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This story takes place between Assassin's creed II and Assassin's creed Brotherhood.

Abstergo laboratory september 15 2012 Rome, Italy[]

A truck arrived in the parking lot of Abstergo industries. The truck was dirty and the Abstergo logo on its door was covered in a layer of dirt. The truck stopped and the driver stepped out, his boots making a loud noice as they came in contact with the hard floor. The driver was in his late twenties. He looked rather tired as he made his way to the back of the truck. The back door of the truck opened and a bearded man wearing a white coat stepped out. That man was Warren Vidic. "Is everything alright sir?" the young driver asked him. "Yes yes I'm fine Michael. Don't worry about me. Just get that truck out of my sight. I believe we don't have further use for it. "As you wish sir!" Michael replied and entered the truck. He started it up and then drove away. "Idiot. Thank goodness we don't have more employees like him." Suddenly, Vidic's phone started to ring. "Ah christ what now?" He shouted with an angry voice and took out the mobile phone phone from his pocket. He looked at the screen for a couple of seconds, as he was hesitant to answer and then finally answered. "Warren. Please tell me that the attack was a success. If your little spy is compromised, the apple of eden is lost to us. And you know that apple is critical for our operations." Yes Alan, everything went according to plan. Project siren is safe for now. They never suspect anything. Ms. Stillman will contact us when they find the apple." "That's good to hear. This attack on their hideout was a risky move but we had to take it. If I hadn't given the permission for it, the assassins would get suspicious. And eventually they would have discovered our plans." "You're right but still, it is a shame we had to waste our men like this. They were good men but I believe it was necessary." "I'm glad you understand my vision. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some unfinished work to attend to." "Allright then. I'll be in my office if you need me. I'm about to have a meeting with Daniel Cross. He wanted to see me." "May the father of understaning guide you, Warren." Alan hang up the phone. Vidic put the phone in his pocket and proceeded to an elevator. He pressed the elevators keypad and the doors closed. Vidic arrived at his personal office on the fifth floor of Abstergo industries. Vidic sat down on his chair and turned on his computer. Suddenly, the office door opened and Daniel Cross walked in. "Daniel. What a pleasant surprise. Now, why are you wasting my time with this meeting?" "I have good news. I have finally located Nathan Hawk. The bastard's hiding in Florida. And I'm positive he's been in contact with William Miles. "Excellent. Mr. Hawk has been giving us a lot of trouble recently. That's why I need someone to deal with him and I believe that you are the right man for the job. I need you to go to Florida and eliminate him." "But Warren, shouldn't we focus our attention to Desmond Miles? In case you've forgotten, he escaped from one of our high security labs with ms. Stillman. Mr. Miles is far too valuable for us. I need to recover him ASAP and deal with those assassins. "We have the situation under control Daniel. Trust me." "Under control? We're screwed because your useless security couldn't stop them from escaping. And worse still, you trusted in that traitorous woman!. You have no idea what is going Warren. I swear to you I'm gonna find Desmond and kick his goddamn ass!" "Control your temper Daniel. I assure you that mr. Miles will be retrieved when the time comes. For now, we must focus on eliminating Nathan Hawk." "Fine. I'll go and hunt that bastard down if it pleases you. I'll deliver his fucking corpse right at your doorstep. He won't even know what hit him. "Ah a little bit of enthusiasm is just what this conversation needed. Now go and carry out this mission and report to me when he's dead so we can be rid of this pest. "It will be done." Daniel walked out of the office and the doors closed. Vidic opened his email. He had received an important message from an associate and started typing a reply. He took a sip from a coffee cup and then thought "I think this will be the beginning of an end for the assassins..."

The paradise palm hotel, september 18 2012 Miami, Florida[]

Daniel Cross stopped an expensive sports car in front of the Paradise palm hotel. In the back seat, two men wearing expensive suits and black sunglasses prepared their equipment. Daniel cross turned and looked at the men. He said: "Ok boys this is where the assassin Nathan Hawk is hiding. He should be located in room 711 on the seventh floor of the hotel. He should be alone so this is nothing we can't handle but caution is adviced. Hawk is a skilled and experienced assassin and he shouldn't be underestimated. "Don't worry boss. With this equipment, he'll be dead in a matter of seconds." The man loaded his Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. "Yes but this assassin has killed at least 30 of our finest men in the past two weeks. He is dangerous so be careful. Now let's roll!" Cross opened the driver's door and stepped out while the two men concealed their weapons with great care before stepping out. Then men stepped in an elevator and took it to the seventh floor. On the seventh floor, the men positioned themselves in front of the door of room 711. Daniel Cross loaded his Glock pistol and then knocked on the door. A tall man with brown hair and a neatly shaved beard opened the door. "Oh shit how did you find me Cross?" "I didn't find you. No, my killer instincts found you. I'm born to kill. And now, goodbye!" Nathan Hawk dived behind a couch as the two sunglass-wearing men began shooting maniacally. When they stopped, the walls were full of holes. The floor was full of broken glass and a wooden table in front of them was in pieces. People in the nearby rooms screamed: "Someone call the police! Terrorists are attacking the hotel!" "Do not worry, we'll be out of here before the police comes. Check if he's dead." One of the men approached the couch with this MP5 held ready. "Boss I think he's dead. He's not moving. What should we do to his cor--AAAH!" The man screamed in agony as Nathan Hawk stabbed him in the leg with a hidden blade. Hawk quickly stood up and finished the man by stabbing him in the throat. "Awww how cute. Mr Hawk knows how to kill someone. Well guess what, so do I. So you better read your prayers now because you will meet your maker soon!" "Always a comedian Cross. Except your jokes aren't funny. If your plan is to bore me to death, then by all means bring it on! "That's it! Kill the assassin. I've had enough of this. " "Tut tut didn't your mom teach you any manners Cross?" Nathan Hawk said while he ran towards the room's balcony. The sunglass-wearing Abstergo agent began to shoot. Hawk jumped down from the balcony. "Why you're standing there. Go after him now!" "Boss he just jumped down from the seventh floor. There's no way he could've survived that fall. "Something tells me he's bluffing. Go and check the situation." The Abstergo agent walked to the balcony and looked around. "Nice view, isn't it? I think you should take a closer look!" Nathan Hawk was hanging from the balcony and pulled the agent over the railing. He fell down seven floors until he hit the street with a brutal force. "hahahaa write me a postcard from hell if you have the time!" Hawk screamed and climbed back on the balcony. "Not so fast, assassin" Hawk felt when the barrel of a Glock was pressed against his back. "Damn I forgot you Cross. Should have thought a little before I climbed back here." "A very lethal mistake, mr. Hawk. One that's going to cost you your life." "Vidic sent you to kill me?" "Yes he did. He will be very pleased to know that you died painfully. William Miles on the other hand, well let's just say he won't be so happy." "You are a pathetic scum Cross. So go ahead and kill me. I have nothing to say to you." "We'll see who is the scum when the cops find your corpse. That is, IF they find your corpse. I think I'm gonna just cut it and put it in a trash bag in pieces and then maybe burn it. "You are insane." "And why shouldn't I be? At least it means I can kill people like you." "Now turn around slowly. I want to see your face when you die." Hawk turned around slowly. "It is time Hawk. Any last words?" "Yes. Fuck you!" Hawk headbutted cross. Cross retreated, screaming in agony and holding his head. He then grabbed Cross and threw him towards the broken wooden table. Cross dropped his gun and fell down directly on top of wooden splinters and broken glass. Hawk then fled. "Aaah you motherfucker I'll get you. You won't get far!" Cross picked up his gun and pulled out a walkie talkie from his pocket. "The target is fleeing. Repeat, the target is leaving! Do not let him escape. And get me a chopper down here. I want to pursue him from air. He won't escape from me again! I swear it!"

Miami, Florida september 18 2012[]

Nathan Hawk arrived at the main lobby of the Paradise palm hotel. He was greeted by a group of Abstergo agents who pointed their guns at him. "We got you now assassin. Though it's best we let you live until mr. Cross gets here. I have a feeling he wants to execute you personally." "Really? I'm sorry but this party's over. Mr Cross has just missed the party!" Nathan grabed a chair and quickly smashed it to the nearest templar agent. He then dived into cover behind a desk. "No more games assassin. Come out of there and fight like a man!" "Ok you asked for it!" He shouted and leaped over the desk, taking one of the templars as a human shield. "If you come any closer I swear I'll cut his throat. Back off. Back the fuck off! Good. Now drop your weapons and kick them to me." The men put their weapons to the ground and then kicked them towards him. He picked up one of the weapons and examined it. "Heckler & Koch MP5... this baby might come in handy. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta run. See you later dicks!" He knocked out the Abstergo and ran out through the front door. He stopped a car and threatened the driver with his MP5. "Sorry lady but I need this car. Its an emergency. I'll repay you later." The lady stepped out of the car and ran, screaming. Nathan entered the car and drove away just as the Abstergo agents came outside along with Daniel Cross. "Where's that goddamn chopper? Get it down here now! We can't let Hawk escape." The chopper landed on the street and the men entered it. Meanwhile Nathan Hawk was driving over a large bridge. He looked at one of the side mirrors. "Shit! They have a chopper on my tail. This is gonna be hard..." The chopper came closer until it was within firing range. Daniel Cross and the templars began firing at the car. Both the windshield and the rear window of the car broke instantly. "Oh man now I have to do something desperate." Nathan steered the car directly against the bridge railing. The railing broke. Nathan bailed out in the air and dived into to the water below. He kept his head below the surface until he was safely under the bridge. "Dammit where is he? Find him. Shoot the water or something!" The men opened fire. Bullets made loud splashes as they broke the water surface. "He's not here." "Pilot get us lower. He could be under the bridge!" "Fuck, I have to thing something and fast..." Nathan thought as the chopper was rapidly approaching. Nathan started to climb the bridge and found a suitable space to hide from the chopper, a small ledge behind the bridge's supporting structures. Nathan climbed on the ledge and crouched, hoping they couln't see him from there. "He's not here. The target got away. I repeat, the target got away. We are returning to base." "Son of a bitch! Vidic's gonna be angry to me now. I may have failed but I quarantee this: I will find Hawk soon and make him pay!" The chopper turned away and left. "That was too close" Hawk said as he slid down from the ledge and jumped into the water.


Nathan Hawk decided it was no longer safe to stay in Florida. After speaking with William Miles he relocated to a small town in Colorado. Daniel Cross reported to Vidic about his failure. Vidic was angry to him. However, Vidic had something else in mind and summoned Cross back to Rome later.