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(Note for the reader: Readers are advised to first read Assassin's Creed: The Forgotten Piece to understand and enjoy the story.)
Assassin's Creed: The Lost Piece
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US release
August 19, 2012
EU release
August 19, 2012
Action-Adventure, Historic

Assassin's Creed: The Lost Piece is a sequel to Assassin's Creed: The Forgotten Piece and the third and the final part of The Piece trilogy.

Part 1[]

Prologue: Subject 18[]

Jayson woke up and found himself in a cell.

Jayson: Where am I?

An old man with a full grown beard entered the cell.

Old Man: You are at Abstergo, Mr. Kenoy.

Jayson: Who are you?

Old Man: I am David William and I think you are Subject 18. You have the information we need, and we have something you want.

Jayson got up and tried to punch him but David ducked and injected Jayson with something and Jayson fainted there.

Chapter 1: المحادثة[]

When Jayson woke up, he found himself in a room and was sitting on a chair infront of David William who was sitting infront a Jayson with the table between them. David took out the stone from the inside pocket of his long lab coat.

David: Is this what you are looking for Mr. Kenoy?

Jayson: You son of a b****!

David: I just want you to coordinate with us, and maybe I...

Jayson: What do you want?

David: I want your DNA, not by force but by your will. If you agree then I will give you what you want.

Jayson: I will think about it.

David didn't say a word and left the room. Jayson got up the chair and found a pin on the table, he picked it up and tried to open his handcuffs and was successful. An Abstergo guard entered the room and took out his baton to attack Jayson. Jayson picked up the stapler on the table, he ducked the attack and stapled the guard's forehead. The guard screamed with pain. David entered the room, Jayson took out the guard's gun and pointed it at David.

Jayson: Give me the stone!

David: Here, take it.

David passed the stone at Jayson which was a fake lookalike, but Jayson thought of it as the real stone.

Chapter 2: A Death In The Brotherhood[]

Jayson: Where is Michelle!?

David: Oh! That thief. She is in Cell-4 in Basement-3. Here take the key.

David passed Jayson the key and Jayson exited the room, David contacted an ASTU agent through his earpiece

The ASTU logo

when Jayson exited the room.

David: I need all avilable units on Basement-3. Be Quick!

ASTU agent: Affirmative!

Jayson ran down the corridor and entered a lift, he hesitantly pushed the button to Basement-3. He reached the floor and ran down to the location of Cell-4. The ASTU agents' commander, Dennis Via held Michelle as a hostage.

Jayson: Let...her...go!

Dennis: I have my eyes on the target.

ASTU Leader: Roger that.

Dennis walks away with Michelle while an ASTU team rapples down into the builing crashing in through the windows. The ASTU team prepares to open fire on Jayson. Jayson crouches low and takes out his gun and shoots it at a smoke bomb on the waist of an ASTU agent. The corrdior is covered with smoke and as the ASTU agents turn on to their thermal vision, they are killed before they could see Jayson. Jayson takes them down one by one and exits the corridor to the roof of the facility.

Jayson: Where are you!?

Dennis sneaks up on Jayson and rests the tip of the gun on his parietal lobe, just seconds away from blowing his brains to the ground.

Dennis: You want to know where Michelle is?

An ASTU agent walks up to Jayson with Michelle as his human shield and pointing his gun at her skull. Sweat is running down Michelle's face.

Jayson: Let her go!

The Assassin VTOL.

Dennis: Today, you will live or she will live!

Then all of a sudden an Assassin VTOL appears from nowhere.

The Assassin VTOL was a vehicle used by the assassins. It is equipped with two mini guns and a rocket launcher and it has space for two people. It had a top speed of 1250km/h.

The ASTU agent shot Michelle in her head blowing her brains to the ground. Jayson ducked and the VTOL open fire on the facility, killing the ASTU agent in the process. Dennis Via was severly injured. Jayson sprinted towards the VTOL and jumped off the edge of the building. He was saved by the Assassin VTOL and escaped the Abstergo Facility.

Chapter 3: The Second Son[]

It was 8 in the evening and was all dark when Jayson reached the assassins' hideout. When he reached the hideout, Amanda was already waiting for him there. Jayson was astonished when he discovered that the stone given to him by David was a fake one.

Jayson: Amanda give me the current status of the stone.

Amanda: Its at Monaco, France.

Jayson and Amanda were in for a surprise. The wall of the hideout was blew up into piece producing smoke and dust. The ASTU had breached. Within no time, they rushed towards their Tumbler.

The Tumbler was a vehicle used commonly by the assassins. Equipped with a powerful engine with a top speed of 200km/h. It was also equipped with 2 mini guns and 2 rocket launchers.

The Tumbler.

The Tumbler had a stealth mode in which the speed limit decreased to 70km/h and the engine didn't produce any noise and the lights were shut down. The stealth mode was effective only at night.

After their escape from the hideout an ASTU chopper hovered over the Tumbler. Jayson pushed a button.

Tumbler Computer: Stealth Mode activated.

The Tumbler's lights switched off and its speed decreased. The Tumbler slowly moved out of the chopper's spotlight and disappeared on the dark highway.

Pilot: We have lost vision of the target.

The assassins escaped the area and were on their way to the Cairo International Airport.

Chapter 4: The Fall Of The Assassins[]

The Abstergo had gathered information about the locations of most of the assassins' hideouts in all Europe and

Amanda Sebastian.

had started an assault on them. Jayson and Amanda had departed for Pisa. 3 hours later after their departure from Cairo, they were at the Pisa Airport. They decided to spend the rest of the night at a nearby hotel.

Chapter 5: The Hallucination[]

The following night Jayson had a dream. In his dream, he saw Adam.

Adam: Put back the Piece before its too late and beware of the cross.

Chapter 6: Rise Of The Cross[]

20 days remaining

There were wanted posters for Jayson and Amanda all over Europe. These posters were put up by Abstergo. The Abstergo had started an assault on the assassins' hideouts but there were underground assassins' bases which were not yet discovered by the Abstergo. Jayson and Amanda picked up a Tumbler from one of the assassins' base and left for Genova.

Epilogue: The 11th Century[]

20 days remaining

Amanda drove the Tumbler. On their way to Genova, Jayson had a flashback of his ancestor, Derek Kenoy , a Roman assassin during the 11th century AD. Derek walked into a Roman Legionary camp. When he entered it, a Roman guard haulted him. Derek pulled out his blade and stabbed the guard. Two Roman guards charged towards him, he drew out his sword, dodged the attack, stabbed a guard in the stomach with his sword and extracted his blade and stabbed the guard in his neck. He then entered a tent and caught sight of Aegidius Cesare who was standing with his back at the entrance of the tent, where Derek stood. Aegidius turned around and faced Derek.

Aegidius: What do you want?

Derek: The location of the stone.

Derek pulled out his blade and became suspicious.

Aegidius: Guards!

The guards arrived and pointed their swords at Derek's back.

Aegidius: Stay back your blade assassin. I may tell you the stone's location.

Derek retracted his blade and Aegidius took out the stone from underneath his toga .

Aegidius: Is this what you are looking for.....assassin? Guards get him out of here.

Derek extended his blade and stabbed a guard in his abdomen, dodge the sword and stabbed the guard with his own sword and cut other guard's throat with his throwing knife. All of a sudden Jayson woke up breathing heavily.

Part 2[]

Prologue: Hiding Under The Ground[]

20 days remaining

The assassins had reached Genova. On reaching there, Jayson took out Amanda's laptop and found out that she had received a message by an assassin, Dexter Ludvico. Jayson and Amanda reached a nearby assassins' base and on reaching there he met Dexter.

Dexter: The stone is at the Abstergo's Facility in Monaco isn't it? Maybe I can help you get there.

Dexter was a billionaire and could help Jayson and Amanda.

Jayson: It is gonna be a long journey to the South Vault. We will stay at the base for tonight.

Chapter 1: Voice From The Past[]

19 days remaining

The following night Jayson got another flashback. These flashbacks happened to him because of the bleeding effect and the pressure of the powers of the stone on his mind. In his flashback he saw Derek infiltrating a villa at night. He scaled high wall and reached the roof. He saw two guards and took them out one by one with the help of his blowpipe. He then ovelooks into a room through a window where he sees Aegidius sleeping comfortably with the stone on the table at his bedside. Derek notices that the window was unlatched and sneeks into the room. He walked towards the table where the stone was kept, but before he could get it, Aegidius woke up.

Aegidius: What are you here assassin!? Guards!

Chpater 2: To Monaco[]

19 days remaining

Jayson woke up breathing heavily.

Dexter: Are you okay mate?

Jayson: Yea I'm fine, it was just a nightmare.

Dexter: We're going to Monaco.

Jayson: But how?

Dexter: I own an airplane runway near the countryside and a private jet.

A a few minutes later they reached the runway and departed for Monaco.

Chapter 3: Bienvenue à Monaco[]

19 days remaining

The assassins reached Monaco and went to a nearby hotel. When Jayson reached there, he started feeling dizzy and fell unconcious on the floor.

Amanda: Jayson! Are you okay!? Stay with me Jayson!

Chapter 4: Its Not Even Breakfast Yet[]

18 days remaining

Jayson woke up and found himself in an hospital, lying on a bed with a cop standing besides him.

Cop: Its good to have you here Mr.Kenoy. As I've had a look at your criminal records, I don't think there is any criminal activity by you and Mrs. Sebastian. So you currently have no arrest warrant.

Jayson: Thank you sir.

The cop leaves the room. Amanda was standing at the entrance of the room.

Jayson: How long was I out?

Amanda: One day.

Jayson: Where is Dex?

Amanda: He is at the Facility.

Amanda gets a phonecall from Dexter.

Dexter: Amanda, I have a problem here! The stone is at Rio de Janerio and on its way to Santiago. They lured us.

Amanda: Dexter quickly get to the General Hospital of Monaco.

The Concorde arriving at Rio de Janerio.

Dexter: Aite I'm on my way.

Jayson was discharged from the hospital and Dexter arrived there within a minute.

Jayson: I'm tired of asking this question, but how are we gonna get there?

Dexter: Didn't I tell ya people that I have a Concorde .

They reached the Monaco International Airport and had received the permission to takeoff. A few minutes later, they were airborne and on their way to Rio de Janerio.

Chapter 5: Touchdown[]

18 days remaining

The plane shuddered as it entered some turbulence but they safely landed at Rio de Janerio 7 hours after their departure from Monaco. When they reached Rio de Janerio, they saw huge dark clouds surrounding the city.

Amanda: There is soon gonna be a thunderstorm here.

Jayson: How will we get to Santiago?

Amanda: By train. Because Abstergo has set High Altitude Security 24/7.

Abstergo High Altitude Security, AHAS for short was set up by the Abstergo to protect the stone. The AHAS kept an eye on the airplanes that went in or out of the border of Chile. The train from Rio de Janerio to Santiago would at least take 4 days to reach.

Epilogue: Behind The Lines[]

18 days remaining

Amanda: We will be leaving tonight.

The following night the assassins left for Rio de Janerio railway station. They boarded their train and a few minutes later, the train departed and they were heading towards the Andes mountains range. The first night in the train, Jayson got a flashback. In the flashback he saw Derek at the South Pole. Derek shouted the number 21 out aloud and a pedestal emerged from the snow covered ground. He put his hand on it and the ground split open. Derek got into the elevator that had rose out of the ground; which went down to the South Vault.

Part 3[]

Prologue: Andes[]

15 days remaining

The train had reached the Andes mountain range. The weather was very hot and the sun was shining brightly. All of a sudden the train came to a hault.

Jayson: What has happened?

Amanda: I don't know.

Dexter: Maybe its an Abstergo security check.

Two Abstergo agents entered the train compartment, Jayson drew out his blade and stabbed the guards. The assassins hid the dead bodies and a few minutes later the train had started and was on its way to Santiago.

Chapter 1: Welcomed By Them[]

14 days remaining

They reached Santiago the following day. There was heavy security in the city and no other assassin except them was present in the city. There were cameras on every street and building. The temperature of that place had increased, it turned out to be 40°C. The assassins reached a old, broken, deserted apartment. They relaxed at the apartment for a while and after an hour.

Amanda: Jayson are you ready for your mission?

Jayson: I think so.

Amanda set up her laptop and synchronized it with Jayson's earpiece. Dexter stayed with Amanda at the apartment.

Chapter 2: Making Way[]

14 days remaining

Jayson infiltrating the Abstergo's faciility.

It was night time and Jayson reached the Abstergo's Facility. He came out through a manhole infront of the facility. He was wearing an invisibility suit which was in its prototype stage. He activated the suit and disappeared. The suit would only work when the person wearing the suit is stationary. The weather was getting worse by every minute. There were severe climatic changes all over the globe. The highest temperature increased to 65°C and the lowest dropped to -100°C. Jayson entered the facility stealthily, two guards saw him and raised the alarm. He killed the two of them and entered a lift, the lift moved a floor up and the door opened. He saw a long corridor.

Amanda: Jayson the ASTU are coming in hot.

ASTU Leader: Red team go! Red team go!

The door at the end of the cooridor was breached by ASTU. An army of ASTU agents entered the corridor. Jayson dodged the bullets fired by them and escaped into a room. He saw David William in the room overlooking the city through the big glass window.

David: Mr.Kenoy.

Jayson: Where is the stone!?

David: You don't need to worry about that Mr.Kenoy.

The door opened and the ASTU agents got in. An ASTU chopper hovered outside the big glass window.

Pilot: We have our visual on the target.

Jayson jumped out of the big glass window, shot his grappling gun at the chopper, swng to the other side and crashed back on the window on the other floor.

Amanda: It is a the Fine Arts Museum.

Jayson: Got it!

Jayson escaped the facility with Dexter in a Tumbler.

Chapter 3: The Museum[]

13 days remaining

It was around 2 in the morning. Dexter and Jayson had air support with them and were able to deal with the Abstergo vans chasing them. They reached the Museum and breached in with the other assassins.

Amanda: There is an ASTU team right near your location.

The assassins entered a huge hall where the painting was kept at the end of the hall.

Dennis: Red team go! Red team go!

An ASTU team rappled down the roof and broke in through the windows.

Red Team Leader: We are in, I repeat we are inside the Museum.

An army of assassins entered the Museum. An Assassin VTOL had its target locked at the Museum and was ready to open fire. Jayson and Dexter took out their gun and killed the ASTU with the assassins' aid.

Blue Team Leader: Red team is down!

Dennis: Copy that.

Jayson and Dexter rushed towards the painting and put it down and found a safe beneath it.

Jayson: We need to crack this!

Blue team had breached into the Museum.

Dennis: We need all avilable units at Fine Arts Museum.

Amanda: We need more assassins at the Fine Arts Museum.

Within no time there were Tumblers and Assassin VTOLs at the Museum. The ASTU units had also arrived there. Jayson fired the grappling gun at a VTOL and tied it with the safe and jumped pmto the rope and the VTOL sped foward uprooting the safe out of the building in the process.

Epilogue: Sea Sickness[]

13 days remaining

Jayson climbed up the rope and got into the VTOL. Dexter reached Amanda and they followed Jayson in another VTOL to the continent of Antarctica. The glaciers of the Himalayas had started melting because of the climatic changes. When they reached Antarctica, there was a heavy snowstorm accompanied by a thunderstorm. It was a rare phenomenon which had never occured there. Their approximate coordinates were 78° S, 85° W.

Part 4[]

Prologue: Snow Blindness[]

13 days remaining

Jayson: Amanda give me the coordiantes to the nearest assassins' base to the South Vault.

Amanda: Its 90.0000° S, 139.2667° W and its name is Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. There is an assassins' base near our location. It is at Mt. Vinson Massif.

A few minutes later, they reached the assassins' base. An assassin named Henry Dawson helped them.

Henry: Aren't you Mr. Jayson Kenoy!? Everybody is talking about you!

Jayson: We need a Tumbler.

Henry: Okay I will take care of that.

The Antarctican variation of Tumbler had a white paintjob and caterpillar wheels which slowed down its speed to 80 km/hr. Jayson had managed to get the safe opened at the base.

Henry: Distance between the base and the South Vault is 2583 km. It will take you 20 years to get there.

Amanda: The distance between the base and the South Vault is 1275 km and it will take you 31.88 hours at a speed of 40 km/hr. I know the top speed of the Tumbler but I suggest you to drive at 40 so as to remain safe as you know that the snowstorm has led to extremely reduced visibility.

Jayson: Okay. Well what is the temperature outside?

Henry: Its -86° C.

Amanda: Luckily, your that answer was right Henry.

Jayson: Maybe we should rest for tonight. We will leave tomorrow and till that time, get the Tumbler ready.

Chapter 1: Black Light[]

12 days remaining

Jayson woke up and asked Dexter if the storm had stopped. But it hadn't. It had got even worse. But still the assassins left for the South Vault. Back at the Abstergo's Facility at Santiago.

Dennos: It will be damn difficult to search for them in a huge continent during a trans-continent snowstorm with a thunderstorm.!

Chapter 2: The Attack By The Fallen[]

12 days remaining

At the assassins' base, Henry had every mnute detail about their journey and passed it to Abstergo. Abstergo had ambushed their Tumbler 324 km away from their base. Abstergo had planted high impact fragmentation mines in the soft snow. The assassins were in for a surprise. The mines blew up the caterpillar tracks but the pentalayered bulletproof underbelly of the Tumbler saved the lives of the passengers. As they thought the worst was, they were in for a surprise, not only were they under heavy fire but also the soft snow had melted due to the heat from the blast and this only helped the fact that the soft snow under the Tumbler had started caving into the gorge below the sheet of ice. Only one thing was on the minds of the assassins, they had to escape and that too quickly, they knew thay didn't have much time. They got out of the Tumbler and all of a sudden, a bullet pierced thrpugh Amanda's leg. They took cover behind the Tumble. Amanda's bleeding had started freezing and she needed medical attention. All Jayson needed was five shots to take down the ASTu by the end of it he realises that he definately saw six ASTU agents but five dead bodies only. So his best guess was one ASTU agent had fled away.

Jayson: We have to get back to the base!

Jayson puts a cotton pad on the wound and applies pressure on it. Jayson pulled out a sledge out of the Tumbler and deided to take Amanda back to the base. One of them took care of Amanda while the other pulled the sledge.

Chapter 3: The Return[]

6 days remaining

Dexter was beginning to lose hope on the way back and thought that they might not be able to reach there on time. Jayson convinced Dexter and on the 8th day their food supply had finished. They reached the base on the 9th day, hungry and thirsty. When they reached there, Amanda was given medical attention and it took one other day to prepare another Tumbler.

Chapter 4: The Journey Ahead[]

1 day remaining

Dexter: I advise you not to push this baby beyond 40.

Jayson push started the Tumbler. He was a man on a mission and he knew that.

12 hours and 960 km later

He had been stretching the limits of the Tumbler, he thought as he looked at the speedometer which clocked at an agressive 80 km/hr. His mind was clouded with visions of fear of failure, he had to ignore them, he had a long drive ahead. The only thing that kept him cmpany was the low hum of the engine and the white expanse of snow ahead of him. He had to cnverge all his senses on the GPS which warned him of oncoming crevices and obstacles. The snowstorm seemed to be getting worse, he thought as he tried to contact the assassins' base, to ask about Amanda's status. He knew the whole assassin order depended on him to deliver and he could feel the weight of those expectations on his shoulders.

Chapter 3: Its Not About The Destination, Its About The Journey[]

32 minutes remaining

Dec 20, 23:28, shone brightly on his G-Shock wrist watch as he looked at it after exiting his Tumbler, and he didn't had a single clue where to start searching for the entrance. Even though he had that flashback and he vividly remembered every minute detail about it, but it was 10 centuries ago. With the help of his gift of his lineage of Adam he looked around, it helped to show him where to start, and rushed to the Tumbler to grab a shovel with inbuilt heater in the spade and began to dig furiously. He was exhausted, his sweat had started to freeze on his brow. The shovel hit something hard, his heart skipped a beat and he quickly shifted to his wrist watch, 23:57, he could feel the adrenaline surging through his veins and he feel to his knees and furiously began to dig the snow with his hands. Finally he saw familiar metal plaque. He shouted the number 21 out aloud and a pedestal emerged from the snow covered ground. He put his hand on it and the ground split open. He got into the elevator that had rose out of the ground and it descended into a seemingly never ending tunnel. Jayson looked at his watch, 23:59, he felt sense of urgency intensify. Suddenly the elevator stopped with a jerk. He quickly opened the door of the elevator.

Epilogue: Just A Speck Of Dust In His Creation[]

60 seconds remaining

He could see the end of the long corridor. WIth each step he took, the corrdior automatically illuminated further . He began to jog. He reached the end of the corridor and saw an elevation in the floor which had slot for the stone. He quickly placed the stone in it and anxiously checked his watch 23:59:55. Nothing happend. 23:59:57, suddenly the whole underground "corridor" lit up with bright white light and revealing an endless hall. He was amazed, another quick glance at the watch 23:59:59. 2 seconds passed, still 23:59:59, felt his inside squeeze, he felt naseous. Suddenly he sensed another presence and looked forward and found an hologram of Adam .


The End


  • The flashbacks Jayson experienced were actually the Bleeding Effect.
  • Dexter was a rich man as he owned an airplane runway, a private jet and a Concorde.
  • It is unknown how the stone came to Masyaf. Derek had kept it at the South Vault.


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