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The Cove is a secret facility owned and controlled by the Assassin Order. Master Assassins would often train new recruits at the complex, which would serve as well as an hideout for members being chased by Abstergo agents, Interpol, police forces, or anything else. The Cove was also often used to hold summit meetings conducted by the leaders of the Brotherhood.

It was located in a hidden bay by the sea, probably in South America. The exact location was kept very secret. Even the residents were unaware of where they were. Less than five people actually knew where The Cove was, this including William Miles and Gavin Banks. However, most would say it's a "very warm and quiet place, seemingly far from the world and with a lot of palm trees".



Complexes of The Cove[]

Complex A (main building): Grand Hall[]

  • B1: There is tunnel directly connected to the Hangar
  • Level 1: The inner gardens and inner courtyards; security desk
  • Level 2: The kitchens and the dinning rooms, where the residents take their meals; the living rooms and lounges, for casual discussions and for relaxation; the library (level 2), with more than 20,000 books on the first level
  • Level 3: The library (level 3), with private reading rooms and more than 30,000 books; offices of the Librarian and other staff
  • Level 4: Main offices and boardrooms, for the leaders of the Brotherhood when they have important and secret meetings

Complex A - West wing: Observation Bay[]

  • Level 1: A corridor is connecting with the main building; there is an elevator and staircase to access the upper levels
  • Level 2: There is a large deck where it is possible to gaze upon the horizon
  • Level 3: On this floor, there is a communication room with several instruments to locate enemies coming from the sea

Complex A (main building): Labs[]

  • B3: The Animi room and a research lab

Complex A (main building): Museum of Shadows[]

  • B2: A secret room located beneath the main chamber would contain, according to rumors, a Piece of Eden possessed by the Order for centuries
  • B1: The main chamber of the Museum of Shadows, with artifacts, documents and books retracing the major events in the Assassin-Templar conflict
  • Level 1: A secret entrance leads to the Museum of Shadows by a door hidden in a panel

Complex B: Dormitories[]

  • B1: A laundry
  • Level 1: Separate apartments for each members; for the recruits, initates and apprentices
  • Level 2: Separate apartments for each members; for the novices and disciples
  • Level 3: Separate apartments for each members; for the veterans and high ranked Assassins
  • Level 4: Separate apartments for each members; for the Master Assassins
  • Level 5: Separate apartments for each members; for the leaders of the Brotherhood

Complex B - East wing: Chapel[]

  • B1: Located beneath the surface, this chapel is divided into different rooms dedicated to every religions, so any members can come and pray

Complex C (main building): Training Area[]

  • B1: The gyms are located in the basement; there are also locker-rooms
  • Level 1: There are several rooms on this level, each dedicated to an unique assassination skill to practice; we can find a swimming pool, under a large glass ceiling; there is racetrack that goes through the rainforest outside the facility, only accessible to the residents and protected from outside threats
  • Level 2: The rooms on the second floor are dedicated to non-lethal martial arts

Complex C - South wing: Docks[]

  • Level 1: Used for ship berthing, especially just for the Altaïr II and some small boats

Complex D (main building): Gardens[]

  • Level 1: The vegetables and fruits are grown and fetched there, and they breed some animals for meat consumption

Complex D - North wing: Hangar[]

  • B1: There is a tunnel related directly to the main building of Complex A
  • Level 1: Main entrance to the facility; reception zone for materials and food
  • Level 2: The Armory is there, where the Assassins are equipped with their gears and weapons

Complex E: Ceremonial Hall[]

  • B3: The main chamber of the Ceremonial Hall, where the Assassin Leaders welcome the new recruits into the Order and where official ceremonies are celebrated
  • B2: There is a room with a large table where the most ranked members of the Order meet in secret
  • B1: On this level, before entering the Ceremonial Hall, every members must change and wear ceremonial clothes, including a white hooded robe and a ceremonial Hidden Blade
  • Level 1: Entrance to the Ceremonial Hall, reachable by a spiral staircase

The beach[]

  • Located in a small cove (hence the name of the facility), it is made of fine white sand and the water is as clear as crystal

The bridge[]

  • The only way of access with the main entrance of the facility and the road
  • Monitored at all time


  • The name "The Cove" comes from the small bay within which the facility is hidden.
  • Beside the fact that most residents thought The Cove was located somewhere in South America, there was actually no real clue to determine if this statement was true or false. The location is being kept secret to avoid anyone to give it away to the enemy, which in this case would cause collateral and irreversible damages to the Brotherhood. Before they leave the plane, the residents are blindfolded and are brought in by a small group of Assassins. They are the only ones, apart the leaders of the Order, to know the emplacement. Gareth Pope remarked when he left Charles de Gaulle Airport, he calculated approximatively fourteen hours between his departure from France and his arrival to The Cove, because he could not wear a watch.