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Templar's Order is the next game in the Assassin's Creed series, however, for the first time it focuses on a Templar ancestor rather than an Assassin one. The game is set in the early 1500s in Central Europe, telling the story of Lukas Kaster, a Templar with plans to rebuild the Order and retake Europe from the Assassins.


Sequence 1[]

Lukas Kaster is an 18-year-old nobleman living in Munich with his family in 1514. Lukas is carefree, and defeats his brother Ernest in a race. Lukas is then tasked by his father, David, to deliver a letter to a man named Uriel von Gemmingen. The next day, Lukas is tasked with delivering another letter, but Gemmingen is not home. From reading a document, Lukas discovers that Gemmingen had actually faked his death in order to defect from a society known as the Templar to another society known as the Assassins.

Lukas returns home, only to discover that his family has been assassinated, the home is in ruins, and is father is battling two Assassin recruits. Lukas attempts to help, but Gemmigen assassinates David before Lukas can do anything. Lukas escape before the Assassins can reach him, causing the Assassins to send more recruits to prevent Lukas from leaving. Alone and no where to go, Lukas manages to sneak his way back into his mansion to get some money. However, Lukas notices a secret room. Inside, Lukas discovers his father's Templar robes, and two hidden blades. Lukas equips then, and decides to get vengeance on Gemmigen.

Tracking Gemmigen to a market in the city's center, Kaster stealthily makes his way past the guards and assassinates Gemmigen. Angrily beating the man, Kaster discovers another letter, this one written to a man Arnold Winkelried. Lukas then fights his way out of the city and escapes.


  1. Race - Defeat Ernest in a race.
  2. Mailman - Deliver the letter to Uriel von Gemmingen.
  3. Return to Sender - Deliver the second letter to Gemmigen
  4. Homewrecker - Arrive back home
  5. A Grand Legacy - Discover David's legacy
  6. A Real Funeral - Assassinate Gemmigen

Sequence 2[]

Lukas travels to his Uncle Heinz's castle in western Central Europe. There, Heinz berates him for putting up with charitable father, and should instead enjoy the easy life of living off the peasants. Lukas explains the situation, and Heinz tells him that Winkelried is a Swiss mercenary currently working for Switzerland. Lukas goes to hunt Winkelried down, but Heinz tells him he should buy some weapons and armor first. However, Heinz refuses to fund a blacksmith, forcing Lukas to do it himself.

Lukas then travels to northern Italy to assassinate Winkelried. He eavesdrops on a conversation where a cardinal urges Winkelried to engage the Venetzian and French armies, initiating the Battle of Marignano. Lukas makes his way through the battle to kill the mercenary, but he notices a commander on the French side about to be killed, he decides to help. Lukas successfully defends the commander, when reinforcements under the command of Bartolomeo d'Alviano arrive, forcing the Swiss to flee. D'Alviano praises Lukas for his bravery, and the commander is revealed to be Charles III, Duke of Bourbon. Charles III grudgingly accepts D'Alviano for his reinforcements, while the general asks Lukas to accompany him to another siege. Lukas relunctantly accepts, and the two head to the town of Ghedi.

The two ride into battle and lay siege to the town. Lukas follows Bartolomeo, hoping to find information on Winkelried. Bartolomeo begins to explain, when an arrow pierces his neck. In his last breath, Bartolomeo tells Lukas to go to the city of Stuttgart and find the Northern European Assassins. Lukas then escapes the battle and flees on horse.


  1. Uncle Heinz - Talk to Heinz in his castle
  2. Battle Plans - Eavesdrop on Winkelried's conversation
  3. Helping Hand - Defend Charles III from the Swiss assault
  4. The Siege - Lay siege to Ghedi

Sequence 3[]

Lukas arrives in Stuttgart, when a thief steals his money. Lukas chases after the man, eventually catching and tackling him. 3 hooded men then arrive to see the trouble. Lukas recognizes them as wearing the same uniforms as those who attacked his home in Munich. Lukas asks if they are assassins, resulting in the 3 men telling Lukas to meet them at the top of the Stiftskirche that night. Lukas does so, and he meets once again with the 3 men, and their leader, Thomas Müntzer, who is knitting. Müntzer explains to Lukas that they are assassins, a society devoted to protecting humanity's free will. Müntzer sends Lukas to work with another recruit named Kaspar Röist, whom Lukas eventually recognizes as being one of his family's killers. While training, Kaspar explains the creed of the Assassins and how they differ from Templars.

There training is interrupted when Müntzer arrives to talk privately with Kaspar. Lukas follows them and eavesdrops on their conversation. Müntzer tells Kaspar that Lukas is the final one left until "the Kaster race" is finally exterminated. Realizng Müntzer ordered the assassination of his parents, Lukas decides to kill the Mentor that night. However, he is interrupted by Kaspar, who was ordered to kill Lukas. The two get into a fight, which is interrupted when the Mentor knocks out Lukas. Lukas awakens to discover Müntzer has thrown him in prison. Fortunately, the Templars have launched an attack on the assassin headquarters, freeing Lukas. Lukas follows the Templars, determined to bring an end to the Assassins.


  1. The Chase - Catch the thief
  2. Knitting - Meet with the Assassins
  3. Practice Makes Perfect - Train with Kaspar
  4. Still Knitting - Eavesdrop on the Assassin conversation
  5. Hunting the Hunter - Assassinate the Mentor
  6. Returning the Favor - Escape with the Templars

Sequence 4[]

Lukas is introduced to the Grandmaster of the Templars, none other than Charles III. Charles III explains to Lukas his views on the Templars: they are superior to the peasantry, but because of their superiority they must guide the lower class and create peace, allowing the peasants to power the aristocratic class, which has a duty to better humanity as a whole. This doesn't sit well with Lukas, but he joins the Templars nonetheless.

Lukas is given his first mission: to assassin Frederick IV of Baden, a bishop appointed by Maximillan I, the Holy Roman Empire. After getting information about the bishop, Lukas attempts to assassinate him, but is nearly hindered by Kaspar, who has been sent to stop him. Lukas kills Frederick and escapes Kaspar and the Assassins, weaking Maximilan's power.

Lukas is then told of Ottilie of Katzenelnbogen, another Assassin helping Maximilan. Hoping to gain more influence in Germany, Lukas is ordered by Charles to assault Starkenburg Castle, Ottilie's home. Lukas battles through the castle, killing its captain and destroying the central guard town. Lukas then kicks down the door to Ottilie's war room and kills the Assassin.

Sequence 5[]

Lukas returns to the castle, where Charles is in a fit of rage. He explains that the King of France, Francis, has removed his governership of Milan and refused to appoint him as the commander of the vanguard during the campaigns in the Netherlands. Charles has become disillusioned with Francis, but states he has a plan to end his power, using Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles sends Lukas on another assassination mission: to kill Heinrich Bebel, a humanist and Assassin under the employ of Maximilian.

Lukas discovers that the city is heavily guarded, so he calls upon the support of a group of Landsknechts called the Black Band, led by Francois de Lorraine. After defending their headquarters from an attack by the city's guards, he gains the Black Band's trust. After fighting through the city, Lukas manages to assassinate Heinrich, cutting off another link of support for Maximilian.

Sequence 6[]

Charles decides it is finally time to assassinate Maximilian and elevate Charles V to the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. As part of his plan, Charles III has his peasants working on rifles, swords, and cannons. After helping a peasant create a sword, Lukas discovers how overworked the peasants are and how angry they are at Charles and the aristocracy in general. Lukas begins to doubt that Charles is working for the good of humanity as he claimed, and secretly decides to form his own following.

Using Starkenburg Castle, Lukas begins to recruit his own Templar novices among the peasants. Treating the peasants fairly has brought Starkenburg and Lukas to a new level of power. After Lukas calls upon his recruits to kill a vengeful thief, Lukas decides to bring them along with him as he travels to Wels, Austria, to assassinate Maximilan.

Lukas travels to Wels and discovers Maximilian is residing in the heavily guarded Alte Sparkasse. After finding a breach in the defenses, Lukas uses his recruits to clear a path as he makes his way to Maximilian's room and assassinates him. Lukas then discovers the Assassins have arrived as well and locked down the city. Müntzer and Kaspar are there, and Kaspar fights Lukas. As the Templar and Assassin recruits battle, Lukas stabs Kaspar through the chest and manages to escape.

Sequence 7[]

Lukas returns to Charles, who explains that he has finally put Charles V in power, and invites Lukas to a conference with the new emperor and Henry VIII of England. At the conference, the Grandmaster explains how Francis has been a thorn in his side for too long, and that he will finally have vengeance. His plan is to partition France into Roman, English, and his own territories, and to execute Francis. Henry VIII is doubtful, but Charles explains he has an ace in the hole: an Apple of Eden. However, the conference is interrupted when a cannonball is shot into the room and the castle becomes under attack by the peasants and poor knights, led by Assassins. Lukas fights his way around the castle and successfully defends it, forcing the peasants to flee.  

The Templars discover Central Europe is under attack by the peasants and poor knights, who are guided by the Assassins and Protestant beliefs. Despite being led by the formidable Franz von Sickingen, Lukas destroys several of the knights' camps and bases of power. Charles III uses the Piece of Eden to kill the peasants in his territory and shows no mercy, angering Lukas, who argues that the revolt could have been prevented if Charles hadn't been so cruel in the first place. Charles notices that Starkenburg Castle hasn't been attacked, causing him to accuse Lukas of empowering the peasants and hurting the Templar cause.

Nevertheless, the two join forces to attack Burg Nanstein, where Sickingen has been staying. Using artillery to breach the castle's defenses, the two enter the castle. Lukas prepares to kill Sickingen when Charles brutally slays him with the Apple. Lukas warns Charles that the rebellion may be over, but if continues his cruel methods, then a much larger revolt will take place. A cannon shot then knocks the duo out of the castle, where they are captured by Müntzer, Kaspar, and another assassin named Richard de la Pole. Pole takes the Apple.

Sequence 8[]

The Assassins use the Apple to tortue Charles into revealing his plot to rule France. They attempt to torture Lukas, but his recruits attack and free the duo. The two escape the compound, and after Charles angrily demands to know why Lukas has recruited his own recruits. They return to Templar HQ, where they discover French troops have taken over the castle. Pole arrives, and explains that he told Francis the plot, and that he has orders to arrest Charles and Lukas. The two fight their way out, and after escaping, arrive at a crossroads. The tension between the two boils over, and they engage in a fist fight. Charles blames Lukas for his plot failing, and attempts to expell him from the Order. Lukas claims he is not a rightful ruler of the Templars, stating that Charles is the one to blame. Charles leaves Lukas and heads to Italy, while Lukas retreats to Starkenburg and proclaims himself to be the rightful ruler of the Templars. The Assassins, realizing the divide, seize the oppurtunity to strike and do so, by sending an army with Pole at the helm to attack the Templar stronghold of Pavia, where Charles is residing.

Lukas arrives at the battle of discover that Pole is using the apple to decimate his opponents. Lukas disables the Assassin artillery, and fights his way to Pole. Lukas uses his hidden gun to knock the Apple out of Pole's hands, and engages him a sword fight until he kills him. Lukas goes to pick up the Apple, when he is shot in the back by Kaspar. The Assassin Mentor retrieves the Apple, leaving Lukas for dead. Lukas awakens sometime after, to discover the battle has ended. Wounded, Lukas makes his way back to a small village, where he discovers the peasants are revolting.


  1. In the Dungeons - Resist the Apple of Eden
  2. Into the Wind - Escape the Templar headquarters
  3. The Crossroads - Confront Charles
  4. The White Rose - Rescue the Templars, retrieve the Apple, and kill Richard

Sequence 9[]

Lukas meets with his recruits to defend a nearby castle. The revolt was engulfed all of central Europe, causing Lukas to become notorious. After tailing and capturing a peasant militia leader, Lukas discovers that Thomas Muntzer is leading the revolt. Aided by the merciless Georg von Waldburg, Lukas destroys the peasants camps and morale. Lukas offers them the choice to join him as Templars and to establish peace, which the peasants agree to. Thanks to Lukas, the revolt is dying. After destroying a large weapons munitions plant in Vienna, an assassin attempts to kill Lukas, but Lukas fights her off. Lukas follows her blood trail to a local Assassin Den. Fighting his way through the Den, Lukas finds a letter from Muntzer that explains that he is going to be in the town of Bad Frankenhausen, to coordinate the peasants final stand.

Lukas disguises himself as a peasant to get inside the peasant lines, and finds Muntzer inside a wagon fort. The aristocrats launch a surprise attack on the town, which quickly turns into a massacre. After fighting his way through the debris, Lukas tries to assassinate Muntzer, but it turns out to be a double. Muntzer and Lukas fight, and Lukas eventually kills Muntzer. In his last breaths, Muntzer blames Lukas and the Templars for all the trouble, and Lukas blames Muntzer for leading to all the chaos. Muntzer attempts to shoot Lukas again, but Lukas kicks the gun out of his hand. Muntzer angrily tells Lukas that one day the Kaster race will be exterminated, and to look in his father's secret room in Munich for his reasoning, which he had placed in there after Lukas's family had been killed.

Lukas returns home, and finds a letter in a secret compartment in the room. Written by Muntzer, it explains that Charles III had led the Templars, which included Lukas's father in an attempt to assassinate his entire family, though Thomas escaped. Charles proceeded to burn down the town and massacre those trying to flee. Muntzer joined the Assassins and assassinated the former Templar grandmaster and Lukas's family in response. Muntzer comments how its a cycle of revenge, and how Lukas is probably going to one day get vengeance and kill him. Lukas throws the paper into a fireplace and goes to confront Charles.

Arriving at Charles's new castle in Pavia, Lukas is hunted by Charles's guards. Sneaking through, Lukas climbs into Charles' room and confronts the grandmaster. Lukas angrily states how Charles is not a true Templar, and that he never worked to create order, he only wanted to make things better for himself. Lukas relieves Charles as Grandmaster, and orders Charles to never meet him again.


  1. The Fire Rises - Defend the castle from the peasants
  2. The People's Army - Tail the captain and destroy a peasant camp
  3. The Eagle's Nest - Destroy the depot and clear the den
  4. The Knitting Done - Kill Munzter
  5. A True Templar - Confront Charles

Sequence 10[]

Back in his castle, Lukas recieves a letter asking for his attending at a meeting outside of Rome. His predictions are true when he arrives and discovers its a trap, led by Charles himself. Charles declares he is the true Grandmaster, and duels Lukas in front of Charles's mutinous army. Lukas defeats Charles, who angrily declares he could have led mankind into a new world order. Lukas states a true world order would be for the people, not for their rulers. With Charles's death, the soldiers mutiny and head off to sack Rome.

Lukas enters Rome, and finds Kaspar leading the last assassins. Lukas duels Kaspar, and forces him to flee in a horse cart. Lukas pursues Kaspar and forces the carriage to fall into a collapse tunnel. There, the Assassins hold Lukas off while Kaspar tries to return back to the Assassin HQ. Lukas fights the recruits off and pursues Kaspar into the building. Fighting through the wreckage of the destroyed paintings, models, and armor, the two duel once more in the main hall. Kaspar burns Lukas with the heated tongs, giving him time to flee to the rooftop. There, Kaspar picks up the Apple of Eden, which he hid in a box. Kaspar takes control of Lukas using the Apple and taunts him, but Lukas fights through and knocks the Apple out of his hands.

Lukas and Kaspar duel for a final time, and Lukas stabs Kaspar, sending him onto the leap of faith perch. However, Lukas decides not to kill, saying the cycle of revenge will only continue and more lives will be lost. Lukas instead wants the Templars and Assassins to unite, for the better of humanity. Kaspar nods, and while Lukas's back is turned Kaspar pulls out his gun. Lukas, sensing it through his Eagle vision, throws a throwing knife, knocking the gun out of his hands. The sudden movement causes the perch to collapse, sending Kaspar in a long fall to the ground below. Kaspar, severely injured, is dragged away by the mercenaries. Lukas takes the Apple and returns home.

  • The Future of Mankind - Duel Charles and bring an end to him
  • The Last Stand - Defeat Kaspar Royce and bring an end to the Assassins

Legend Quests[]

Legend quests are short storylines that establish the legend of Lukas across Europe. Once every legend quest is complete, the Legends Cape is given to Lukas. The Cape makes him permanently notorious in the cities while permenantly incognito in the countryside.

The Arms Dealer[]

Arriving at the Iron Pub in Vienna, Lukas overhears two men discussing if their plan is set for that night. Lukas tails the men, who meets with their boss, a man named Dominik Meier. Meier explains their plan to steal weapons. Hoping for more information, Lukas beats up a mercenary working for Meier. The mercenary explains that Meier's next heist is going to take place that night at the harbor weapons depot. Talking with his recruit Michel Trupp, Lukas decides to steal the weapons for the Order.

While Trupp brings in the boat, Lukas silences Meier's men, until he is caught and forced to defend the weapons from waves of mercenaries and guards, who have showed up as well. Trupp arrives and helps Lukas put the weapons on the boat. The two Templars defeat all of the mercenaries, causing Meier to flee. The Templars escape while being pursued on boat by the guards and mercenaries, until they make it out of the city.

Back at Starkenburg Castle, Lukas is talking with Trupp about selling some of the weapons when a worker informs them Meier has returned with more mercenaries. Lukas refuses Meier's demands of the weapons and is forced to fight the group. Lukas defeats them all and kills Meier.

  • The Plot - Listen in on the arms dealer's plan
  • The Plan - Beat up the mercenary to find out the rest of plan
  • The Heist - Steal the weapons for the Templars
  • Boat Chase - Escape from the mercenaries and guards on boat
  • Take What's Mine - Defend the weapons from Meier

The Banker[]

Lukas travels to a small village in Switzerland, but before entering he is forced to pay a hefty tax. Once inside, he discovers mercenaries are attempting to arrest a family because they refused to pay their taxes. Initially, Lukas has no problem with this, until he discovers the mercenaries assaulting the family. Lukas saves the family and questions why they didn't pay their taxes. The family explains that ever since the guard captain was murdered, a cruel banker named Boris Goldhardt took over the town with his mercenaries and raised taxes to too high levels. Lukas decides to save the city and restore the law and order there.

Lukas recruits 3 angry men - Georg, Max, and Simon, to kill Goldhardt and reclaim the town. On the night before the assassination, guards show up to arrest them, and Simon reveals he sold them out. Lukas kills the guards and assassinates Simon before he can escape. Lukas decides that they need to kill Goldhardt now. He sends Georg and Max to distract the banker's guards while he enters Goldhardt's mansion. After sneaking his way to the upper balcony, Lukas finds Goldhardt torturing and killing a man with a golden sword he crafted from the money he collected. While Boris is distracted, Lukas kills him with the golden sword and burns down the mansion. The next day, the mercenaries have fled and Georg and Max are put in charge of restoring the town. Lukas recruits them into the Templar Order before leaving with the golden sword.


  • Tax Evasion - Rescue the family from the tax collectors
  • Sons of Liberty - Recruit men to fight the banker
  • The Last Supper - Survive Simon's betrayal
  • Bankrupt - Kill Boris Goldhardt

The Blood Libel[]

Lukas arrives in the small of Bosen in Hungary, where he is warned to watch out for Jews hunting Christians during the upcoming holiday of Passover by a townsman named Stephen. Interested, Lukas spies on the Jewish community, discovering that all the claims of blood libel are false. However, that night a young Christian boy is kidnapped and Stephen accuses the Jews of being responsible. That night, Lukas follows the boy's trail to a nearby cave, where he learns the boy was kidnapped by Stephen to frame the Jews. Unfortunately, before Lukas can warn the town Stephen knocks him out.

The next morning Lukas escapes prison and reclaims his gear, intent on warning the town. However, he is too late, and discovers the Jews have already been killed and Stephen is rallying the town in an attack on the Jewish population. Lukas stops the mob, causing Stephen to accuse Lukas of helping the Jews, and sending guards after him. Lukas kills them, and Stephen, realizing he is outmatched, flees. Lukas chases Stephen down and assassinates him.

Lukas explains what happened to the townspeople, who apologize and become peaceful again.


  • Blood Sacrifice - Investigate the Jews
  • Taken - Find the boy
  • Prison Break - Escape from the prison
  • Mob Mentality - Stop the violence
  • The Ringleader - Kill Stephen

The Cache[]

While resting at the White Inn in central Austria, Lukas discovers 3 thugs attempting to kidnap a man. Lukas interupts them, and rescues the man. Revealing himself to be Jakob Brosch, the man explains that after robbing a bank he had a bounty placed on his head. Forming a plan, Lukas brings Jakob to the guards, who give him the bounty money. Lukas rescues Jakob at his execution, and the two flee into the forest. The two split the money, when mercenaries attack. The two men defeat the mercenaries, and Lukas interrogates one. The mercenary explains that he was hired by a man named Heinrich to capture Jakob because he knew the location to a cache of imperial gold. Lukas kills the man and Jakob explains it was just a lie to throw off the guards. The two men arrive at the next town and perform the scheme again, but Jakob betrays Lukas, bribes the guards to take as protection, makes off with the bounty money, and heads toward the site of the gold.

Lukas is thrown in jail, where he is interrogated by Heinrich. Lukas gets his freedom by offering to track Jakob for Heinrich. Lukas tracks Jakob to a cementary in the Black Forest, where Jakob is about to dig up a grave. Heinrich and Lukas kill the bribed guards, and hold Jakob at gunpoint. As Lukas goes to dig up the grave, Heinrich points his gun at Lukas, causing a three-way duel. They draw, and Lukas kills Heinrich, while Jakob discovers Lukas had unloaded his gun before the last scheme. Lukas ties Jakob to a tree, who helplessly watches him dig up and take the gold. Just before disappearing behind a hill, Lukas shoots and severs the rope.

The Man in the High Castle[]

Lukas arrives in the small village of Abenberg, when he is greeted by a guard. The guard explains that Lukas should be careful because there has been a string of murders in Abenberg and the neighboring villages. Lukas decides to investigate the murder, which happened at the church. Lukas discovers the priest had been assassinated during mass by a rifleman hiding behind hole in the wall he had created. After investigating the other nearby churches, which the murder had happened to the priests and in the same way, Lukas deduces that the murders were done by the same killer. At the next Sunday mass, Lukas ambushes the killer before he can kill the priest. Lukas attempts to get the killer to talk, but he is killed by a rifleman from a nearby rooftop. Lukas pursues the rifleman, who is taunting him, and the man gets away. After finding eyewitness accounts, Lukas deduces the man is a mercenary named Urs Graf.

Finding a letter on the first rifleman, Lukas discovers a man named Johann Augustanus Faber ordered the assassinations, and has hired Graf to kill Christoph von Stadion, the Bishop of Augsburg. Lukas raises to stop the murder and assassinates Graf in the church. In his final words, Graf explains he joined up with Faber because that's where the power was, and with power he can do anything he wants. On Graf, Lukas finds Graf's journal and discovers Faber is located in Rapperswil Castle in Switzerland.

Lukas travels there, and sneaks his way past the guards until he enters the main hall. There, Faber appears before him, explaining that he ordered the death of those priests because he plans on leading mankind into a new world, dominated by science and reasoning with religion. Lukas refuses to join him, causing Faber and his men to attack him. Lukas slays Faber, and explains that while his new world might be great, it would cause a lot of chaos and widespread violence before it could be achieved.


Lukas can join guilds and move up through the ranks by completing missions and tasks.

Fighters Guild[]

The Fighters are are combat related club.


The first mission can be unlocked by defending Georg von Waldburg from thugs at a warehouse in Munich.

  • Fight Club - Defend Waldburg

After beating the thugs, Waldburg recruits you into the Fighters. He tasks you with defeating the champions of other cities and regions of Europe.

  • The Stuttgart Stomper - Defeat the champion of Stuttgart
  • The Sicilian Stallion - Defeat the champion of Sicily
  • The Budapest Brawler - Defeat the champion of Budapest
  • The Zurich Monster - Defeat the champion of Zurich
  • The Forest Fighter - Defeat the champion of the Black Forest countryside
  • The Hungarian Hound - Defeat the champion of the Hungarian countryside
  • The Bavarian Beast - Defeat the champion of the Bavarian countryside
  • The Mountain Murderer - Defeat the champion of the Alps
  • The Danube Destroyer - Defeat the champion of the Danube countryside
  • The Vienna Vanquisher - Defeat the champion of Vienna

Once all the champions have been defeated, Lukas is tasked with defeated the final fighter in Munich.

  • Goliath - Defeat the champion of Europe

Miners Guild[]

The miners are a miner related club.


Lukas arrives at the Miner Waterwheel in the Upper Harz region of Germany. There, he meets with Henry the Younger, who is trying to instigate mining in the area and found a new guild. He is being hindered by the Brown Guild, another guild that is attempting to establish dominance across Central Europe as the only miners guild. Henry suspects an employee is selling his guild's secrets to the Brown Guild. Lukas investigates and discovers an employee named Hans is behind it. After aprehending Hans, Henry sends Lukas on missions to sabotage the Brown Guild.

Lukas travels to a guildhall in Austria the Brown Guild has acquired, and discovers that its leader, Karl Stadler, has been extorting smaller guild leaders, stealing property from other guilds, and bribing officials. Lukas steals a list of Stadler's targets. Lukas proceeds to free the leaders from extortion, and intercepts stolen ores and equipment on their way to the Brown Guild headquarters in Stuttgart. Lukas assassinates Stadler's banker and his militia leader, robbing Stadler of his income and protection.

In response, Stadler breaks Hans out of jail and sends him to flood a mine that the Miners Guild is working in. Lukas manages to rescue the miners and kill Hans. Enraged that Stadler has gone too far, Lukas travels to Stuttgart to kill the man. After listening in on a conversation between the two Brown Guild businessmen about Stadler buying fishing and smelting guilds, Lukas discovers that Stadler will be at his guildhall that night. Lukas then heads into the guildhall undetected, and assassinates Stadler. The leaders of the Brown Guild are arrested by the guards, while its workers are employed by Henry.

  • Glück Auf - Find the mole
  • Austrian Guildhall - Learn Stadler's plans
  • Extortion I, II, and III - End Stadler's extortion of guild leaders
  • Stolen Property I, II, and III - End Stadler's robbery of ores and equipment
  • Income - Assassinate the banker
  • Protection - Assassinate the militia leader
  • Wunder von Lengede - Rescue the trapped miners
  • The Megacorporation - Find Stadler's whereabouts
  • Corporate Warfare - Assassinate Stadler

Modern Day[]

Animus fragments found across Middle Europe will give Sullivan access to his backstory, Abstergo files, e-mails, the accounts of the head Templars, and other confidential material. Sullivan can find the correct computer to access these across the facility.


The backstory takes place across 4 missions which are unlocked after collecting 25, 50, 75, and 100 Animus fragments.

Allen Sullivan originally was a head of a team (Ravens) working for Raven Services, a private security service. In 2003, Sullivan was approached by an unknown man, offering him payment if he retrieved the Apple of Eden from an Iraqi base. Sullivan and his second in command, Lewis Johnson, leads the Ravens in a cave network filled with Iraqi soldiers. After clearing it out, Sullivan finds the Apple. However, he is betrayed by Johnson and the rest of his team. Johnson reveals he has been payed a much larger to take the Apple, and is tired of Sullivan's command. The Ravens attempt to kill Sullivan, but he escapes and forces Johnson to flee. Johnson escapes in a helicopter before Sullivan can catch him.

The man, revealed to be Otto Schmidt, finds Sullivan and tells him that his organization has tracked Johnson's location to a base in the Rocky Mountains. Sullivan infiltrates the base and shuts down the defenses, allowing Schmidt's forces to storm the base. Sullivan grabs Johnson before he can escape, and forces him to reveal that he is working for the Assassins and that the Apple is being shipped east. The Assassins detonate explosives to stall Schmidt's forces, allowing Johnson to flee from Sullivan.

Sullivan tells Schmidt this information, and asks him about the Assassins. Schmidt explains that the Assassins plan to plunge the world into chaos, and that he works for the Templars, a group with the goal of stopping the Assassins and changing the world into one with order and purpose. The Templars track the Apple's movements, and Schmidt sends Sullivan to Boston to take the Apple. Sullivan and the other Templars lie in wait for the truck carrying the apple, but the Assassins ambush them, having already figured out that the Templars are tracking them. The fight forces Sullivan to flee underground into the under construction tunnels of Boston. Sullivan attempts to cut off the truck, but the truck escapes before Sullivan can reach it. Sullivan manages to capture an Assassin, who tells him that the Assassins plan to ship the Apple to a hidden safe house after reaching New York, where the Templars can't reach it. Schmidt picks up Sullivan in a helicopter, and the two discover that in order to further delay them, the Assassins have initiated a major blackout across the northeast.

Arriving in New York, Sullivan discovers that Johnson has become dominated by the Apple, which is casting random beams of light, which cannot be seen by Schmidt or the pilot. The helicopter hits an unseen object, forcing Sullivan to reach Johnson on foot. Sneaking across the buildings, Sullivan attempts to assassinate Johnson, but the apple alerts Johnson, who flees. While pursuing Johnson across the subway, the apple appears to be turning the electronics and screens of New York back on. Sullivan corners Johnson in Times Square, which has been relit by the Apple. Sullivan defeats Johnson and kills him. Once he touches the Apple, Johnson sees a vision of Lukas, and discovers that the lights and electronics had all been an illusion, or at least only visible to him and Johnson. Schmidt arrives, and offers Sullivan a job in the Abstergo Lineage Research and Acquisition division. Sullivan relunctantly hands over the apple and agrees.


  • Swords of Qādisīyah - Storm the cave system
  • Don't Look Down - Infiltrate the Rocky Mountain base
  • The Big Dig - Catch the Assassins in Boston
  • Blackout - Kill Johnson and take the Apple of Eden


Unlocked at the start after stealing Miller's password. Template:Email


Unlocked after collecting 5 animus fragments.Template:Email Unlocked at collecting 20 animus fragmentsTemplate:Email