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The Great Gang wars of London were many events involving the cities gang between 1888-1889


  • Rook civil war
  • Blighters-Rook war
  • Gang uprising


Rooks Civil War[]

The Great gang wars began when the Assassins Samuel, Jacob, and Evie Frye, tried reclaiming the. Rooks from Jack the Ripper only diving the Rook's in civil war.

The Blighters rise again[]

With the Assassins mainly focus on the Rook civil war the Templar were able to revive the Blighters. The Blighters taking advantage of the Rook's civil attacked many of the operations on both sides joining the bloody gang war in the process.

Downfall of Jack's Rook's[]

In 1890 the assassin Samuel Frye lead many loyal Rook's and fellow assassins in attacks against the gang Operations of Jack's Rook's. After destroying their operations Samuel then begun assassinating many of the gangs lieutenants in doing so derived the gang leader Jack the Ripper into hiding. With no one to lead them they joined the rest of the Rook's in the war with the Blighters under the command of the Fryes.