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"Death to you!"
―The Founder

The Founder (harvested from Callum Kerr, a Templar during the Purge) was an OTPA (Omega Training Program Avatar) used by Abstergo Medical in their research for Pieces of Eden, and to train recruits for the Templar Order, during their Project Omega and it's training program. The Founder's special weapon was his sword.

The Founder (OTPA)
Callum Kerr in North America
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Assassin's Creed: Purge
(training program)

Character Background[]

The Founder was a Scottish member of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order that operated in the American Colonies during the American Revolution. He acted as an assassin for the Caribbean Templars during the Purge of Assassins at the end of the latter. The Founder would later become the Grand Master of the Order after the Revolution and during the war of 1812.

Moves []

Unique moves[]

Moves unique to The Founder.

(Low Profile, Front)

The Founder is walking slowly up to his victim. When he is close enough, he pulls out his sword and place it deep into the victim's throat. The target cannot scream while he lifts his leg and kick him/her to the ground. He walks from the place, drying off the blood on his belt.

(Low Profile, Back)

Behind his target, The Founder draws his sword, before slashing it horizontally across the victim's spine, causing them to go weak at the knees. He then follows through with his attack by wedging his blade into the right of his victim's abdomen, and proceeds to free his sword by forcing his victim forwards with his foot, the weapon slashing through their side along the way.

(High Profile, Front)

Running up to his target, The Founder draws his sword and placing it into the victim's left shoulder from above. Before they can fall to the ground, The Founder grabs their right shoulder and spin them around, pulling out his sword. The victim try to run, but too late. The Founder have already thrusted his sword into their back, before slowly and painfully forcing the blade through until it fully penetrates the victim, the hilt adjacent to their body. As his victim stares down at the blade, The Founder roughly pulls it free, with them collapsing dead to the ground shortly afterward.

(High Profile, Back)

Sprinting over to his target, The Founder suddenly vaults around them with his sword drawn, before pressing his weapon into the victim's neck and slitting their throat as he pulls them with him. Once his feet touch the ground, he quickly removes his sword from his victim's neck, causing them to twirl around to their death. But to be sure, The Founder slashing the victim's chest with his sword before leaving the area.

Common moves[]

Dagger []

(Low Profile, Front)

The Founder pulls out his dagger and stabs the victim in the chest, before placing it in their mandible and breaking it. The victim falls to the ground, and The Founder disappear in the crowd.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Founder is walking up to the target and turning it to him. The victim is surprised, and The Puppet stab his target in the stomach three times. The victim holding one hand on The Founder's shoulder, preying for mercy. The Founder takes a step back and leave his victim to bleed out.

(High Profile, Front)

The Founder runs up to his victim and stab them in the chest, roll over their back, pulling out the dagger, and pushes him/her to the ground. The victim screams, but The Founder throws the dagger in their throat – stopping the target. The Founder does then walk up to him/her and take the knife back, then he leave the area.

(High Profile, Back)

The Founder runs up to his victim and stab them in their spine before. The victim falling to the ground, and The Founder now pulling out the dagger, turning around the victim – facing it – and stab him/her in the heart.


(Low Profile, Front)

Approaching his target, The Founder quickly pulls out his spear and stabs it into his/her abdomen. He then cruelly pulls the spear upwards, further opening the newly inflicted wound and causing more blood loss. From there, The Founder removes his weapon, before he watches as his victim falls to the ground.

(Low Profile, Back)

Casually walking up to his target from behind, The Founder pulls out his spear, before slashing the victim diagonally across the spine to the left, followed up by a second slash to the right. He then brutally forces the spearhead through the target's back, withdrawing his spear as his victim collapses to their knees, dying slowly.

(High Profile, Front)

Running up to his target, The Founder stabs his spear deeply into their chest. As the victim grab ahold of the spear, The Founder takes his hands away from his weapon and spins around, before returning once more to his spear. From there, The Founder sadistically rips out his weapon by pulling on it single-handedly, before performing a second spin and using the momentum to slash his victim across the chest, causing them to fall back to their death.

(High Profile, Back)

Rushing over to his target from behind, The Founder impales his spear into their spine. As they recoil from the pain, he withdraws his spear and springs upwards into the air, subsequently slashing his victim down their spine from their neck, causing them to die of blood loss.


(Low Profile, Front)

The Founder approaches his target with his rifle, before lunging its bayonet into their stomach. Following this, he proceeds to pull it back and forcefully swing the firearm around, striking the butt of the rifle into his victim's face and knocking them to the floor, where they bleed profusely from their wound.

(Low Profile, Back)

Casually approaching his target from behind, The Founder takes his rifle and thrusts its bayonet through their right calf, severing the muscle and splitting the bone. As his victim falls to their knees in pain, he pulls out the bayonet and flips his rifle around to bring the butt of it crashing down onto their head, where it crushes the back of their skull.

(High Profile, Front)

Rushing over to his target, The Founder suddenly kneels down in front of them, before aiming the tip of his musket towards their face. As they stand in confusion for a moment, the Sharpshooter shoots his victim in the face with his weapon from his crouched position, following which he stands back up and slings his musket around his back, watching as they fall back to their death.

(High Profile, Back)

Running up to his target from behind, The Founder places his rifle down in front of them, before impaling the firearm's bayonet underneath their jaw. Following this, the Sharpshooter kicks down on the trigger of the musket with his foot, dealing a point blank shot to the back of his victim's head, piercing their brain and killing them instantly.


  • "Death to you!"
  • "The Order will rise anew"
  • "To thine own self be true"
  • "May the Father of Understanding guide you … fool"
  • "Bow for the Order"
  • "I could hire you … as my jester"


Normal weapons[]

  1. Simple dagger: unlocked at level 10
  2. Arctic spear: unlocked at level 20
  3. Hunter gun: unlocked at level 40

Prestige weapons[]

  1. Golden dagger: unlocked at prestige 4, level 10
  2. War-spear: unlocked at prestige 4, level 20
  3. Templar gun: unlocked at prestige 4, level 40


  1. The Founder: unlocked at level 1
  2. Captain Kerr: unlocked at prestige 4, level 40
  3. Arctic Founder: unlocked at prestige 4, level 50
  4. Seeker: unlocked at prestige 5, level 30


  1. The Founder's third taunt "To thine own self be true", is a sentence from Shakespare's Hamlet