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This story is made by the awesome Lewdnar (aka. Elydion), and I strongly recommend you giver their other stories a go too. Follow this link and add it to your Story log in AC Odyssey.

This will have the P.O.V. of Kassandra.
The Hunt
The Hunt.jpeg
US release
July 20th, 2019
EU release
Action, dialogue

The Hunt is a story quest made possible with the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Story creator mode. During her adventures in Greece, Kassandra met with the aspiring Olympic archer Diana on Thasos.



An Olympic archer to be needs your help. Find her in Thasos.


Gone hunting - Diana's grandmother is worried for her granddaughter. Check up on her.

The Vineyard - Meet with Diana and receive your answers.

The Instructor - Meet with Diana's archery instructor in the city.

Storage issues - It's time to storm the warehouse. Meet with Diana.

Rivalry - It's time to see what Atreus wanted. Investigate with Diana.

Tax problems - All the clues point at the tax office. Kill the men responsible.

Confrontation - It's time to confront Chiron.

The Beach - It's time to tell Diana what you've learned.

The Fort - It's time to end this. Head over to the Koinyra Fortress, and help Diana find closure.



Kassandra - the legendary Eagle Bearer from Kephallonia. Meeting an old woman at the Thasos Temple, Kassandra was asked to see to her grandchild, Diana.

Diana - an aspiring archer who dreams to participate in the Olympic games. She shares her character model with the Cultist Zoisme. Consumed by grief, Diana's only goal is to avenge her family. Eliminating the men who forced her to watch her parents' own execution, Diana soon discovers a conspiracy that is the cause of her sorrows.

Antagonists []

Chiron - a determined Athenian general from Thasos. He shares his character model with the Cultist Silanos of Paros. A leader for his soldiers, Chiron was a strong and manipulative general. It was no better with his son, Atreus, who had fallen in love with the best archer at the Thasanian gymnasium. In order to tip Diana off and leave the gymnasium, Chiron ordered the murder of her parents.

Eros - a high-ranked Athenian commander. He shares his character model with the pirate Gotarzes. Only wanting his son to be the best archer at the Thasanian gymnasium, Eros was hired by Chiron to kill Diana's parents. Chiron didn't know how brutal Eros could be, and decided it was best to let the petty despot harass the local vineyard workers.


Orion - a Thasanian who saw the men sent after Diana's parents. He shares his character model with the Cultist Sokos. He was too scared to face the murderers, indirectly being the cause of their death. He followed Eros and his band of rogue Athenians to the treasury, giving away the location to Kassandra. He prayed for her not to reveal to Diana how he learned this, as she would hate him forever.

Menon - Diana's instructor. He shares his character model with the Cultist Melite. Upon entering the city of Thasos, Menon was the man to contact. He was a Spartan refugee who found it strange that someone wanted Diana and her parents dead due to a spot in the gymnasium. He promised to help Kassandra however, and pointed her to Atreus – a close friend of Diana.

Atreus - the second-to-compete for the gymnasium's glory. He shares his character model with the Cultist Melanthos. The bastard of general Chiron, Atreus was raised to be more than his status. He was trained with a bow and arrow from his young years, befriending Diana on the way – falling in love with her over the years. After her parents' death, Atreus was to be considered the best archer at the gymnasium. Wether he knew of his father's plans or not is uncertain.


  1. The name of Atreus, may be a reference to the God of War character and archer, son of Kratos. Atreus may also be a reference to the king of Mycenae in Greek mythology.
  2. Diana's name is a possible reference to the Roman goddess of hunt
  3. Eros shares name with the Greek god of sensual love and desire.
  4. Orion shares name with the Greek demigod and hunter.