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Assassin's Creed: The Missing Piece
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US release
May 8, 2012
EU release
May 8, 2012
Action-Adventure, Historic

Assassin's Creed: The Missing Piece is the first part of The Piece trilogy and follows the story of a modern Assassin, Jayson Kenoy as he relives his ancestors memory to find a missing piece known as the Igneous stone.

Part 1[]

Animus 2.8

Prologue: Its Just The Beginning[]

Jayson sat on the comfortable chair and was ready to go. It was the animus 2.8. They were at a large warehouse in New York city in the year 2012. The machine started. Jayson was sent to the year 1171. It was the birth of an assassin, Adam Kenoy. It was just the beginning. Later in the year 1191 Adam was running through the jungles of Spain being chased by the Templars. A bowman shot Adam with his arrow. It went near Adam's arms. He had go a deep scratch and was wounded. When Adam reached the cliff. Adam turned around and raised his arms. He was surrounded by the guards. As the guards came close Adam took a backward Leap of Faith into the sea.

Chapter 1: Breadth Of A Hair[]

In the year 1197 Adam Kenoy entered through the city gates of Marseille. The guards were looking at him suspiciously. They stared at him for a while and after a blink of an eye the guards lay dead with arrows. He took to the roofs and got on high bell tower of a church. He searched for the villa. He found it at a distance and took a leap of faith into a nearby haystack. He reached there by roof and had planned his every moment. He met his fellow assassin Jayson Henry. They ordered the assassins to take to the rofftops with crossbows. Adam went walking towards the gate and the guards came rushing towards him. He raised his sword amd the two assassins came by his side. Adam threw his throwing knifes and entered being aided by the assassins he climbed in through the window and saw a woman. She screamed for help but Adam locked the door from inside and tied her with the curtains. The guards broke in but Adam had escaped through the window. He climbed with the help of

The sword used by Adam Kenoy

a rope and met Jayson.

Adam: What now?

Jayson: We get in through the window and take them down.

They broke in through another window. Adam took his rope dart and hit a guard. Then a knight came in through the door. Jayson jumped on him and fell out through the window with the knight. Adam went to the stables and broke into the library. George turned around.

George: I knew you would come to kill me.

Adam: Yes, you are right. Your death is infront of you.

Adam took his blade and the blade moved towards George but Adam stopped. By the time George took out his knife and stabbed Adam. He fainted and fell on the floor. He woke up after some 12 hours and found himself in a catacomb. He woke up in a chamber. He climbed up a ladder and entered a long tunnel, there he found two guards talking.

Guard 1: He is searching this place for years!!

Guard 2: He has gone mad!

Adam killed a guard with a throwing knife and interrogated another guard. The guard told him everything about George. Adam made him unconcious and continued walking through the tunnel. He came out of the sewers to the streets.

Chapter 2: Second Try[]

Adam had retrieved all the information about George whereabouts and plans from the guard. Geroge was hiding in Paris. Adam went to his way to Paris and reached there at the gates. There were guards waiting for his arrival. He moved towards the guards to assassinate them but when he was near the guards an assassin appeared between the guards and killed them. He was a French assassin, Pablo.

The Igneous stone

Adam: Bonjour!

Pablo: Bonjour! Bienvenue Paris!

They went inside the city and reached the assassins' gulid. They planned their attack. George's hideout was heavily guarded. Adam infiltrated the place silently. He reached a room where infront of the fireplace George was standing.

George: You are trapped.

Adam: What do you mean?

Pablo: Adam its a trap! Escape!

The door burst open and George escaped through the window with the help of a rope. Adam threw his scissor knife and it went straight into George's eye. Adam went down and retrieved the map for the Igneous stone.

Chapter 3: Lead The Way[]

Map of Constantinople in Animus 2.8

The map marked to Constantinople. Adam went to Rome, Italy. And from there he went to Constantinople, Turkey. There in Constantinople he received another map near the gates. The map marked six symbols with a star. When he went to the place with the symbol he was ambushed by the templars. Adam killed all of them with his skills and tactics. Then he was confronted by the assassins' guild leader of Constantinople, Yuri Vorsheski, a Russian. He helped him finding the treasure but Adam didn't tell him about the Igneous stone. At the markers there were books. The books were unused and had nothing written in them. But when Adam used his gift, he saw some marks in them, when he combined the marks they made the map of Masyaf.

ChapT3r 4: Spl@tt3r3d M3m0riEs[]

So Adam set for the journey to Masyaf. But suddenly Jayson was putin the Binary Box in animus.

Animus: /Binary Box\ safe mode. Animus Haaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkkeeeeeeeedddddddddddd

Jayson: Whhhhat is ha33eeppeppening!?

Amanda : I don't kn0w! The @nimus system mooo0nitor is going down like in freewffall.

Bo0o00oth Jaysseesson's and Adam's memories were mixed up. Jayyysseeozn went to the /Binary Box\ for a

The Binary Box.

split second and came back to Con$TanTinople as Jay$on. Everything was mixed up. There waaeaere cars on the streets and Absetrgo agents in Constantinople of 1199

Jayson: D00oooo you know what on e@@aarth is this?

Amanda: ThE animu$ has been hack3333eed

Jayeaddson was again spawned back to the Binary Box with George.

Jayson: What tHe hell is this!?

Amanda: Jayso00oon be careful. You gott@@ filllggght Georg#f-e. He is the hack3r! If you lose you gonna diii33!

Jayson had to fight George and there was no way out. Then multiple Ge###333orge sp@wn3#d. Jayson had to kill the real one. He uS-3ed his gift to sp00-#t the real hacker. The h@@@eeeck3r was from AbsTT#--aergo and Amanda had tra@@c33adaded their location. Jayson quickly stabb3---3d the haeecker. But the hack3r didn't di33. Till that time Amanda had retrieved information about AbSteRg00. Jayson was sUUucceesssful111l in killing the ha@@cK33r. He33 g00t 0uTT of ThE3 @NimUUs and thEE3yyy escaped in a mINiV--4-an. He $Tarted thE VaNN, $m00ke bombs weeerrr throoOwn intO the warehouse.

Amanda: ThheeeyY A---Re here33

JayS$on pushed the gas and Th33Ey escap33eD thE DoCkzzzss.

Chapter 5: Where To Go?[]

Jayson and Amanda reached Chicago within 12 hours. When they reached there they booked a room in a hotel to rest. The next day they left for the flight to Italy. When the plane was about to takeoff, two Abstergo agents entered the plane. Jayson and Amanda read the newspaper trying to hide their faces. When the plane had taken of Jayson went to the restroom. There he met an Abstergo agent. He assassinated him without arousing suspicion and hid his body. Then suddenly a second agent appeared. Jayson punched him on his face and then stabbed him. But the agent didn't die. Then the agent raised Jayson by his neck and took out a knife and stabbed Jayson. Jayson fainted there and when he opened his eyes he found himself in the same catacomb as Adam.

Jayson: What the hell is going on!?

He heard the voice echoing in his head

Amanda: Jayyyysssoooonnnnn! Jaaaaayyyyyysssssooonnn! arrrreeee yyyoooouuuu ooookkkkaaaayyy????

He found himself in the plane.

Amanda: Are you okay?

Jayson: Yeah! Yeah! I am fine!

Amanda: Lets get out. We gotta board another plane because they know we are in Rome. We are leaving for France. Oh! You are bleeding!

Jayson: Nah! Its okay. Lets go!

Amanda and Jayson were rushing through the airport to board another plane.

Amanda: Hey look I got a message at Hepaestus Email Network. Its from a man named Shaun Hastings. He said he needs some backup.

Shaun calling for backup

Jayson: Where?

Amanda: He is at the Colosseum.

Jayson: Time to make new friends!

Amanda: You mean you are going there?

Chapter 6: The Vault[]

At the Colosseum with William , Amanda and Jayson. They went through many puzzles and at last reached the place where the apple was. But Desmond, Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca were not there. William called them through the phone. Shaun answered and said that they were still in the vault. Juno had trapped William , Amanda and Jayson in a different vault.

William: It was a trap! She has trapped us!

Jayson: Who is 'she'?

William: 'She' is Juno.

They tried to get out of the false vault but by the time they reached the real vault, Lucy had died.

William: We were late!

They got out of the vault and went back on their ways. Shaun and his team had left for New York and Jayson and Amanda stayed one night at a hotel and the next day left for Venice.

Chapter 7: Back On Route[]

Amanda had collected information about a new hideout in Venice. They reached the hideout and setup everything. Now Jayson was ready to go back.

Amanda: Ready to go back in the year 1199?

Adam was going on a ship. Then suddenly a big man breaks out of the door, on his left arm he had a templar insignia. He saw Adam and saw the assassins insignia on his waist. He took out his Large axe and tried to kill Adam. Adam ducked to save his head from slashing into pieces. He slided under the tables jumped on a barrel and air assassinated the man.

Civilian: Where are we going?

Adam: Back on route.

Masyaf when visited by Adam Kenoy

Chapter 8: Road To Masyaf[]

Adam reached Masyaf in the year 1204. There he was welcomed by templars. His brother Andiamo was captured and the templars wanted an exchange. They wanted the map for Andiamo. Adam gave them the map knowing that they won't be able to decipher it. But they didn't return Andiamo back and made use of his gift. Adam remembered the map and went at the location. On his way he met the templars at Atlas village. They had a fight with Adam and he was able to free Andiamo and get back the map. They reached Masyaf and met with Il Mentor, Altair Ibn-La' Ahad. After meeting the mentor, Andiamo went back to Rome. Adam didn't tell Altair about the Igneous stone. But eventually Altair came to know about the stone by the use the apple.

Altair: You are hiding something from me, Adam.

Adam: What do you mean?

Altair: The Igneous stone.

Adam: What!?

Chapter 9: Meeting The Mentor[]

After Adam's brother went back, the Mentor came to know that Adam was hiding the information about the Igneous stone from him. When the Mentor and Adam were discussing about the Igneous stone. Then suddenly an assassin came and informed them about a templar attack.

Altair: Ready our men! Adam you get to that tower and hunt them down with your crossbow.

Adam: Yes Mentor.

A few hours later, the war had ended and Masyaf was full of corpses. The assassins had their victory.

Chapter 10: Weilding The Stone Of Fire[]

Adam and Altair were trying to find the Igneous stone. When they went to the garden behind the Fortress. Altair found a special hidden door. Adam kept his hand on a pedestal infront of the door.

Jayson: I am familiar with this type of architect.

A door opened.

Altair: Ready?

Adam: Lets go!

They slipped in through a slanting corridor and reached an underground chamber. There they opened the door, it was the Masyaf Vault.

Adam: WOW!

Altair: Unique!

At the center there was a pedestal where the stone was kept. Adam picked it up and the time stopped. Only Adam was able to move. Then the time resumed.

Altair: What happened?

Adam: The stone, it can control the time.

Altair: OH! I see........

Alatir and Adam went back. They examined the stone and noiced that if they combine the apple and the stone, they could revive a dead person.

Epilogue: Synch Nexus[]

Animus: Synch Nexus complete.

Jayson: What is Synch Nexus?

Amanda: You can't go further.

Jayson: What do you mean?

Amanda: Its a point in the ancestor's memory where you can't see his memory further.

Jayson: So how are we gonna find the stone?

Amanda: I got some information. Adam passed it onto his decendants. Jayson, meet Joseph, Jospeh Kenoy.

Part 2[]

Prologue: Making A New Friend[]

After Jayson had a Synch Nexus with Adam he then followed the memories of a new ancestor, Joseph Kenoy to find the Igneous stone.

Chapter 1: The Execution[]

It was the year 1490 in London. Little Joseph was walking with his parents to the market. Then suddenly a mysterious man appeared, drew out his knife and stabbed his parents. Joseph cried and the man picked him up and ran away. The Master Assassin, Johnson Sullivan was standing nearby and saw everything. Johnson followed the man and stood infornt of him. He drew out his hidden blade and stabbed the man.

Johnson: What is your name child?

Joseph: Joseph, Joseph Kenoy.

Joseph's father's diary.

Chapter 2: The Beginning[]

In the year 1503 when Joseph was going through his father's diary, he found some old blank pages. Joseph used his gift for the first time and he saw some pattern in the pages. He asked his Mentor, Johnson about it.

Joseph: Mentor do you know what is this?

Johnson: It is the map of Roma! Where did you get this?

Joseph: I found it in my father's diary.

Chapter 3: All Roads Lead To Abstergo[]

Joseph reached Roma in the year 1508. He met the Master Assassin, Ezio Auditore. When he reached there he was attacked by templar guards.But was luckily rescued by the assassin Ezio Auditore.

One of the old blank pages.

Amanda: Jayson I have an important mission for you.

Jayson: Ready to go...

The guards at the entrance of the control room.

Amanda: We can also test the bleeding effect. You gotta infiltrate Abstergo's place in Venice...

Jayson: We are already there...

Amanda: ...We gotta steal some intel to block their hackers and don't forget to take that computer virus with ya!

Jayson: Okay!

Chapter 4: The Welcome And The Flashdrive[]

Jayson took an earpiece and the flashdrive and left. Amanda stayed at the hideout to instruct him. Jayson reached the place. It was mostly underground. He stealthily entered the place. Later when he was in the building, he saw two guards at the entrance of the control room. Jayson aimed his poison darts and hit them. He then reached the control room and disabled all the security cameras.

Amanda: Jayson the intel is on Basement-3

Jayson: Got it.

Jayson went down through the lift. While he was in the lift he took out his dual silenced SMGs and waited for the lift to reach Basement-3. After a few seconds at Basement-3 the guards saw the lift was going to arrive. The lift's door opened and BAM! Jayson shot them in their heads. He moved on and got into a room.

Chapter 5: 'retrievalinfo.exe' And 'HACK3D.exe'[]

Jayson: Amanda I am there.

Amanda: Good! Now load the flashdrive into the main computer and open the folder retrievalinfo.exe and click on Retrieve button.

Jayson: Okay.

Amanda: And load the file HACK3D.exe

Jayson did as Amanda had instructed him to do. Then suddenly an Abstergo guard came in. Jayson took his hidden blade and stabbed him in his eye. The guard's eyeball was stuck on the blade. Jayson then removed the eye and retracted his blade. Till that time the retrieval and uploading was complete. Then the alarm went on for a second and turned off because of the file HACK3D.exe. The guards got alert.

Chapter 6: The Escape[]

Amanda: Jayson you gotta get out of there before its too late! They guards will be reaching there any minute!

Jayson: Okay.

Jayson got out of the room and took out his grappling gun and jumped on the ceiling of the corridor. Two guards came below him and Jayson air assassinated them. Then Jayson escaped through a secret passage and went back to the hideout, in the animus.

Chapter 7: Guided By The Mentor[]

So Joseph was saved by Ezio. Joseph spent almost the rest of his life being a follower of Ezio. As the time passed they became great friends. Once Joseph told Ezio about the pages that he found in his father's diary. The location marked a vault under the Pantheon. The templars eventually came to know about the vault under the Pantheon so they blocked the entrance to the Pantheon.But the assassin entered the loaction from the roof. They climbed down and reached the floor.

Joseph: What now?

Ezio: Use your gift.

Joseph was able to open the door to the vault. When they reached there they saw the stone lying on the pedestal.

Map of Rome in Animus 2.8

Joseph picked up the stone.

Ezio: This decision is yours...

Joseph: Okay.

Joseph used the powers of the stone to erase the memory about the stone from the minds of the templars.

Animus: Synch Nexus complete.

Epilogue: To Marseille[]

BOOM! The area was breached by Abstergo. They got in their van and ran away.

Jayson: What now?

Amanda: When we reach Marseille. We are gonna follow Simon Kenoy.

Part 3[]

Animus 2.8 Jayson's MEMORY DNA TIMELINE

Prologue: The Message[]

Amanda received a message from Shaun that they had reached the Grand Temple. Jayson and Amanda reached Marseille after 8 hours of driving. When they reached there they foud an abandoned apartment. They reached in there and set up the cables and Jayson went back into the animus. Jayson was sent to the year 1701. It was the birth of an assassin Simon Kenoy. Simon was running through the jungles of Spain being chased by the templars. A bowman shot Simon with an arrow. It closely went through his arm. He had got a scratch and was wounded. Simon reached the cliff. He turned around and raised his arms. He was surrounded by guards. As the guards came close Simon took a back leap of faith into the sea.

Chapter 1: A New Message[]

Amanda tried to hack into Simon's Sequence 12 to get the info about the stone. It was in the year 1727 Simon received a message. The letter was an invitation at the Church. It was by an unknown person. Simon went there in the Church. From the shadows rose a figure who looked like a ninja in black with an assassin insignia on his belt.

Simon: Who are you?

The mysterious person: I am Senako

The person bowed his head with great respect.

Simon: Why did you call me here?

Senako: A map for the location of the stone.

The map marked to the location in Marseille. So they both went there to find the stone.

Chapter 2: The Betrayal[]

When they reached Marseille. There Simon found a vault with the help of his gift. The vault door opened and they slide down the entrance and reached the vault, there they found the stone lying on the pedestal.

Simon: So here is the stone!

Senako: You are such a fool assassino.

And then Senako stabbed Simon.

Simon: You traitor.

Senako: Hmmmmm... Yes! I just wanted you to open the vault door. Now you are useless to me. Byeee!

Simon fainted there. When he woke up he was lying on the streets. He went to the assassin's guild and there he ordered his assassin to find that traitor.

Chapter 3: The Revenge[]

An assassin came and told Simon that he had found Senako. Simon planned his moves and ordered the assassin's to distract him and take him near the tree. Simon climbed the tree and waited for Senako to arrive. Senako unaware of Simon's presence got under the tree. Simon threw his rope dart and hung Senako from the tree. Simon got down and took the stone he went back to the vault and locked it.

Epilogue: The HACK[]

Abstergo hacked into the animus once again and retrieved the information about the whereabouts of the stone. Amanda however came to know about Abstergo's hack

Amanda: Jayson we gotta get to the vault!

And they left for the vault.

Part 4[]

Prologue: The Vault[]

Abstergo reached the spot but were unable to open the vault door. Amanda called up the assassins backup. The assassins covered the rooftops around the vault door. Jayson raised his left arm.

Jayson: Drop!

The assassins air assassinated the abstergo guards. Jayson saw an abstergo agent crawling. Jayson took out his hidden gun and shot him. Then suddenly there was an explosion and the building collapsed.

Chapter 1: Alternate Route[]

Jayson: Run! Run!

The vault door was blocked by the broken buliding. The assassins had to find an alternate route and reach in the vault before the templars. However the assassins found an alternate way into the vault. The route was in Notre Dame de France. Before entering the Notre Dame, Amanda was shot in her arm by an abstergo agent.

Jayson: Get in quick!

The assassins and Jayson took Amanda and went inside and blocked the door. Jayson found the door to the vault and entered it.

Chapter 2: The Stone[]

The stone was resting on a pedestal in the center of the vault.

Epilogue: The End Of Line[]

Jayson: So this it.

Jayson was alone in the vault with the stone in the center. There was an explosion, the vault was breached by Abstergo. Smokebombs were thrown in th vault.

Jayson: Is this all you got? I had expected more.

They assassins also entered the vault and were by Jayson's side. The stone was on the pedestal between the Assassins and the Abstergo. Jayson raised his left arm and the assassins fired bullets at Abstergo. Then suddenly the roof of the vault collapsed and the stone was crushed by the weight of the roof.

Jayson: So is this how it ends?

Part 5[]

Prologue: Unplanned Continuation[]

Jayson got up with the stone crushed in the center. An abstergo agent got up. All the others were dead. The agent took out his gun, aimed it at Jayson an pulled the trigger but there was no ammo. Sweat was running down his face, the agent was scared. Jayson pulled out his blade and walked towards the agent. Jayson stabbed the man and the blade entered the agent's abdomen. Jayson retracted his blade and took a flashdrive from the agent and left him to die. He connected the flashdrive to his mobile.

Mobile: Retrieving information.

Chapter 1: The Capture[]

Jayson: It was all false! The stone never came to Marseille. It was always kept at Masyaf!

Jayson escaped the vault and when he got out of Notre Dame de France Abstergo was waiting for him outside. He was captured and was sent to Abstergo in Paris. Amanda was alive and was at the assassins' hideout in Paris. Jayson was put in a cell. Then suddenly there was an explosion.

Chapter 2: The Rescue[]

The cell door was burst open. Two people in white with a hood which covered their heads and with an assassin insignia on their hood threw smokebombs and took Jayson with them.

Jayson: What is happening?

Jayson was then taken to the asssassin's hideout.

Assassin: We gotta get the stone back.

Amanda: The templars have it! They have taken it to Rome. We gotta get there.

Jayson and Amanda went to Rome and on their way they were attacked by Abstergo. Jayson got out of the van and raised his hands, Amanda took out a gun and shot the Abstergo guards, Jayson jumped and rolled and took a gun and killed the other agents.

Chapter 3: When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do[]

When they arrived in Rome, they were welcomed by he Abstergo. Morphy Jensen, Alan Rikkin 's partner held the real stone in his hands.

Jayson: We were late!

Jayson was shot and Amanda called for backup but till that time the templars had escaped.

Chapter 4: The Facility[]

The stone was at Abstergo's facility at Rome. The assassins reached there. Now Jayson had to work with a new partner, Stifler Bekowski. They entered the facility by the top floor. They jumped from the chopper and pulled their parachute strings. They safely landed on the helipad. They saw two guards.

Stifler: You take one, I take another.

They took their silenced snipers and shot them in thier necks and Then they entered the facility.

Chapter 5: Taking The Lead[]

They reached the room where the stone was kept on a pedestal. Jayson moved towards it.

Stifler: Stop!

Jayson paused and then stifler threw a smokebomb and the lasers became visible.

Stifler: We need to get to the control room, you wait here.

Stifler got out of the room and got in the elevator and the elevator went down. When the elevator door opened and he saw two abstergo guards Stilfer silently took them out and reached the control room. There in the control soom he saw an eye scan security then at the right time an abstergo agent entered the room. Stifler puched him on his face and forced him to do the scan after the scan Stifler made him unconcious. Then he disable the security cameras and the laser security. In the stone's room where Jayson was, the lasers were turned off. Jayson retrieved the stone.

Jayson: Ready to go!

Stifler: Plant the C4s. And I call the chopper

Jayson: Okay!

Jayson planted the C4s and the chopper arrived at the top of the building. They got to the facility's helipad and entered the chopper and they escaped and the builing exploded behind them.

Jayson: There is still work left to be completed.

Epilogue: The End Of Line[]

Jayson: We gotta hunt down Morphy.

They quickly reached the airport. Morphy was leaving for New York City in his private jet. Jayson silently went and sat on the jet's seat, wearing an Abstergo employee's suit waiting for the jet to depart. Later when the plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean, Morphy recognised the assassin. Sweat ran down Morphy's face. He shouted.

Morphy: Assassin! Assassin! Help me! He is here!

Jayson got up puched him on his face and jumped out of the jet with Morphy. They were falling down. Jayson pulled out his balde and stabbed Morphy.

Jayson: Rest In Peace...

Morphy's lifeless body went up. Jayson took out the stone and threw it in the Atlantic Ocean. Jayson pulled out his parachute and landed in the water and took out his lifeboat and contacted the assassins to come and rescue him.

Jayson: So. Is this how it ends?


Continued in Assassin's Creed: The Forgotten Piece


  • The sword weilded by Adam was the Vlad Tepe's Sword.
    • Vlad Tepes's Sword was originally Sword of Adam.
  • The Igneous stone looks similar to the Serpent which tempted Eve to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden.
  • Adam's brother's name, Andiamo means 'go' in Italian.
  • Simon's first appearance in the story is very similar to Adam's first appearance in the story.


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