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Thérèse LeFranc

Thérèse LeFranc was a French businesswoman working for The Turk, but operated in Portugal. She was also a Templar ally, but never managed to become a Templar herself.

When Isabel Hellidoro was being sent to Portugal, she had one thing in mind: eliminate her acolytes. The answer was one simple thing: Power. She got power by killing those who stood in her way. With the death of Isabel's acolytes, she would be the most representative member for The Turk, and later maybe even a member of the Turkish Board of Directors.

When a Templar named Xaviér de Margiot threw a lavish party, Isabel hired a young man to kill Thérèse and her associates. Thérèse was drinking a glass of Italian wine when she was lured out in the garden by some noises. She was killed with strangling.