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"The Harrison" is Frigate of Infamous Pirate Assassin John Mayflower


Before Captain Mayflower Commanded "The Harrison", The Ship was an armed Vessel named "HMS Bell". She was Captured by Mayflower(while docked on New Providence)

The Mayflower

Mayflower used her in many Adventures including the Raid on La Habana, Where Mayflower Attacks an Old Spanish Fortress and Destroyed 13 ships with a Mortar. and the Battle with the British Fleet, Where Mayflower and his fellow Tortuga Pirates Repels a British Attack on Tortuga. The Harrison was also used on Norrington's Pursue on Mayflower. When Norrington Captured Mayflower, The Harrison is Renamed "HMS Edward". When Mayflower Escaped Norrington, He Recaptured and Renamed Her into "The Harrison" Again After This. Mayflower Continued Sailing on The Harrison.