The Coach (harvested from: Marguerite LaVenduz) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Entertainment for their video game Assassin's Creed: Changes. Her specialty weapon was her fan.

The Coach (Multiplayer Character)
Marguerite LaVenduz
Biographical information

c. 1764


19 May 1796 (aged 32 or 33)

Political information


Saint Vierge

Character Background Edit

The Coach was a French prostitute-turned-Templar during the French revolution and was France's answer to the English Maxwell Roth: created an army of Templars, fighting against the Assassins and controlled the boroughs of Paris. She was on many ways looked like the Templars' pearl, since she controlled every part of Paris with her lieutenants and acolytes.

Unique Moves Edit

These are the moves performed by The Coach when controlled by the player.

(Low Profile, Front)

The Coach approaches her victim and grabs her fan. Before the victim notices, she splits the chest of the victim. The victim give in to the pain, and The Coach cuts the knees of her opponent's knees. The victim fall down, and then The Coach's fan split her enemy's face in two parts.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Coach nearing her target from behind, and doing her fan ready. The Blades start dripping blood, waiting to collect more. She put the open fan at the lumbar region of the victim, and then cutting up through the spine and ending at the neck. She is passing the victim, whom blotting their throat – of which The Coach is cutting with the blades of her fan. The victim ending on their knees, and then falling to the ground.

(High Profile, Front)

Dashing towards her target from the front, The Coach leaps upward, spinning in the air like a pirouette, while taking out her bladed fan and slashing their throat. She then lands daintily on her feet and restores her fan to its holder, while her victim's dead body lies at the ground.

(High Profile, Back)

Sprinting up to her target from behind, the Courtesan rolls over their back with her legs extended in the air, before putting the folded fan in the throat of her victim. She then leads the fan all around from the throat to the neck, and then back to the throat: making a circle. Afterwards she takes out the fan, and put it into the forehead of the target: killing them instantly. The Coach leaves her victim before running away from the crime-scene, while people gathering around the dead person.

Taunts Edit

  • "Vive la Mort!"
  • "Let me cool you!"
  • "She will guide us!"
  • "My thirst? Your blood, darling!"
  • "Does you mother know your'e out!"

Customization Edit

Along with her armory of different fans, The Coach did also carried three other weapons. On a given level of prestige, more decorated weapons are to be unlocked.

Normal weapons Edit

  1. Murdering Dagger: unlocked at level 20
  2. Devil's Eye: unlocked at level 35
  3. Duelsword: unlocked at level 50

Coats Edit

  1. The Coach: unlocked at level 0
  2. The Flirt: unlocked at level 15
  3. Conch-colors: unlocked at level 28
  4. Dark Times: unlocked at level 40
  5. Lady Grey: unlocked at prestige 2, level 30

Prestige weapons Edit

  1. Golden Dagger: unlocked at prestige 1, level 27
  2. Templar pistol: unlocked at prestige 1, level 42
  3. Bullion's sword: unlocked at prestige 2, level 1

Trivia Edit

  1. The Coach's codename can be mean as a leader, adviser, or a guider. What her codename are supposed to mean, is up to the player to decide.
  2. It is possible to use a fan instead of a pistol as The Coach's long-range-weapon.
  3. The Coach is the only multiplayer character with five taunts instead of the usual four.
  4. Carrying the dagger, The Coach shares the same moves as The Nag; carrying the guns, The Coach shares the same moves as Louis la Mort; carrying the sword, The Coach shares the same moves as The Englishman.
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