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"I will find you and , Vl faro morire ma non di tuttu dei tuoi alleati sono morti !(I will kill you but not before all of your allies are dead !) - Leonardo to his mother shortly after the murder of his father.

Chapter 1. I lose a father[]

" Son go get buy some bread for dinner , E non Essere in ritardo ! ( and don't be late) " "I wont father " I said back. So this was a perfecto chance to practice freerunning , I ran to a brrel jumped on top of it and kept going till I was at the top of the building now I can see the market . I get my way over there " Hey bastardo " I hear , Io mio its Francesco . "What do you want gruldo" I say back. He says back "To kill you" He runs at me I jump out of the way in time and he slams to the ground. "Whats next "He continues " A worse outfit" That was a bit over the line my clothes aren't that bad . He runs off . I come back with the bread simple ? No not really I come back to see a mysterious women standing over my father. Wait a second she killed him !

"I will find you , Vl faro morire ma non di tuttu dei tuoi allleati sono morni !! ( I will find you and I will Kill you but not until all your allies are dead!"

She runs out of a window I go check my father hes alive but barely . " Take the gear and the blade from my drawer and look for the symbol on the armor GO!" then he passed."Requiescat in Pace (Rest in peace)." Now I must go find a family friend , I must look for soldato. But first I have to do as my father asked , I get to the drawer , there is a blade that is hidden under a bracer . And also some very odd robes , might as well put them on , when the robes are on I see a sword in the drawer well that helps.