The Blacksmith (harvested from: Jacques Croix) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Entertainment in their video game Assassin's Creed: Changes. His specialty weapon was his warhammer.

The Blacksmith
Biographical information

July 1754


19 November, 1790

Political information


Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Voice actor

Andreas Apergis

Character Background Edit

The Blacksmith was a French blacksmith who lived during the French Revolution. He was able to maintain his job selling many weapons across France, and was eventually brought to the attention of the Saint Vierge group and became its chief weapons producer.

Unique Moves Edit

The Blacksmith performs the same moves as the Borough Captain:

(Low Profile, Front)

The Blacksmith walks up to his victim and knees them in the stomach, knocking the wind out of them. While the victim haunches over in pain, the Blacksmith slams his hammer into their skull, killing them instantly.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Blacksmith sneaks up to his victims and uses his warhammer to sweep them and causing them to fall to the ground. The Blacksmith then buries his happer into their stomach, breaking their ribs and killing them.

(High Profile, Front)

The Blacksmith runs up to his victim and unsheathes his warhammer. The Blacksmith then spins in a circle and lets the warhammer hit his victim in the face, breaking several bones and killing them instantly.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Blacksmith runs up to his victim and hits them in the spine. The victim falls to the floor and is helpless to do anything as the Blacksmith brings his warhammer in the center of their back and lets them die.

Taunts Edit

  • "My creations bring death!"
  • "Never made a weapon I didn't like."
  • "I love to see what my instruments do!"
  • "May you be at peace!"
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