with an Air Assassination with his tomahawk A hooded figure approached him, taking off his quality hoodie. Haytham noticed that she was not much older than him about 6 years. The man introduced himself as the son of John O'Brien Liam O'Brien. John said to Haytham who were Assassins, and that men who had helped to kill were Tempari under the Grand Master Haytham Kenway service. Haytham showed up and when he heard the word Cormac O'Brien said that Haytham was the son of the Master Templar Shay Cormac. He also told him that his father Liam and Shay were friends when they were Assassins. Haytham therefore decided to join the Assassins.


Haytham spent about three years to train with John on several assassination techniques, combat, and the various arts of the assassins. Such as His Father old air rifle, swords and tomahawks. One of the weapons in Particular was the hidden blades. Haytham moved to Davenport estate, where he met the Mentor of the colonial Achilles Davenport Assassins and his student Connor Kenway. Achilles fact wanted to recreate the training Brotherhood its first three recruits who were in fact Connor, John and Haytham. At leisure Achilles told the war between Assassins and Templars, and also said that the Order was founded by Adam and Eve hybrids between human and First civilization. Haytham became one of the Assassins most terrible of the thirteen colonies and became a target of the British Army and bounty hunters. Achilles spoke to father's Haytham and how he had betrayed the Order to join the Templars. He spoke also of the Grand Master Haytham Kenway father's Connor. Haytham became a close friend of John spending time with him to make commission no for Achilles.

Mission in Bayou[]

Achilles entrusted Haytham his first mission on June 30, 1772. Achilles informed him that a number of Spanish soldiers were taking over the Bayou in Louisiana. So, retrieved his weapons and his equipment, Haytham went in search of information, believing that someone was corrupting the Spanish soldiers. He arrived in New Orleans Haytham came into contact with a young Assassin named Aveline de Grandpré. Aveline told him that she was investigating the matter. Aveline led Haytham in the swamp to the tree house, and introduced him to mentor local Assassins Agaté Investigating, Aveline and Haytham fact discovered that a man named Vázquez used some Spanish soldiers to get control of the Bayou. After discovering that the Vázquez plan was to gain control of the Bayou smuggling operations, Haytham believed he could find the hiding place of Mentor Agaté in the swamp. So, the boy and Aveline reached the Mentor to inform him of the danger he was running. Under precise instructions man, Aveline would carry out the first parruglia while Haytham followed the Spanish soldiers marching silently in the Bayou and killed them one by one. In this way, the soldiers left alive, believing they were hit by a voodoo curse, fled from the swamp. After doing a sinking ship Vazquez, Haytham and Aveline ended their collaboration and Haytham confessed that he would like in the future if they would meet again. Aveline said that she would like her too. When Haytham returned to Davenport Estate, he realized he was rediscovering love.

Acquiring The Aveline[]

Haytham in 1773 knew that Connor was in possession of his ship the Eagle and realized that another ship was convenient to the Assassins. Achilles told him that he had a good idea and told him that docked in Fort Wolcott was an English frigate, advising him to take that. Haytham along with mercenaries and John reached the fort without being identified. Haytham discovered that the British had captured the pirates and smugglers. Haytham and John went up to the ship, they made a clean sweep and freed the prisoners. Haytham took control of the frigate and the ship bombarded the fort and then fled in full sail. Haytham said to the sailors who now worked for him. John said that the ship would be the quartermaster while Haytham would become the captain. Haytham christened the ship by the name of Aveline. Within a few months Haytham became one of the most bloody and ruthless pirate of the seven seas and the most wanted by the Royal Navy.

Return in Luisiana[]

In the spring of 1774 Haytham returned to New Orleans to help re local assassins. With Aveline, Haytham attacked the ships that carried slaves and delivered them, thus dimunì slavery in the island without being able to destroyed. Also he allied with the local Maroon helping to train new recruits and introducing new men in the local Brotherhood. When I had free time Haytham spent collaborating with Aveline and helping in search of Human Society. One day Haytham and Aveline had a carnal relationship where Aveline became pregnant. During pregnancy Haytham traveled throughout America to seek supporters of the cause Continental Army and the Assassins. Their son was born March 27, 1775 and the two Assassins decided to call Edward Cormac. Haytham unfortunately had to return in the thirteen colonies to support the cause of the war of independence.

Bunker Hill's battle[]

Haytham was commissioned to participate in the battle of Bunker Hill where Connor was supposed to kill the Templar John Pitcairn. The day came June 17, 1775, Haytham sided between the Continental Army files contributing to the battle. Towards the end of the clappers Haytham accompanied Connor to the English camp to kill Pitcairn. Connor went to do what had while Haytham covered him. From a bush he saw a patrol of men led by his father, to go to the camp. Haytham went out and attacked the soldiers. Thanks to its ability Haytham was able to defeat all the soldiers and beat his father. Haytham was about to kill Shay stopped when the armed wing and fled from the area. Haytham and Connor returned to Achilles announcing the outcome of the mission. Always in 1775 Haytham knew many Continental Army captains and the general George Washington. December 18 Haytham walked through the streets of Boston and he met Benjamin Franklin, who asked for help. Haytham stopped and offered his help to the old Franklin. Franklin explained that some thieves had stolen almanac where his research where enclosed. Haytham using the Eagle Vision peaked thieves at the port. Haytham beat the thieves and recovered the almanac giving it to Franklin.

Hunt at forgers[]

In the initial months of 1776 Haytham was commissioned to kill falsifiers of the New York market. Haytham went to the New York market, and using the eagle eye spotted two forgers. Overhearing their conversation Haytham discovered that Thomas Hickey ran a lap false. Therefore Haytham money reported what he had discovered to Achilles and mentor asked him to destroy the false lap of money. So between the months of March and June Haytham he concentrated in killing counterfeiters who worked for Hickey. Haytham also pointed to the places where soldiers patriots laundered counterfeit money. Therefore mainland authorities took radical measures taken against criminals, that they began to hunt down all over town. The June 28, 1776 Haytham together with Connor apprentices went to New York to rid Connor and kill Thomas Hickey. Haytham was on a roof of a building ready to shoot the noose that he would kill Connor, when it was preceded by Haytham Kenway who launched a dagger, saving Connor. Haytham and other Assassins held the guards involved giving time Connor to assassinate Hickey. After he was justice done, the Assassins were dispersed by Connor and Haytham saw the roof talking to Israel Putnam. A few days after the death of Hickey, Haytham returned to Louisiana to take care of his son.

Clash with Biddle[]

Haytham in 1777 he learned that by Connor the Templar Nicholas Biddle had become the Admiral of the Continental Navy and was plundering the region of Nantucket. Haytham sailed on Aveline with John, headed to the coast. Once in the vicinity of Nantucket, Haytham saw some ships attack a merchant ship. Haytham came to the aid of the freighter and sank a ship putting to flight the other. Haytham sailed again looking for Biddle. She found him near Fort Wolcott. Haytham bombed Biddle ship but had to fight even two ships that came to the aid of Biddle. Haytham managed to sink the ships but Biddle fled. In the two months that followed Haytham passed them to raid along with his crew off the coast of Newfoundland and the Caribbean Sea. Haytham also received a letter from the French Assassins in which he was told that his father had killed last year Charles Dorian the owner of Eden fruit known as Box of precursors. July 2 1777, Haytham attacked Rapolph, the Biddle vessel in the vicinity of the island of Cerros. But Haytham also had to sink the four escort vessels and Radolph vanished from the area. The Aveline and the last remaining ship, the Crew, hired a naval battle, in which the enemy ship received heavy damage and the remains of the crew enemy ran aground on the Isle of Carros. Haytham attacked and killed the remaining Templars and after killing the captain discovered that he was one James Condet. From a list that sotrasse to Condet, Haytham discovered that Biddle had lieutenants: William Cockram, Charles Rogers and Knut Otsberg. The August 24, 1777 off the coast of Sleppy Hollow, is put into effect a naval battle between the ship and the Rogers Aveline. Eventually the Aveline managed to sink the ship of Rogers, the Vulture. Haytham spent four months plunder the British Isles to Continental Army account. In January 1778 Haytham discovered the Cockram position, was the Fort of Anticosti. They arrived about the area, neutralized the strong defenses with Aveline, then assaulting him. Haytham fell to the ground to avoid an open clash went around the fort and then infiltration inside. Once inside Haytham gave a hand to his crew or inconsistent with the strong soldiers. Haytham reached Cockram on walls and after a brief duel, he managed to kill him. The last target was Knut who was in Newfoundland. Therefore, after having equipped his Aveline with the Puckle machine guns and an icebreaker rostrum went in search of the schooner Knut, Arne: tracked her down in the middle of a glacier and after a naval battle, Haytham forced his target aground. Infiltrated the area, Haytham evaded the guards and assassinated Knut with a flying assassination. In March of 1778 Haytham asked Achilles could kill Biddle but Achilles told him he had already instructed Connor to do so. Haytham went to Connor and wished him a good fighter. March 18, Connor returned to the Homestand, he informing Haytham the success of the mission. Throughout the rest of 1778 Haytham passed it to help the patriots and raid the British locations. Haytham became a captain much respected and loved by his crew. In the fall of that year Haytham passed it in Louisiana.


In the initial months of 1779, Haytham passed it to give chase to the Grand Master Haytham Kenway. In fact, the Grand Master had established in New York a network of his men. One day, Haytham went to the Boston market and spotted a templar arguing with a merchant. Haytham could not stop the Templar before he killed the merchant but stopped him. Haytham asked him the reason for his action, but before he could talk to somebody shot at the temple. Haytham saw that it was the Grand Master Kenway, who fled to the roofs. Haytham ran after him and eventually caught up with him. The two began to duel on a roof, while some British soldiers reached them. Haytham threw off the building the English soldiers, but in doing so gave him time to flee to Kenway. Haytham received a letter from his British brothers in which he was asked to go to Hawaii and kill the ally of the Templars, James Cook. Haytham agreed and Aveline left for Hawaii. The Aveline came, February 14 at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii. Haytham went further into the island and arrived at the beach of the bay, where he was to stage an attack on the part of the natives against Cook. In the confusion, Haytham reached Cook and stabbed him behind. After Haytham returned to Aveline and then return quickly in North America. In moths after the murder of Cook, some he killed men's Haytham Kenway in Lexington, which in Boston, that in Albany. In the March, 1780 Haytham wanted to know his brothers. In fact dosier from his father that he had read, he found that Shay had had other children after him: Lawrence Cormac born in 1757, James Cormac born in 1759 and Samuel Cormac born in 1760. Haytham also knew that his father was in France and had remarried. Haytham went to Cormac Manor, infiltrating the estate. In a haystack, Haytham saw for the first time his brothers. All three were training in fencing, with Haythan Kenway. Takanhaké: ton realized that they had been trained in being Templars. Takanhaké:ton came out of the haystack pointing his gun on Kenway. Lawrence jumped on him and engaged in combat with the Murderess. Takanhaké: ton managed to beat one by one all his brothers and then duel with Kenway. Haytham Kenway managed to wound, to the shoulder. He was going to inflict the coup de grace, when he was stopped by Lawrence.

Liberation of the thirteen colonies[]

Throughout 1781, Haytham passed it in Louisiana to train his son was ready for training. Haytham returned to Davenport Tenuta September 17, and found that Achilles was dead and that Connor had killed Haytham Kenway and who had become the mentor of the Assassins Colonial. In the final months of 1781, Haytham passed them to fight the decisive battles of the revolution. Therefore the following year, Haytham helped Connor to seek Charles Lee for all thirteen colonies. In October Connor and Haytham discovered Lee's position. Connor asked Haytham to kill Lee Lieutenant: John Fitzwilliams residing in New York. Haytham went to New York, October 1, 1782 and followed Fitzwilliams to the port. Fitzwilliams boarded a galleon and Haytham infiltrated the ship. Reached Fitzwilliams, Haytham murdered him in his cabin. Shortly after he entered into his brother Lawrence Cormac cabin. The two brothers had a fight in which, Haytham lost and was about to be killed by Lawrence. To avoid being killed, Haytham stabbed Lawrence, but not mortally. wounded, Haytham fled from the window. Shortly after the death of Charles Lee the influence of the Templars had been eradicated completely. In fact, Lawrence had left the Order of the Templars and had retired to England. After the war, Haytham moved to New Orleans where he grew up and trained his son Edward Cormac. One day, Haytham received a letter from his brother Lawrence in which he said that their father had had another son, Liam Cormac.

The Return[]

Haytham in 1784 he received the visit of his brother James, who informed him that their father had become the Grand Master. Haytham and James they left for New York. They arrived at their destination 26 June 1784, and went to the Manor Cormac. The two brothers faced Shay openly in combat. During the fight, Shay threw a dagger went to hit Haytham shoulder. Haytham took off the knife and used it in the fight. Eventually the brothers Cormac managed to defeat Shay. Haytham was about to deliver the coup de grace to Shay, was stopped by James reminded that the values for which he fought the Creed. Haytham agreed with his brother but shot the Shay leg, and then leave with his brother. Haytham discovered by James that their younger brother Samuel had preferred a normal life to that of the Templar, and therefore had found work as a tavern at Stephane Champeau. Haytham knew that John had been in the Brotherhood and had become the captain of Aveline. Therefore Haytham went to visit his old friend. John was happy to see Haytham and the two set sail for one last adventure. The ship arrived in the vicinity of St. John. John explained to Haytham that would sail a merchant ship and had to protect them from attack until Albany. Haytham stood at the helm of Aveline. The Aveline escorted the merchant ship, for about an hour before being attacked by three ships. The Aveline engaged in a naval battle and managed to sink all enemy ships. They arrived at their destination without further hitches. In 1785, Haytham heard that Connor had a son who had called Achilles Kenway.

Assassinating Washington[]

Following Haytham moved permanently to Boston with his family, and continued to train his son Edward. When in 1797 Edward was 20 years old, Haytham accompanied him on his first mission. Haytham in 1799 he decided to kill Washigton below Connor request. The same year Haytham had become a grandfather of the child named Hunter Cormac. Accompanied by Edward, the two discovered that Washigton had moved to Mount Vernon. The Assassins therefore took advantage of a night reception that Washigton had organized on his estate in Mount Vernon on December 14. Once Edward had distracted the guards making fire in a cart while Haytham infiltrated the seal without problems. On the way he met a lot of guards who carried the buckets of water, and not to be discovered again and again hid in the bushes. He arrived behind Washigton climbed on the roof of a building to avoid being seen. He stopped in Washigton where he listened to the conversation of his target. Haytham was joined by Edward who had killed a guest and had taken his clothes. Haytham told Edward that would bring Washigton in a hidden place, so that it can kill. Haytham saw Edward take Washigton indoors and once killed achieved the target with an Air Assassination. Washington asked him why he had done this, and Haytham said he was avenging the destruction of the village Kanien'kehá: ka turning in 1760 in the Mohawk valley.

Later life and death[]

Haytham in 1805 he learned that his father had died of Achilles Kenway hand. Haytham, James and Samuel attended his funeral even if anonymously. Haytham spent the following years in Boston retreating from waist to Assassins to his son and grandson his legacy by Assassins. Edward participated in the War of 1812 which killed six leading Templars to become Master Assassin. In November 27th, 1843 Haytham was talking to Edward and Hunter when they obscured the view. Haytham was buried in New York near the tomb Aveline who was dead too decade earlier.