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This story is made by the awesome Lewdnar (aka. Elydion), and I strongly recommend you giver their other stories a go too. Follow this link and add it to your Story log in AC Odyssey.

This will have the P.O.V. of Kassandra.
The Sculptor
The Sculptor.jpeg
US release
July 12th, 2019
EU release
Action, dialogue

The Sculptor is a story quest made possible with the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Story creator mode. During her adventures in Greece, Kassandra met with a pair of siblings from Paros wishing to avenge their father and bring down a fallen Cult branch.


Synopsis []

A former cult sage has been plaguing the island of Paros. Speak with Alexa, and help her unveil the man.


Beginnings - Her brother's recent disappearance has Alexa worried. Speak with her.

Gearing up - Linos needs gear to fight. Help him find some.

The Wolves - Meet with Linos outside the den.

The Brothers - Speak with Alexa about the former cultist plaguing Paros.

Father - Speak with Linos about his father.

The Quarry - Meet with Alexa at the house, and tell her of your findings.

The Island - Speak with Alexa and Linos about your recent discovery. Confront the Sculptor.

Family - Return to Paros with the good news.


Protagonists []

Kassandra - the legendary Eagle Bearer from Kephallonia. Climbing down from the statue of Athena, Kassandra met with the woman Alexa.

Alexa - the oldest child of Nikias, she grew up with no mother. She was therefore under the guardianship of Nikias's friend Doris. Upon her father's disappearance, and presumed death, Alexa became the de facto public leader of Paros Harbor: making her a target of the Sculptor. Wanting to put an end to his reign, Alexa put on a message on the bill board – hoping it would catch the attention of a mercenary.

Linos - the younger brother of Alexa, Linos was a troubled boy. He didn't remember his mother, and his guardian Doris became his mother figure, though being even older than Nikias. He admired his father's rebellious nature against the tyrannical Silanos, and wanted to become just like him. He did see himself as very weak compared to him, however. This therefore made him blame himself for fleeing the beach the day his father was captured and presumed dead.

Nikias - born and raised on the island of Paros, Nikias met a Nubian slave whom he romanced. They became wed in the eyes of Athena, and raised the the children Alexa and Linos. Their happiness was short-lived however. At some point, Silanos came into power. Just for fun, he one day took the Nubian to seas and drowned her. He became a freedom fighter alongside Euneas and helped bring down Silanos behind the scenes. Becoming the general of Paros, Nikias was eventually captured by the Sculptor. Due to his disappearance, it was assumed Nikias was dead.

Antagonists []

The Sculptor - after the fall of Silanos, the sister-islands Naxos and Paros were governed in partnership by general Nikias of Paros and oligarch Timo of Naxos. The Sculptor was instructed by the Ghost of Kosmos to regain control of the island. He managed to do so by eliminating the general of Paros, and cutting the ties with Timo. As he began his reign, the Sculptor became notoriously known for creating little statues of the victims he had killed, sending them to their families. He shares character model with Podarkes the Cruel.

Xenon - a sadistic man of nature, Xenon was the Sculptor's second-in-command. Residing in the Fortified Marble Quarry, Xenon chose his victims at random. With his group of female body guards, Xenon would go to the harbor and find a victim he liked. Bringing them back to the quarry, he raped the women and let his body guards have their way with the male ones. When he grew tired of them, he chopped them to pieces and took measurements of the body parts. He shares character model with Photios.

The Brothers - hidden menaces in the streets of Paros, the brothers Makedon and Theron were the famous brain and brawn of the Cycladian islands. While the first took hand of the Sculptor's shipments of clay, the latter took care of the docks: nothing escaped his eye. The Sculptor himself doesn't care much for them anyhow, only seeing them as mere foot-soldiers. They share character models with The Monger and Sokos.

Lysandros - a Spartan commander, Lysandros was the man who fatally wounded Nikias. Along with the Sculptor and his own lieutenants, Lysandros apprehended Nikias and his son while they were at the eastern beach on the island of Paros. It was Lysandros who shot the arrow into Nikias's chest. Scared and terrified, Nikias's son fled the beach: he swore to kill Lysandros. He shares character model with Rhexenor.


Elios - a blacksmith residing the Paros Harbor, Elios had come into power as the Spartans's main blacksmith with the help of general Nikias. He owed a lot to him for that, but when it was assumed he was dead Elios meant his debt was annulled. When the Eagle Bearer therefore paid him a visit, he refused to provide Linos the equipment he desired.

Doris - a working woman residing in one of the finer houses of Paros Harbor, Doris was somehow acquainted with the children of general Nikias. She cared for them, and even provided Linos some kind of job. He on the other hand, didn't care much of it, annoying Doris.

Serena - after killing Xenon, Kassandra heard the screams of a woman from the top of the marble quarry. Upon freeing her, Kassandra learned Serena was one of Xenon's victims. Serena had also overheard that Nikias wasn't dead. He was captured on Atoll Point west of Paros Island.


  1. The Sculptor made it into Ubisoft's hall of fame of community-based stories.