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Tessa Roberts
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Biographical information

July 1723
Viborg, Denmark–Norway


May 1760
(36 aged)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Voice actor

Marion Cotillard

Tessa Roberts also known as Tessa Lindanger or by her noble title: Dame Lindanger, was a bisexual Templar-hitman operating in Denmark–Norway and Caribbean sea during her lifetime. She was a hitman and seeker of the Dane-Norwegian Rite of the Templar Order in her early life, until she traveled to Caribbean, working for the Caribbean Templars until death, killed by Claude Gaultier de la Vérendrye.

She is an ancestor of Laetitia England.


Early life []

Tessa Roberts was born in Viborg in 1723 to a poor family. Her family was Irish, immigrated to Norway in 1726 when Tessa was only three years. In her youth, Tessa often worked on the farm with their families and this did not allow her to go to school even though she would have liked a lot instead of spending all day shoveling shit. In 1735 her parents died of high fever, along with her older sister. The Roberts family remained only Tessa and her younger brother. Her brother was sent to an orphanage while Tessa was adopted by a young aristocrat 25-year-old named André Lindanger.

Tessa would never see her brother and this broke her heart. Nevertheless, Tessa lived for the following years at the Lindanger-estate that she was like a second father despite having only 13 years apart. Tessa also took the last name of André and was known from then on as Dame Lindanger. André paid a teacher who taught Tessa everything there was to know in general, giving her a good education. Tessa was very attracted by men but also by women and this revealed her bisexuality. At age 15, Tessa was officially introduced into the Templar Order and began training as a hitman.

Affairs in Denmark-Norway []

As an assassin of the Dane-Norwegian Templar Order in Denmark-Norway, Tessa was appointed by André to locate two assassins and kill them in 1743. For now, Tessa would have to do this mission and after André's return from the Faore Islands, she would see her next mission. Tessa was shaken for her first two homicide missions because she had been waiting for that moment and she was ready. His first victim was a Swedish officer called Ulrik Eilert and Master Assassin. Ulrik was in Denmark-Norway for five years, sent by the Swedish Brotherhood, was the criminal in Stavanger, Norway.

Ulrik Eilert[]

Owen Clemens

Ulrik Eilert was an Master Assassin of the Swedish Brotherhood, sent to Stavanger to set up an Assassin-dungeon in the city. He controlled the single life of every Stevanger man and woman through his criminal men and women. Tessa traveled alone to Stevanger and came to us in July 1743. She had heard from André that when he arrived in town he could work with a certain Owen Clemens to free the city from Ulrik's control. Owen was for a moment a puppet of the Order but if he helped Tessa free the city, he would become a true Templar.

Tessa got off the ship with whom she had traveled to the port of Stavanger. Tessa walked on the dock and was met by a man in orange clothes who appeared as Owen Clemens. Tessa was about to shake her hand but noticed that she had the Assassins symbol on the left ring. Tessa grabbed her wrist and bent it, damaging the alleged Assassin. Tessa took his knife and welcomed the man to his chest, killing him. A criminal came out of nowhere and threw a smoke bomb on Tessa, which began to cough in smoke. When the smoke thwarted Tessa saw the criminal who had been killed by a man in black robes. The man said that he was the real Owen Clemens. Tessa knew he was him and the two shook hands. Owen took a handkerchief from the criminal and handed it to Tessa, telling him she would protect her from the gas, Tessa thanked him and followed him in the streets of the city.

As they walked, Tessa could say that Owen had to be at least 30 years old and found him kind, and was happy to collaborate with such a person. Owen told Tessa that Ulrik had all the full control over the city and was staying in a strong old man on the outskirts of the city. The fort was guarded and if they wanted to go in and kill Ulrik they had to have a well-studied plan. Owen and Tessa studied a plan to enter the fort and found the way. The day was set on July 28, 1743. Tessa asked Owen if he had some trustworthy men on the plane and Owen said that he had at his disposal a number of trusted and ready-to-fight mercenaries.

Ulrik Eilert

On July 28, the group of mercenaries led by Owen and Tessa went to the strong old for their attack. The mercenaries began to attack the fortress's door with fierce clashes and at last they managed to break into it and fought with the soldiers of the fort. As it happened, Owen and Tessa climbed the west side of the fort while all the soldiers were distracted. The two Templars came to the top and Tessa killed snipers and soldiers as Owen reached the cannons and disabled them. The mercenaries broke up and the two Templars joined them to fight the strong soldiers. Tessa had her sword and knife and two guns. A soldier dueled with her and eventually Tessa flung it to her chest and scraped her corpse, Tessa fired in the face of another soldier and then cut her chest fast to another. Owen fought with the sword and was as fast as mowing the enemies as a farmer mowed the grain.

After a while, Ulrik Eilert came down to the field. Ulrik ran for the fortress walls, killing the mercenaries and finally dropping out of the wall by killing an Owen's mercenary. Tessa ran over and swung the sword to Ulrik's head. Ulrik lowered, dodging the blow, extended his hidden blade and led her to Tessa's throat. Tessa swept the air with the sword countering Ulrik's hidden blade, and saving her. Ulrik took his sword and collided with his weapon with Tessa for a while. Tessa blocked Ulrik's sword and his in a barrel, Ulrik left his sword, extended the hidden knife and slid the air to Tessa's face. Tessa got up but the hidden knife wounded her cheek and she shrugged and then kicked hard in Ulrik's stomach.

Ulrik stepped back and Tessa took advantage of it. She picked up her gun and fired for Ulrik's shoulder. Ulrik screamed with pain and threw himself over to Tessa with wide hidden blades. Tessa grabbed Ulrik's wrists and crashed him against a wall. Ulrik even more stunned than before did nothing, Tessa took his dagger and sank in Ulrik's stomach but slightly not deep. Ulrik bit his fist at Tessa's face, sending it to the ground. Ulrik wound extended his hidden blade and was about to kill Tessa. Behind him came Owen who stabbed Ulrik back, Ulrik fell to the ground. Tessa got up and cut her throat to Ulrik, killing him. The old fort was conquered and there the Templars put their base. Owen Clemens became an official Templar and along with a crude Templar would control the city and turn to the Templars.

Margrete Annbjorg[]

Frey Furaha

The second target was the female assassin Margrete Annbjorg. Magrete controlled the city of Alborg, Denmark through its criminals gave the law to Alborg. Tessa greeted Owen and took a ship to bring her back to Denmark. Tessa traveled to Alborg on horseback to Viborg where she met his adopted father André. Tessa was in André's manor in her living room in front of the fire. André learned the success of Tessa's mission and complimented her. André told Tessa that he had found a cave in the Faroe Islands with the symbols of First Civilization and an Assassin's tomb with inside the seal he was looking for. That said André pulled out the seal and showed it to Tessa. Tessa was fascinated by the artifact and could see the symbols of First Civilization engraved on it.

André resumed the seal and asked Tessa if he would stop for a while with him at Viborg but Tessa said she wanted to continue her job. André told Tessa that Frey Furaha, the Templar contact of Faroe Islands, would reach Tessa in Alborg to help her in her mission. When the mission was over, Frey would return to Faroe Islands. Tessa thanked André, and they both hugged. Tessa went on the journey the next day. Tessa came to Alborg for September 1743. Tessa had to meet with Frey in a print shop. She went to the print shop hoping not to find the last time an Assassin-ambush. Tessa entered the press and saw a woman dressed like a Templar speaking with her partner. Tessa immediately sensed an immediate attraction with Frey and her first instinct was to have a carnal approach but then she contended and presented to Frey.

Margrete's cove

The two women immediately started working to trace their target and took about a good week. Margrete's cove was an old abandoned factory in the center of town. There Margrete ran his affairs for Brotherhood and from there led all criminal operations. Frey and Tessa decided they would go to the building to openly address Margretes and so did. On September 15, 1743, Tessa and Frey went to the factory to leave and there were two brutals at the main entrance. Frey approached their shoulders and sneaked them behind, then with Tessa they found the door closed. Tessa stole the corpse of one of the bad guys and found the key with which she opened the door of the building and entered with Frey. Tessa and Frey walked inside the building and came to the main room where there were 5 criminals who were talking. The criminals noticed Tessa and Frey, and immediately after that, there were another 8 criminals. Tessa and Frey took their weapons and defended themselves. The game was open. An agile swung his dagger to Tessa's throat. Tessa gave the shot and then put the sword in his ribs. Tessa dodged an attack and then cut his throat to a crimson then kill another criminal. Frey fired his sword with which he saw several blows and killed three criminals by cutting their chest at them. Tessa took his gun and stifled a criminal with her arm as she fired at another.

Margrete Annbjorg

Frey impaled a brute and then ducked with a woman-agile. Tessa guessed several attacks of the remaining 4 criminals, Tessa looked for the last shot and then returned the favor. Tessa oscillated the sword and smashed a stomach criminal at Frey's killing the woman-agile. Tessa fired at the captain-criminal, Tessa killed the other criminal as Frey killed the last one. Tessa squirted the gun and pointed at the captain-criminal's head. "Where is Margree hiding?" Tessa asked. "She's around," said the captain-criminal. "She chasing for Tessa Lindanger" Captain-criminal concluded. Tessa looked at Frey and told him they would make an ambush at Margrete. Tessa asked the captain-criminal how much they would arrive and how many were.

The man said they were in about 30 minutes and were in 5 because the rest of the band was watching Alborg. In 30 minutes the two Templars hid the corpses and then prepared for the ambush. Frey would have stood up together with the captain-criminal as Tessa stood on a wooden beam suspended in the ceiling. When the 5 criminals arrived with Margrete, Margrete was about to ask a question to his lieutenant but Frey grabbed the captain-criminal and threw him at them as he shot a criminal. Tessa fell down killing two criminals, immediately she cut her throat to another, frey cut her chest to the other criminal while Margrete took his gun and aimed at Tessa.

Frey pushed the captain-criminal between Tessa and Margrete, so Margree fired at his lieutenant but mistakenly and did not kill Tessa. Tessa swung her sword for Margrete's chest but the Assassin extended the hidden knife and swore the sword to kick Tessa and put it on the floor. Frey attacked Margrete and they started a duel. Tessa got us back a bit and got up. Frey and Margrave continued to duel and somewhat, Margete wound Frey to her shoulder. Tessa could not miss the woman she loved and hurled quickly on Margree and both went to the ground. The two women struggled a little as Margree extended the hidden knife and sank it into Tessa's shoulder. Tessa screamed with pain and took off from Margrete. As Margete stood up, Frey had her dagger and flung it over Margrete's shoulder. The knife stuck in Margete's shoulder, screaming with pain, and had to stop for a moment and take the dagger off. Tessa took the sword and sank into Margrete's chest. You get hurt mortally, fell to the ground, kidding Tessa and closed your eyes to not reopen them but most. Tessa, still tired of the battle, realized she was losing a lot of blood and faded, Frey took Tessa and took her out.

Tessa woke up in a bed in a room and could hear the air coming from the window. In the room, Frey entered a bowl in his hand and told Tessa to drink what was inside. Tessa did it and then thanked Frey for smiles. Tessa saw that she had her medicated shoulder and told Frey he had saved her twice that day. Tessa got out of bed to reach Frey behind her as she looked out. Tessa told him what she was feeling. Then Tessa began to have a carnal relationship with Frey without saying this to a word and consuming it in the night. In the following days, the Templars made their agent to control the city at the port of Margrete while Tessa and Frey returned to Viborg and communicated everything they had done. Tessa asked her father if it was just right for him to feel love for Frey. André looked at Tessa for a while and said pragmatically that it was right if it was what he felt. Tessa happy for the answer hugged her father. In the next two years, Tessa and Frey lived together with Viborg at André's home, as Frey had found a substitute for managing the Templars of Faroe Islands. So Tessa and Frey lived and worked together for about two years to follow.

Jonas Wenceslas[]

Olav Olden

In 1745, Tessa was 22-year-old as he received an assignment from André. Recently in the Order, a Master Templar named Jonas Wenceslas had betrayed the Order. Jonas had to be removed at all costs, he had in his possession too much information and had to die before they could get hold of the Assassins, and that was not supposed to happen. The future of the fair Order was at stake Tessa knew it well. If he did this successfully, this assignment would be elevated to Master Templar. Jonas was an old friend of André and André gave habits and information he knew about Tessa. After a month of research, Tessa and Frey found Jonas at Narvik, North Norway. The two women traveled for another two weeks and for April 1745 they came to the city of Narvik.

The city of Narvik was under the control of the Templars but there was also the presence of Assassins and the Templars had not yet found Jonas' hiding place. Olav Olden was the Templar-overseer who controlled Narvik for the Order and gave the assistance and the locations of possible Assassin-hiding places. Olav told Tessa and Frey that the only area they had not sifted was the periphery and advised him to go there. Tessa thanked Olav and he asked to accompany them to whom Tessa requested. Tessa felt a little drawn to Olav, who all along the way looked at her body, he wanted her in her bed, and for Tessa she would just go well enough not to tell Frey who was just a lesbian. Once in the area, Tessa decided to climb a higher building from which she would see the whole area. Tessa climbed up the building and came to the tops, observed the area.

Jonas Wanceslas

She found a shed that could be the ideal hiding place and landed on the floor by releasing the news to Frey and Olav. The three Templars went to the shed and came in. As they proceeded they could see a bed and objects, obviously someone who had been hiding there for a long time. Tessa saw a figure coming out of the door and she threw her into the pursuit. It was Jonas. Tessa recognized him, and with Frey and Paul they chased. Jonas ran fast through the streets and lanes but after a long chase, the three Templars locked him in a blind alley. Just when Frey was about to kill him from a roof, he fell down an Assassin, who dropped to Olav to assassinate him. Before the Assassin could hurt, Olav kicked on Assassin's balls, rose, and began to duel with him as three criminals approached to face Frey and Tessa. Tessa had his sword with which he killed the agile while Frey shot at the other criminal. The last criminal held hostage to Jonas.

Jonas leaned in the murderer's stomach as Tessa fired at the head of the last assassin while Olav impaled the Assassin's head. Janos picked up a knife as he ran away and launched it on Frey, and Frey swept the air off the gun as Olav shot at Jonas's leg. Jonas was crawling away, Tessa reached him and with his sword cut him to his chest, mortally wounding him. You Templars can not really run away," Janos said at a point of death. "You have betrayed the Order and good that he dies and that you bring into your grave all the secrets you know. Your existence was a danger," Olav said. Janos exhaled the last breath and the Templars returned to the dungeon. The next few days Olav with Tessa and Frey took control of Narvik as Olav and Tessa had a romantic night and Tessa became pregnant. Frey was not angry with Tessa and stood next to him as a concubine in agreement with Olav, Tessa became one Master Templar. Tessa lived in Olav's house with Frey in the next 9 months, André when he could go to find her daughter.

Hanne Ellinor[]

The Lindanger-Olden masion

In December 1745, Tessa gave birth to a beautiful little girl who together with Olav called Ulrikke. Tessa and Frey lived in André's house with André for the following years. Occasionally Olav da Narvik went to Viborg to visit his daughter and her lover Tessa, but in 1746 Tessa and Frey settled at Olav's home in Narvik while André was at Viborg and continued to work as a Templar leader. Tessa knew that André would become Grand Master at the death of his father, and André's death, Tessa would become Grand Master if destiny was like that. So for three years from 1745 to 1748, Tessa, Frey and Olav lived in Narvik. Frey and Tessa intimated their relationship, but this caused Olav's anger. One day, Tessa and Frey had gone to the market and then returned home, finding it devastated. Tessa and Frey saw Ulrikke disappear and found a dead Olav lying in the floor of the room with other corpses. They were assassins-corpses. "Who did it?" Tessa asked weeping at Olav. "Men of Hanne Ellinor," Olav replied. "They took Ulrikke, Tessa you and Ulrikke are the most beautiful thing that could happen to me in life. I love you," Olav said and went out in Tessa's arms.

Hanne Ellinor

Tessa and Frey bury Olav's corpse after the funeral with the other Templars-associated with Narvik. Tessa named Olav's successor, his right arm and then concentrated on hunting Hanne Ellinor. Hanne Ellinor was a woman associated with the Assassins and operated a brothel network throughout Denmark-Norway as well as one of the largest. Tessa was destroyed by the idea that her daughter was in the hands of the Assassins, but the thing that most destroyed her was Olav's death. Two more years passed in which Tessa and Frey sought Hanne but without any results. But finally in May 1750, Tessa 27-enne found Hanne's position. Hanne would have a party at Copenaghen. The party would take place on June 1, 1750 and Tessa along with Frey would have been to have her revenge. André offered an invitation to Tessa and Frey, and the two women went to the carriage. At the gate were stopped, and a guard asked for the tickets. Tessa and Frey gave him the tickets and the guard told him they could pass. As Tessa was a 27-year-old now Frey was a 30-year-old.

The two women came out of the carriage and headed for the party. Frey started talking to other guests by making a conversation but Tessa did not succeed. She had lost her husband forever, and her daughter would never see her again. He wanted revenge. Only that was left. But also Frey. Tessa went around and talked with her guests, and eventually saw Hanne Ellinor in the courtyard talking to other guests. Tessa made it to Frey. The two women went to an isolated place but allowed to see Hanne's moves. Tessa told Frey that they should take Hanne to a secluded place and then kill her. Frey had another idea. They could poison Hanne who would die later, for this reason Frey showed him a poison flask he had brought about.

Frey went to pick up a glass of wine and put the poison on it without being seen and then brought it to Hanne by offering it. Hanne stopped at once and then took the glass and drank. Frey started talking to her and brought her to the garden in a place where nobody saw with Tessa following them. At some point Hanne felt sick and leaned to the wall saying to Frey that she did not feel well, Frey smiled and took off her knife, wounding Hanne in her chest. Hanne fell to the floor without words, and Tessa reached her and fired her dagger in her heart. "This is for Olav Olden, bitch," Tessa said as Hanne exhaled her last breath. Tessa and Frey left the corpse of Hanne and left the party. Tessa and Frey went to their apartment in the city, where Tessa was at that time satisfied with her revenge for Olav and her daughter Ulrikke. But that would not bring them back. He had to start again and he would do it with Frey.

Thomas Waldemar []

Eddie Bennun

In 1751, André Lindanger became Grand Master following the death of his father. André wanted to give a special assignment but divided both to Frey and Tessa but this time they would do each one for themselves and not work together but only for that occasion. Tessa had to locate and kill Master Assassin Thomas Waldemar, who had killed many Templars and could not afford to be destroyed by a single Assassin in the Caribbean or in Italy many years before. Frey would instead go to Kristiansand for a private deal. Tessa then greeted Frey and André and left for the mission. Thomas Waldemar was working at Eidsvoll, and he was the Assassin guild leader there in town all over.

Tessa grew up in Eidsvoll in October 1751, she at that time had 28-year-olds. Tessa turned a little in the streets and analyzed the situation, there the presence of the Templars was very small in the city, there was only one contact. Eddie Bennun. Eddie Bennun was an alcoholic, a heavy smoker and worked as a barman in a local called Old Fox. Eddie had a lot of information about the Assassins and all that was happening in the city, he had discovered by chance the existence of the Assassans and Templars war. The Templars had dismissed him as a puppet and Eddie worked for them. Tessa walked into the bar and approached the bartender and asked if he was Eddie Bennun, and he said he was. Tessa asked Eddie for Thomas Waldemar's position. Eddie said he often went to a gang headquarters in the west of the city, always coming out of black smoke from there.

Gang Headquarters

Tessa thanked Bennun and said that if Waldemar was dead they would have accepted him as a Templar. Bennun happy with that news greeted Tessa, who left the bar and headed to the neighborhood where Waldemar was. Tessa walked for a long time in the streets of the city and finally came to the neighborhood she was looking for, she climbed into a house and then came to the rooftops. Tessa could see the whole area well and she was right on the roof for a while looking for the gang-shelter. Bennun had told him that he always came out of black smoke and there he would find the gang there. Tessa looked around and saw an area of black smoke, Tessa reached her and from the roof of the house, saw that under her there was a fire with gang members around. At that moment Tessa was sorry that there was no Frey with her. Tessa scrutinized the group and counted 8 members including none other than his target Thomas Waldemar. He was smartly dressed, wearing a swordsman and a repeating pistol, Tessa said that with a surprise attack he could handle and kill them.

Thomas Waldemar

Tessa took swords and daggers. Threw himself. Tessa assassinated two gang members in the air, with surprise as gang members took their weapons, Tessa killed two others. An agile swung his dagger, Tessa paused the shot avoided the ax of a brute for his feet jumping in the air. Tessa slammed her throat to the brute and then stabbed a gang-member back to his back. A gang-member rocked the sword for Tessa's chest, intercepted the sword and then inflicted his knife to the criminal's chest. The wounded criminal lost the sword as Waldemar pointed the gun at Tessa and fired, Tessa grabbed the agile and used it as a human shield. Tessa killed the last criminal and then attacked Waldemar.

The two duels. Thomas swung his sword to Tessa's side, she blushed, lowered and rolled to the side, rose. Thomas overwhelmed it, slamming it against a barrel. Tessa lowered himself by avoiding Thomas's sword, grabbed a wooden beam and slammed it against Thomas's sword, and the sword fell. Thomas extended the hidden blade and threw it to Tessa, Tessa had the knife and swung the weapon and then gave Thomas a knee at the stomach. The breath came out violently from Thomas's chest. Tessa took advantage of it and wound Thomas at her chest, lightly. Thomas screamed. Thomas extended the hidden knife and hit Tessa to the shoulder, then threw it away.

Tessa took her gun and shot, knocking Thomas down to her leg. He screamed with pain and then stabbed Tessa back to his leg. Tessa was almost completely without energy, and Thomas saw and bobbed the hidden blade at Tessa's face to make her dead. Tessa gave a hand to Thomas's hand and took the second gun. She fired. Thomas fell to the ground. Tessa looked at Thomas's corpse, and then vomited. Tessa left the area and returned to her apartment, that night she did not sleep. With the death of Thomas Waldemar, the presence of the Assassins was greatly weakened and Tessa officially introduced Eddie Bennun into the Order. Then Tessa returned to Viborg where she reunited with André and Frey. Over the next 4 years, Tessa continued to work for André with Frey, doing a great job as Master Templar.


Blaise family[]

Quentin Blaise

1755, was the year of radical change for Tessa's life. Tessa was appointed by the Danish-Norwegian Templar Council, to go to the Caribbean to support the Caribbean Templars to rebuild the Order against them Caribbean Assassins. Tessa gave the news to André, who said it was right. Tessa also spoke with Frey the night before the departure. Frey told Tessa that she would stay there to help André in Templar-activities, and that just Tessa would have finished her job then Tessa would return to Denmark-Norway. Tessa said yes. That night Tessa and Frey made love for the last time. The next morning Tessa greeted her father and left for the Caribbean.

Tessa traveled two months to a merchant, and arrived in Boston in August 1755. Tessa walked to the quayside and was welcomed by a young man who appeared as Charles Lee Young Templar at the service of Grand Master Haytham Kenway. Charles brought Tessa to the Green Dragon Tavern where Tessa spoke to Haytham Kenway. Haytham asked Tessa if she would stop a little and she said that within two days she would be sharing for the Caribbean. Haytham said that if he needed something, he was at his disposal. Tessa stayed two days in Boston and Charles showed him the city.

Eventually, however, Tessa took a horse and traveled for a week to New Orleans, Louisiana. André told him he had to look for the Blaise family, that locate at New Orleans. Tessa came to New Orleans and came to Blaise House. It was welcomed by a young Templar 30-year-old named Quentin Blaise, from mother Claudette 58-year-old as the head of household, Eugiène Blaise. Tessa was told the situation and she explained why she was there. "Well, my friend has a lot of work to do," said Quentin smiling at Tessa. Tessa knew that it would take years full of fatigue and suffering, losses to restore the Order but in the end it would be worth it.

Sylvia Flood[]

Sylvia Flood

In the following years, Tessa served as hitman for Quentin Blaise around the Caribbean. Tessa had learned that the Templars had been wiped out in the 1720s because of Edward Kenway and Quentin wanted to raise the Order with the help of the Marquis Jean-Jacques-Philippe Brouseilles, which was in a sense the Grand Master. In the 1750s about all employees of the family Blaise had been removed by Edward Read and that was in favor for Assassins. The Brotherhood was led by Claude Dimanche over 1745, Sylvia gave chase and killed a little 'Assassins and entered into partnership with Sylvia Flood in 1759. Tessa was a bisexual and Tessa liked Sylvia. But Sylvia was not bisexual and never returned Tessa, every time the two women met, Tessa was always trying to have an approach with Sylvia but she always refused. Despite this, Sylvia worked well with Tessa and Quentin was pleased with their work together.

Tessa often thought of her old lover Frey Furaha. Frey had stayed in Denmark-Norway to help André Lindanger in the activities of Grand Master, which had caused the break of their relationship and every time Tessa thought about it. Tessa exchanged many letters with her adoptive father in which they talked about their emotions and their activities, Tessa attended a Kingston brothel for gays and lesbians where she made love both with males and with females until December 1759 when The brothel was closed by Victor Jensen, a member of the Assassins. In February 1760, Tessa received a parcel from André, a book written by a certain Offares in which he talked about his discoveries as well as the explanations of the technology of First Civilization. In this book, he wrote more precisely about thememory seals used by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Tessa was very interested in this book and read it all, when she was finished she felt wiser and with much more useful information.

Condor Apito

Tessa in March 1760, was in a bar in Havana when she sat in front of her a man in maya white clothes. Tessa looked at him and in a moment he knew. The man extended the hidden blade and protruded for Tessa's face. Tessa placed the plate in which she was eating in front of the blade, stopping the knife that broke the plate. Tessa grabbed Condor Apito's arm, Master Assassin, and threw Condor on table. Tessa took his gun and was about to shoot at Condor as Condor grabbed his wrist and held it tight. The two stayed on the table to fight but Tessa kept on the table, Condor. At one point Condor kicked Tessa's stomach and threw it on another table, breaking it. Tessa was very stunned by the rupture and got up as Condor did the same as he grabbed the machete and went to Tessa. Tessa took his sword and fought with Condor's machete. The two clashed with their weapons for quite a while without shots, Tessa grabbed a bottle at one point and launched it against Condor.

Condor lowered and the bottle hit him on his shoulder, Tessa took advantage of it and pushed him to the ground. Condor was on the ground and Tessa saw the good opportunity to finish it, Tessa protested the sword for Condor's chest. Condor rolled to the side, got up and avoided Tessa's kills to kill him. Tessa wound Condor further on his shoulder, but Condor added the machete to the thigh of Tessa. Tessa screamed and then swooped to Condor with the sword's hand, Tessa saw Spanish soldiers coming from a staircase. Tessa climbed into a palace and in the process the guards tried to shoot him without success. Tessa got up on the roof of the building to find Condor waiting for her to kill her. "Condor why do not you give up?" Tessa asked, pulling his sword back. "Because I never learned to do so," Condor said, extending his blades and attacking Tessa. Tessa succeeded in keeping Condor at bay.

Eventually Tessa found an opening and kicked there. Condor stepped back to the edge of the roof and Tessa pushed it back. Condor fell from the roof but ended up in a haystack, saving himself. Tessa cursed. He wanted to die but it would not have been that day obviously. She ran to the rooftops and quickly reached the harbor, climbed onto her ship and sailed for Nassau in a hurry. She had to stay away from Havana for a while. Tessa spent another two months working with Sylvia trying in all ways to make love with her but she did not succeed. On the other hand, she could make love with two people, an Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus's unidentified collaborator, and a prostitute in Nassau.


Claude Gaultier

In 1760, Tessa was in Nassau the center of her activities for a long time as Templar-hitman. She had known from her spy before it was revealed that the Brotherhood had sent their man Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye to kill Tessa. Tessa for this reason had hidden in Nassau and wanted to wait a little while before returning.

In May 1760, Tessa had a meeting with Sylvia Flood, the woman she was attracted to. Tessa had fixed the meeting in the swamp to avoid being exposed to the city, so Tessa and some trusted soldiers went to the swamp and there they waited for Sylvia. Claude threw a smoke bomb on the group from a tree. The smoke came out of the bomb as all the soldiers began to cough, with this plan Claude descended from the branch and killed two soldiers then with the favor of smoking murdered everyone else. Tessa remained just that it was out of the smoke.

The woman she saw Claude took a gun and unloaded by Claude. He dodged the bullet and took his sword as Tessa fired again. Even this attempt failed. Claude took his sword to the throat of Tessa but she flicked his dagger and parried. Tessa kicked him in the stomach and he went after Claude, Tessa lashed a stab but Claude lowered. Claude Tessa pushed to the ground and fought both of them rolling around. Eventually Claude extended its blade hidden and buried in Tessa's shoulder, she cried out in pain and went back to his feet and took his sword. Tessa waged a series of blows with the sword of Claude but he parried them all and finally dodged to the side of the weapon Tessa and sank his sword into the chest of Tessa. Claude began gently to the ground Tessa and closed his eyes, and she passed to the other world.