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This article is about the Norwegian Assassin. You may be looking for the Swedish Templar

Tanja Andersen was a Norwigean Assassin operating in the city of Christiania, and the leader of the Assassin guild in this city. Serving in this rank, she acted as the Mentor's right-hand woman. She was a contact of the Assassin Klaus Jytte, a Danish nobleman. She was the master of Enok Jytte when he was stationed in Norway in 1773.

Tanja Andersen
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c. 1732


3 October 1774

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Templar

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Biography []

Past []

Little is known of Tanja's past before she is counted in the population census in 1751. Abstergo has guessed that Tanja his death he was about 42 years so she was born in 1732 or so. She arrived in the city some years ago. Tanja was just another one in the gutter of Christiania. After what is the deduction, Tanja most likely lived on the streets – serving as a prostitute. If the authorities got their hands on her, Tanja was placed in something similar to a workhouse.

Induction []

The Assassin records in Christiania can not tell much about the newly inducted members, but Tanja was inducted sometime from 1756 to 1760. Either way, she soon rose through the ranks of the Assassins and became the leader for the borough of Greenland. Tanja had a love affair with another Assassin, Halvard Peterson. In 1755 the two shared a night of passion in which Tanja became pregnant. Nine months gave birth to their only son Robert. Halvard and Tanja trained, Robert as an Assassin. Operating from an Assassin Den, Tanja carried the task to protect the poor people.

Templars []

In 1773, Tanja and her acolytes had removed several Templars and their puppets that tried to gain control in the political seats for several years. Templar puppets was either forced to leave the city or killed. In this year, Tanja received a letter from the Danish Assassin Klaus Jytte: he had just survived an attack executed by his own children and their friend. But since he had managed to turn the battle into his favor, he chose to send them across the Danish boarders. His daughter to Egypt, his son to Norway – and his children's friend to Príncipe.

Arriving the same year, the newly convinced Templar was escorted to the Assassin Den by some mercenaries. When the Assassins at the bureau was done searching for hidden weapons on the man, Tanja arrived the scene.


Legacy []

Tanja was a Master Assassin, and would have been the new Mentor of the Norwigean Assassin Order if Enok not had killed her. She left a borough free from the Templars' influence for several years. She had managed to recruit several men and women to fight for the Assassins' cause. Her recruits managed to held the Templars out of the borough until Enok – with some other Templars – took control over the city. By doing this, he destroyed everything Tanja had built. The Grand Master of the Dane-Norwegian Rite of the Templar Order sat a Master Templar to control the politics in Christiania. The Templar crushed the rebellious Assassins, and began the Order's work.


  1. Tanja's first name is a Russian diminutive of Tatiana.
    • Tatiana is a feminine form of the Roman name Tatianus, a derivative of the Roman name Tatius. This was the name of a 3rd-century saint who was martyred in Rome under the emperor Alexander Severus. She was especially venerated in Orthodox Christianity, and the name has been common in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  2. Andersen is Norwegian for son of Anders