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ACFanon : The first cut[]

"The first cut" is a moment when Bayu Cathaka finished his first assignment, killed a secret Dutch military informant. It was also his first time to kill someone in his life.


"Our blades must ready when we pursue or battle our enemies, but when we walk in tranquility, put your sword in sleep or it will put you and your beloved person in sleep,"

Thomas Van Dell when he teached Bayu about blending

Several misssions had been given to him, and Bayu Cathaka proved that he was a dependable understudy. Thomas Van Dell believed that it is now his time to perform an essential method of the brotherhood to fight the Templars : Assassination.

Because finding and stalking an enemy before killing him/her must not be done without great care, Thomas Van Dell gave Bayu several excessive practices in order to prepare him for his first blood. Several trainings such as freerunning, blending, and various assassination methods were given to him. Van Dell also reminded his pupil about The Creed, especially the first tenet, due to his lack of anger control.

Assassins require weapons, and so was Bayu as well. He then later came to a blacksmith that people often said used to work at Keraton Yogyakarta. The blacksmith crafted a pair of steel Keris and was about to dip them in poison, giving a deadly effect on the blade, but then this idea was later refused by Bayu. However, Thomas Van Dell realized that this young assassin won't survive without modern weapon, and so he gave him his old revolver pistol.

The first step[]

After collecting several intels, Bayu later discovered that the informant often blend along with the merchants at the market in order to gain the latest info. Accompanied by Thomas Van Dell, who was tasked by the elders to watch his student's performance, and anticipating unwanted circumstances, he went to the market to find the informant, which he later found quick.

Apparently, the informant was trained enough, as he also spotted Bayu and his teacher as well. Following his sharp intuition, the informant attempted to escape the market as fast as possible without attracting too much attention. Of course he then followed by the assassins, resulting feared him and provoke the informant to run.

Because of his knowledge upon the city roads, Bayu quickly made his own route to ambush the informant, which later greatly impressed his mentor. The informant couldn't think that his hunters were faster and smarter, and ended up being ambushed.

Decision : Kill or Fail[]

Bayu quickly took down the informant and unsheathe his blades, but hesitation striked his heart as he watched the terrorized face of his victim. He couldn't feel sure about his decision to kill, freezed him for some moment. The informant read this, and quickly tossed him away and run. Thomas Van Dell was about to pursue their target, but he quickly stopped when his understudy gained his consciousness and throw his Keris toward the informant, pierced his heart from his back, and successfully killed the target. Thomas Van Dell quickly took the blade and hand it back to Bayu, telling him that it was their time to leave.


His first successful assassination mission didn't bring any joy to Bayu, rather it terrorized him. For several days, he was in deep trauma. Thomas Van Dell considered this as a normal thing, for he also felt the same way when he killed his first victim. This moment then used by him to strengthen Bayu's faith toward the purpose of brotherhood, justify it with patriotism reason.